The Proposal–swasan OS



A girl slowly opened her eyes as sunrays were pipping through her window..she slowly got up and stretched her arms…..smiling all time….she got up ….and called her parents…to wish them as she was is Mumbai and her family was in Kolkata..after doing her morning course…she went to office..
where here devil boss would be there …..he was sooo strict …..he needs all the things to be perfect…she would make any silly mistake instead of telling her what has to be done…he would scold her for no reason…he was such a devil to her….your gone swara …mr.sanskar maheshwari will not leave you as your late… she thought as she entered his cabin …
There he was sitting engrossed in his work …As soon as she entered he asked her to tell schedule of his coz she was his personal secretary …. she gave a brief about schedule and lleft from there….
this was her daily routine….In evening she has to go to meet the boy to whom she will be marrying in future if they like each other…she didn’t see his photograph as she was going to meet him directly as their family had already booked in restaurant for their dinner meeting….she just knew his name that was sanskar…

swara got ready wearing a beautiful blue color saree she was looking breath taking In it ….many can drool over her …..she reached the restaurant…and went near the table booked for the meeting….as soon as she reached there …she was feeling nervous ,anxious about the meeting..
AS she saw the person sitting there she was shocked ….her throat went dry she was not able to talk…her eyes were widened…she gulped and cursed god what the hell ….THE SANSKAR MAHESHWARI WAS DOING HERE ….is he the same sanskar she taught…and she approached towards the table taking deep breath ….
AS soon as sanskar saw someone is approaching towards the table booked …he just looked up and was shocked to see swara gadodia his ps …over there..he thought for a while and concluded that she was the girl …
he just smiled at her and asked her sit…she just smiled at him while sitting opposite to eachother and were lost in their thoughts…

swara pov:
waise he looking handsome…any girl can drool over him ….he maybe my khadoos boss but…he is just soo handsome…hot…s*xy …. oo my god I just fell for him right now seeing his smile…why didn’t I observe this before…he soo humble ….he is different person know or else I didn’t oberserve this before…urghh swara slow down he is your boss also she thought…

sanskar pov….
she looking soo beautiful…ethereal today….i am way impressed by her professional skill…she is good at heart…she is bubbly and naughty around colleagues as I see her in office ….her simplicity is her beauty….she was childish at time..Yet she was confident girl I ever met….QUITE INDEPENDENT GIRL…
he saw her fidgeting with her saree in she was scared ,nervous, ……giving a smile to him..
gosh her smile ..i fell for her smile..why didn’t I observe it before he thought…seeing her condition he thought take intiative…and make her comfortable …
he spoke first
see swara I know its awkward situation …But let me tell you clearly…we are not boss ad employee can ask me anything you want he smiled at her…
she was beyond shocked…later composed herself..then asked
sw:why do always be angry young man in office ..where as you are different know?(she was curious too know poor soul…and later when she realized she cursed her self for asking such a stupid questin)
s: ( he just laughed at her question ..) look swara I am running a business and this firm I have to be strict and behave in that way coz I have too….
he just explained her calmly…swara just hummed…
sw: can I work after marriage…
s: yes you can work (if in case you work will be my ps and my wife obvi I would be happy he thought..)

she just smiled at him …
they talked about regular stuff ….their hobbies..interests…books..songs…what not…
sw: can you cook ? I know how too cook ..but if I become your wife…I thought my husband would cook for Saturdays and Sundays …because I will be on leave for household work…
sanskar just smiled at her and said he is ok was ok with it..cozz his passion was cooking apart from business …
they talked for much time…later they went to their respective places…
In morning
Both swara and sanskar got to know that they said yes to their proposal of marriage and wantec to be each others soulmates …

here I end this os …
hope you guys liked it…
chappal tamatar math maroo coz this is my first attempt to write os on swasan ..
if I hurt anyone I am sorry before hand only..
and lastly do tell me your view s on this os…
do comment …love you all loads..:*

-cutieepiee(shruthi s)

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  1. Short and sweet dear… It is a sweet love story 🙂
    Loved it dear
    Write more and more os….. I would love to read them 🙂

    1. Shruthis

      thank you pallavi dear 🙂

    1. Shruthis

      thank you kaynat01 dear 🙂

  2. Eva

    Sweet and cute ?

    1. Shruthis

      thank you eva dear 🙂

  3. RUPA

    This is good enough but u should have written a bit longer. With a better ending but seriously it’s ur 1 attempt and u have done quite well??

    Love u more shruthis♥

    1. Shruthis

      thank you rupa dear 🙂 surely i will try to update a long one if i write os..and with perfect ending..:)

    1. Shruthis

      thank you tvisha dear 🙂

    1. Shruthis

      thank you mou dear 🙂

  4. It’s short I expect that I would have Written about their marriage n other things also

    1. Shruthis

      i’m sorry dear …thank you for commenting… 🙂 ..i thought to just write proposal matter 🙂

  5. Aami

    its short but its cute as well as sswwweeeet….

    1. Shruthis

      thank you Aami dear 🙂

  6. Ameera

    nice i really loved it. it was a cute story.

    1. Shruthis

      thank you ameera dear 🙂

  7. Nita D

    Awesome ??

    1. Shruthis

      thank you nita dear 🙂

  8. Harshitha

    Its a sweet os i liked it

    1. Shruthis

      thank you harshitha dear 🙂

  9. Tweetypankaj

    Nice yaar

    1. Shruthis

      thank you tweetypankaj dear 🙂

  10. Wow nice dr

    1. Shruthis

      thank you didu dea 🙂

  11. Short and cute … Liked it

    1. Shruthis

      thank you anu ann dear 🙂

  12. sweet n simple

    1. Shruthis

      thank you taani dear 🙂

  13. Short nd sweet…

    1. Shruthis

      thank you navi dear 🙂

    1. Shruthis

      thank you anu 🙂

  14. Awesome
    Would love to read more

    1. Shruthis

      thank you shagun dear 🙂

  15. Its so nice and sweet. Bought a smile on my face. Wish it had a part2 showing how they come close.

  16. Shruthis

    thank you soo much vyshu dear 🙂

  17. ganesh Chilamkurthy

    Cutepiee always wrts arrange marriages y???….but its nice

    1. Shruthis

      addi achuochindi anduke rasthunna 😛 hehe ty ra gani 🙂

  18. Sindhuksv

    Nice dear..r u from tng or ap??

    1. Shruthis

      Thank you dear 🙂 Sindhi I am from hyd tng

  19. Priya tripathi

    Awesome i like this very much

  20. Shruthis

    Thank you Priya dear 🙂

  21. Aahna

    It’s awsm

  22. Shruthis

    Thank you aahna dear 🙂

  23. MedhaMB

    It’s very cute story…loved it.. 🙂

    1. Shruthis

      thank you 🙂 medhamb dear..tysm for reading

  24. cute love story………pls write sommmmmme moooreee

    1. Shruthis

      thank you juan dear 🙂 for sure ill try too 🙂

  25. A.Kavya

    Wow dhi..!! Just so short and sweet story!! I enjoyed it ?

    1. Shruthis

      Aww Kavya thank you for commenting ..I am tho happy 🙂 it means a lot to me 🙂

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