Proposal-shivika OS

hey eveyone! hola guys! whatsup? btw (by the way) happy diwali…
now this fool is back again with a shivika OS …though i have an exam today n on sunday bt look at me…..some people might think i m foolish bt its just my way to end up anxiety…by the way sat–all the best for NTSE…you should wish me the same! …n to all thanku for so much appreciation n so many lovely comments…i seriously m in luv with u all…
now this is a shivika OS in which i have not thought of anything particular,it is going to be shorter or maybe much more longer than any of my updates bcuz i have not planned a word till the last full stop, after that i have.


khair now let me start..

i was moving here n there franatically all around the house,waiting for her arrival…i thought she would come by 8 today n i would execute my plan…but its 10 now…i hope she is well….what if she is unwell or something happens to her? should i call her? ..he said to himself picking up the phone call her…

just then her first step n shivaay looked towards the door as his annika meter activated…….

annika: good morning daadi,pinki aunti n janvi aunti!
daadi,janvi n pinky: good morning annika! how r u?
annika:i m very fine..!
daadi: ab chal…annika puttar..keep your bag aside..n eat breakfast…
annika:no daadi..i ll do the work first..
daadi:annika i have told u naa..just go first n eat breakfast…

all the time annika was glancing at him,n he was continously looking at him bt she ignored…n went to the dinig table…

omruprisau:good morning annika..di!
annika:good morning!! how r u guys..
om:we r all fine but look at u…
ann:what..what happened to me? is something on my face?
ru:no annika di! its just that..tht u have started looking more beautiful…if i wasnt thoughtful abt my brother i would have made u my gf….
omsau:shut up rudra!
ru:no..let me…but now i found saumya….(with tht huh expression)
sau:i m also not very happy ohk cry baby??!(angrily)
ann:stop it guys..vaise…congratulations rudra n saumya!…vaise now i think ki the galti hadnt been bhaari on u guys…look at u cute together…!
ru:she aur cute! bad combination…
sau: sry baby dosent understand what is cute…
(everyone giggles)
pri:arre annika yeh sab toh theek is ur venture of wedding planning going on…
ann: it is going very fine..though it has been just a month….n 15 days b4 when i came i had 2 orders now i have 6 more..
om:Wow annika…(omru see shivaay looking astonished at annika..they smirk)
ru:arree…shivaay bhaiya aap vaha kyu khade hai..ab apna banay hua khaana nahi khaayenge aap?
om:aree annika u havent eaten anything…?
ann:Aree i m not hungry..i think i should go..
pri:but tere favorite aalu-poori bane hai….
ann:Sacchi..fir mai mana kaise kr skti hoo?
n annika puts some aalu poori n starts eating…shivaay looks at her eager to know how it is made…
sau:ummm..tasty..what say annika di?
annika:its not just tasty very tasty it is..
(now eyerbody does like “uhh..uhmm” “very tasty shivaay bhaiya”says rumya”)
shi n ani:shut up soumru!

daadi: arre chup ho jaao tum sab!
everyone except ani n shiv: but why daadi…
daadi:bcuz they r my pyaare billu-billi…
everyone starts laughing..n shivaay n annika get red….
daadi:annika now when u have come…there is a list of things to do before rudra n soumya’s accidental wedding conversion to real wedding…n this time everything is on u….soumy n rudra dont need that big wedding as tia needed but…i want it to be enough big,it dosent matter if it isint the biggest obro wedding ,even if it is the smallest one’s it has to be the best..

anni: will be! i will take care of everything for my sweet brother n sister’s wedding..
bt u dont ki bhi shaadi ho jaayegi ..(After pause) billuji ki bhi..
(some more coughs…n shivaay leaves as he is totally embarassed)
daddi:beta marriage will happen but then it will only hppen when you say yes,right…
ann:daadi sorry,i cannot marry him…i cannot forget what he always said….u find other girl for mr.oberoi
daadi: annika..i m s orry but neither my future to be bahu nor my billu’s dulhan nor his future wife will change… n if u think u can find someone better than my annika,my billi for my billu..then u find n get them married…bt i know our future to be bahu is the best…
annika:daadi..!(a lil irritated)
(billuji i m not going to leave u..u will see…what was the need to tell the whle family)
ru:annika didi..
billu ki shaadi hogi ,billu ka sehra sajega,billu ghodi chadhega…
billi dulhan banegi,billi ki doli sajegi,billi bhi ghodi chadhegi…
o:rudra! just shut up!
ann:thanku om..
o: girls dont ride horses…….
anni:om ,u too! (n she becomes red n runs away)

annika thinks to i wont leave this nasty blue eyed cat ..he is dead today..huh!
n she storms to shivaays room…shouting billu… the whole mansion shakes…
now the spectators open the camera installed near shivaay’s room..a.s the tv show is about to start..

annika..slams the gate n the gate open… just then shivaay comes out of the bathroom wrappend in towel ,wearing the shirt..
annika sees him,he sees annika..their mouth opens( :-o) ..n both of them get red..n annika turns…
ann: is this the time to go to take bath n come out of the bathroom like this? disgusting billuji
shi: hello pannika!? it is my room,my clothes,my bathroom,my towel,my time….i can do whatever i want…
ann: no u cant to do whatever u want to,ohk?! dont call me paanika…n then its not going to be urs for long once i come(she bits her lips due to what she said in anger)
(annika in her mind phail gaya raita)

all spectators r shocked….n keep hands on their mouthh…
shivaay understands it… he dosent say anything to make it more embarassing for her,bt still how can he leave the chance…

shi: before blaming me pannika..u stop saying billu..! n look at u…u also came without knocking in OUR room….! not in mine(he smiled wickedly)
anni:ohk fine billluji! i leave..once u r ready call me!(shouting in disgust)
shi:turn around..
shi:turn around…n talk.. anni:i m not that type of girl billuji..who would see a guy in tht state..chee…i m a bholi bhaali ladhki..
shi:ohh ,glad to know u r a ladhki! n i m also nt that type of guy who would ask a girl to turn around n see me like this..i have some shame n i m also seedha saadha only..ohk pannika? i wont allow you to see me like tht n disturb my purity by somem ashleel harkat..

ann:ohk! fine…. annika turns around n starts blabbering
anni:: what was the need to tell everything to everyone billluji about the day..about the day i almost refused your proposal of liking me…
shi:bcuz they r my family n they have right to know..moreover rudra saw it..
anni:so u couldnt handle the situation…?like they might be thinking how rude i am to hurt actually it has always been u who has hurted me..n u only told that lineage,blood etc matters…
n acc. to which ,technically,u me us is all joke! u will practically fool me,n then u will find a high standard girl n marry her n leave me calling kachra agin?
shi: i m sorry annika..n how many times should i say sorry..after the recent events of my life i understood i was wrong…n if tis is u who define urself n not ur surname…
anni:see thats what i m saying..u changed ur thinking..what if u change again?
shi: i wont cuz u know..u know…i..i..
anni:oh stop it billuji! its not possible from ur side..
shi:no i can i can tell u… (now annika looks at him giving him full concentration n waiting for him to speak..) i..i.. he continues fumbling..
anni:oh god! see its not possible for u to even say annika i luv u n u tell me tht u changed ur thinking..not possible….
shi: cuz i luv…i luv….
anni:arree yr! u r such a..such a billuji!
shi:u called me billuji again…forget it! i will never say i luv u annika…
ani:then i ll never say i luv u shivaay..huh
sh:huh..n shivaay closes the door..

meanwhile..everyone has kept hand on their hand..n .. “inn dono ka kuch nahi ho sakta”

next day…
kids come n give annika flowers…annika takes it happily…then she sees shivaay..n she throws the roses away.n turns n moves away with full tashan…shivaay feels a bit sad..n moves to his room… then annika comes back n keeps the flowers in his bag..

annika to herself, if only you could say me i luv u,n not mean it everytime n if only u hadnt said those painful words n onnly if u had stop me…things would have been easier billuji…eventually i lll forgive u infact i have already started to melt..n u r cute…bt until u be honest i m not going to accpet it..

days passed with shivaay continous efforts of trying to make her accept his apology n trying to make her happy bt she rejected it every time…..

on the rumya engagement day..

shivaay was waiting for annika to aarive..cuz finally he had prepared himmself to be om told to him… n it was 11 but annika didnt arrive…
aready shivaay was feeling something bad since morning n annika not reaching by 11 made him go much more than worryied..he toook his car keys n went straight to her house…

there he was going to knock bt he heard some voices…

{annika bua n sahil r inside}
bua: get out of my house!
ann:oh hello! its not your house,its my sahil’s house…n until the custody is not fixed he is not ur son…..
bua: i ll take him,soon..infact why not today..lets go to court..u fight ur case n i fight mine,n i ll get sahil’s custody n then kick u out of this house..
sahil:bua shut up! annika didi is my sister,she is not going anywhere…
bua:haww sahil! i m ur real bua n she is not even your own real sister..she is adopted…n then also u r taking her side!?
sahil:bcuz she luvs me..
bua:ohk then once i get property then i ll kick u out ith her as well..then stay with ur orphan sister at roads..apahjit kahika
annika: stop it bua!enough is enough…i dont care whatever u say to me…i have face this blood n all thingss alot….bt dare u speak anything about sahil! i know he cant walk he will,i will get him fine by the operation..i have been saving for since yrs…
bua: the truth is truth…n i m sure u might not have collected all the money..n u have given this idea to me..i have all the money..(she holds sahil hand ) some sahil..we r going to hospital..
sahil:no bua..i m not!(bua tighten grip n tries to move but he dosent so she tries to pulls him along)
sahil starts crying..annika didi ..he says…
annika: now thats limit bua…i think u should leave….u r no1 to do like this to my sahil..n how dare u do that? u will neither get sahil,nor his custody n not this house also!! u get that…
bua: dare..u r talking abt dare?? so here is the surprise,after which u will never get the custody…..

n 2-3 guys come from bua’s room
sahil:chee bua! u r so old..aapko sharm nahi aati?
(shivaay is not able to understand who came bt he is all red n fuming in anger n is guilty as well)
bua: this is not for me but for you pyaari annika didi..
the guys come smiling spookingly..n try to hold annika’s hand….
ann:no! what r u doing..bua u r such a cheap lady! (n she tries to fight with them)
bua: take advantage of her n marry her…! so tht i can get sahil’s custody..n do ur work right..
sahil runs to save annika but bua holds him..
meanwhile shivaay tries to open he understands what is happening inside..

anni: u all r cheapde people…sadak chaap r actually u….
guys: when u could spent a night with tht kanji aakho waala ..then u can spent a day with us ..bcuz when girls will do this boys will think tht girls r availible…
n they hold her hand n feet n one moves closer…
annika:leave me leave!..

meanwhile shivaay is trying to break the gate..
guys:please show us some luv like u might have shown tht kanji aakh waali..
(kanji aakh=shivaay n this idea comes in her mind)
ann:better say his name with respect..cuz if u dont then he will come in slamming the gate n not leaving u guys bcuz u..u r misbehaving with his ..his wife..
(this leaves shivaay shocked bt he smiles a bit)
guys:then we will rather have more fun…kanji aakhe waale ki dulhaniya..u r finished..n if e comes then we wont leave him..(one of them moves more closer n says mer bhi kanji aakhe karado)

n just then shivaay finally breaks the gate n enter in full style..

now everyone gets they see the not so tall yet powerful man fuming with anger..the get scared
one of the gunda guys:bhabhiji aap theek hai na..aapke vo aa gye..ab mai chalta hoo..

n he tries to dhumm…he flies n lands up at the ground…shivaay bats them black n blue n they run away telling bua..we would never touch this lady n deal cancel..

now bua gets scared n sahil runs n hugs shivaay n says him thank you…shivaay holds annikas hand tight n they look at each other…then three of them move towards bua…

shivaay:lets do a deal…
bua gets confused…
shivaay: u make me marry annika n i ll give u 2 lakhs…
bua:ohk! deal done!
shivaay: u wont step back till the end right…..
(now annika is also confused bt she lets him speaks cuz she trusts him she thinks how he didntt stop him when she confronted tiia)

bua:i wont ji! deal pakki! annika beta,go to kitchen n get some water for your boss…
saying this annika leaves…(She was broken but she had to stay strong)
bua:u chat with sahil.. i ll come..
saying this she too goes inside kitchen…shivaay was thinking abt annika
shivaay still lost..
sahil:aree billuji.. touching shi hand..
shivaay still lost..
sahil:aree kanji aakho waale baggad billle..n he throws some water on his face..
shivaay indicates him that bua is in kitchen..
thus shivaay stands n directions himself to the kitchen where..

bua: i must agree tht ur boss is very strong n intelligent..he understood what i want n made a deal for what he wanted..u have done an incredible magic on him the night
anni: i didnt…bt wait even if i did why is it cutting u inside? n why should i explain u?
bua: u should bcuz i m soon going to be owner of the property in which u r living..n u r a no blood,no surname orphan..
anni(angrily):aaap log yeh..
shivaay enters..
shi:mazaak badha acccha kr leti hai aap bua?
shi: i mean u taunt like u were joking abt the deal..u r saying to annika in a way which tells me u want to break the deal..u do want to right? so let us… no.. i dont want to break the deal…n i was not joking?
shi:oh then i feel whatever u were thinking about yourself you accidently spoke to annika..
bua:no .yes..i mean yes..i was thinking abt me only.. annika is a daarling,why will i say this to her( she keeps hand on annikas head)
shi:thats bettr! lets go annika..(n they turn to leave but he turns around) one more mistake or one more bad word abt annika or with would imply tht the deal is cancel..n u r (showing sign of dead)

n then shivaay takes annika n sahil along….
annika was sad..totaly destroyed she was acting strong…n she didnt even let one lone tear escape her eyes…

the journey was quiet..
reaching OM ,omrusaupri were there to pick sahil n take him inside…as shivaay has already called them…
annika was about to leave when shivaay held her hand tight…she got a little weak in terms of protecting her emotions..he pulled her n soon he was holding her waist very comfortably…not hurting her at all..
sh: this is what i like abt u..
ann:what? (Confused) u like tht u hold me so easily?
sh:no!! the way u stay strong in every situation n never give up..the way u never tell any1 what u feel inside…bt someone(annika) told me one day that was a month back during om’s case tht no matter how strong u are,its allways good to share things with the one u makes heart lighter…

he was looking in annika’s eyes all this time…a lone tear finally escaped..shivaay who was holding her,gently patted her on the back…n tears started flowing n she hugged him tight..he reciprocated….
n annika gave him a glimpse of everything…
he felt sad tht he never knew was happy tht now he knew a bit…outrageous by bua’s behaviour,guilty by his behaviour..

they were still hugging each other when shivaay slowly broke the hug wiped her tears..n
shi:no matter what everyone says annika..remember one thing tht u r special n u r unique, n u r the best n not less than any1…cuz u r a good,strong,lovely person
n he wiped her tears again..she smiled n blushed a little..
ann:thanku! n i know..she ran away..
THE next day,mehendi func.

the hall was beautiful…n the mehendi time was from 4 to 9 n cocktail afterwards..bcuz i want them to get drunk…
sahil:look look om bhaiya! tht girl..isint she beautiful…
n saying tht he ran away to the girl who was byechance heading to om’s room as she was in a need of washroom..
sahil told her to go inside, when she came out..sahil n she talked a bit n she called him cute n he was on cloud 9
n om came inside looking for sahil..
om:oh sahil! u r here..i was looking for u what r u doing in my work house..
sahil points out towards the girl
om:ohh hi! omk..
girl:omkara singh oberoi! i know u..nice to meet u, ishana here…btw is this ur work place?
om:yes,it is mine..why?
ish:it is extremely bful..i mean your work is just so wow!
om:oh ty!
sahil:(he gets angry tht whoever i like goes to one of oberois, including my sister) chale!!
om:chalte hai sahil..wait karo!
sahil:but i wanna see the mansion..(he makes frown face)
ish: he is your son?
om n sahil:noo!
om: u know my name,bt u dont know that i m not yet married..
sahil: i m his brother’s future wife’s brother..thus his brother in law…i know i m way to much handsome n u wish to know everything abt me but i m sorry i have an adhoora pyaar..
(om n ishana are surprised n aske what?)
sahi:aap nahi samjhoge! aise chhote chote mansions mein aise badhi badhi baate hoti rehti hai…u carry on!
ish:its badhe badhemanshi n shoti shoti baate…
sahil:bhaavnae samjho ishana di..mai aapka nahi ho u can have my brother in law om bhaiya..
(now om ishana get embarased n sahil leaves)
om:m sorry! yeh sahil bhi naa he speaks anything..
ish:bt he is soo cute..
om:yes he is…y dont u ever come to my art gallery..
ish:n y dont u ever come to my dance institute?

janvi:rudy see..somya’s mehendi..
now rudy turns around n see soumya who has hands in front of her face n is peeking abit…
ru:so cute!
janvi:what?how cn mehendi be cute?
ann:mehendi nahi aunty soumya..
soumya blushes even more…n ru bits his lips..
pinky:ru if i says then u should also puts some mehendi nfor soumya..
ru:no way…
anni:yes way..
ru:didi u also?
anni: y not me?maine koi paap kiye hai jo sirf terko merko chidhaane ka mauka mile aur mujhe naa
n ru runs n annika runs behind holding a mehendi tube…
n they run round n round..creating havoc…n rudra continously asking for mercy…n everone is like bund karo tum dono….bt they still dont listen n r running in the same pose since last 10 mins until bash!!! annika strikes shivaay…the water shivaay was going to drink falls on them…n shivaay holds her n she keeps her hand on his shoulder..n they have an eyelock…
n suddenly they hear voice of a song:
aila takkar! tip tip barsa paani paani ne aag lagayi..aag lagi dil me jo.. rudrawas singing teasingly..everyone chuckled… n shivaay held rudra by his hand…n hands him over to annika….

rudra: oho bhaiya! u r not yet married n u have started forgetting ur young brother n already started taking bhabhi’s side….
shi: no …i m taking soumya’s side by being her bade bhaiya..
rudra: oh really? huh sumo..huh bhaiya..huh annika didi..

once annikaa is finsihed with putting some mehendi on rudy’s palm she sits near daadi..
daadi: annika! u still havent put mehendi..
annika:daadi i..
daadi:koinaa ..u put it now…n u put it means u put it..ohk?
annika:ohk daadi…
lady:what name should i write?
janvi,pinky:shivaay sou n ish(they 2 turned out to be frnds: badhe bhaiya
daadi:billu sahil:kanji aakh waala baggad billa tej n shkati: shivaay singh oberoi
(now lady was listening various options to be written on annika’s hand..)
om: SSO ya billuji rudra:annika didi’s JKG
everone: rudra..JkG?
ru:aree joru ka gulaam…
everyone laughed…n also took a comfortable breath as shivaay wasnt there..else they all wud have been dead…
lady: ohk i can see there r so many possible luvers for this lady..
ru:possible luvers? omru chuckle
lady tell me whose name should i write…
anvi,pinky:shivaay sou n ish(they 2 turned out to be frnds: badhe bhaiya
daadi:billu sahil:kanji aakh waala baggad billa tej n shkati: shivaay singh oberoi
(now lady was listening various options to be written on annika’s hand..)
om: SSO ya billuji rudra:superman..
n they keep on saying…
annika:aree atleast ask me!!
lady:ohk madame u only tell me which one’s name u have to put out of ur possible luvers..
shi comes n says:possible luvers? annika when did u hve possible luvers..?
now everyone laugh seeing jealous shi…
anni: you dont know?! i told u i m not marrying u..tht is why we were making list of potential luvers ..n out of which i can choose one….
l(lady in her mind thinks oh god where m i stuck)
shi:what do u mean potential luvers…? n u can choose one for?
annika:whats wrong in this..m choosing one for mehendi..ofcourse it has to stay with me after mariage also..
shi:what marriage? ( freaks out a bit) i need the list right away…who r they who r not going to live any longer! n u ..u guys r mad..
lady:bhaisab please tell me ur name
shi:look this is imp..
lady:this is more imp..i need to write the name…
shivaay:why do u need my name?
lady: its for writing on this madame’s mehendi..
shi:woah! so this list was for writing name on ur mehendi? bt wait..what do u mean by it will stay for marriage n after..
pinku:oho! my beta is so bholas! it will stay after marriage mehend dosent washes away at once..

ru:chalo ab potential luvers discuss ho gye ho toh lets start the dance..vaise bhi we just have 1 hr now…
eyerone hoods n claps as it is abt to begin leaving sahil..
shi notices…
shi:what happened sahil?is eveything finE?
sah:what should i tel u..i m so sad n feeling bad..no1 luvs me eveybody left me..
(shivaay gets serious thinking tht he is talking abt his bua behaviour n parents death)
shi:u should stay strong..we r with u sahil..
sah: i m not interested in boys,billuji…specially when u r with annika didi…
shi:WHAT?? ( he gets shocked listening this) u were saying abt this??
(annika is listening to this convo silently)
sah: yes billuji! like i know that u n annika didi r still not together soon she will agree…n i m very angry from u OBROS!
shi:why (he frowns) what have we done?
sah: ur youngest bro,rudy bhaiya took my soumya did away,i loved her alot…i feel like “tadap tadap ke iss dil see aag nikati rahi mujhko saza di pyaar ki aisa kya gunaah kiya jo lut gaye….”
shi:ohk ohk..what abt om?
sah: om bhaiya,he took my future to be love interest by two sentences, i could see the spark n now i feel like”pehli nazar mein kaisa jaadu krdiyaaa tha,unka bann baitha tha mera jiya..par aagye…waha aagye om bhaiyaa..tururu…legaye vo meri jaanemann ko vaha”
shi:ohk! ohk! i see…n me..i didnt snatch ur luv interest?
sah:haa u didnt bt u ..u took my didi away…another girl whom i luv alot…par deeing this no song comes in my mind..yes one comes for you “kaise bataye kyu tujhko chahe yaara bataa naa paaye..tu jaane jaane haaaa”..
shi:ohk!ohk bass! i guess u r heart broken
sah: i aur heart broken! i dont care regarding these small small girls going away…i understand they dont have the best taste..theydont have the parakh to identify handsom man…bt i feel.. “tere bina guzara ae dil hai mushkil..”
n shivaay keeps his hand on his shoulder n says bahut hua…
n indicates him towards another girl of his age going..
in a blink of eye..sahil is there with the girl..n while taking the girl for ice cream he turns n looks at sso giving him a flying kiss…

in mehendi, pinkakti n tejvi dance on a couple song on on the song “kyu aage peeche dolte ho bhavro ki tarah”.
daadi also dances on london thumakda, sahil dances on “aadat se majboor”, then obros dance on “malhari”, n the diff couples do dance romantically n funnily on various songs..
like shivika do on “tere sang yaara” n rumya do on” tukur tukur” sahil n the small girl do on “pehli nazar mein” n ishkara do on “mere dil vich hai hum tum” <>
COCKTAIL ,they do some cheesy things after getting drunk( i have to hurry so i think i might make a fun os on this later)
shaadi day

shivaay tells annika his plan to win custody..n annika earns enough sahil gets operated..n they win the custody before marriage starts as he is sso so for him cases solve much much earlier than for a normal person….
(Now how did he won? he made a deal with bua only for marrying with annika..n bua though that he is taking away annika with her,leaving bua n sahil n custody n property in one column…bt actually the deal was just of marrying she was bluffed…n in court they won as annika was going to marry a well to do person,she herself earned much now,sahil leg got fixed,n they as a family could adopt sahil..whereas bua had nothing)

n at the end while leaving bua all destroyed shivaay did his signature step n warned her to stay atleast 12 nautical miles away from annika..else the result wont be good enough…
n annika n sahil were happy n had tears of happiness

daadi:annika ….!
ann:yes daadi! daadi: tejvi n pinkakti ready? ann:yes daadi daadi: om n ur n soumya’s mutul frnd ishaana? ann:haaji daadi daadi:n our accidental marriage couple? ann:almost done…
daadi:n our tadhibaaz n denying couple.. annika:haa daa…what daadi?
daadi: aree..annika puttar are my billa-billi ready
ann:depends daadi..the billa is such a billu! tadhibaaz!. daadi:now what has he done?vaise my billi is no less(she said hugging annika)
ann: aapke grandchildren havent learnt a thing from u or unromantic..he is not proposing me properly only..
daadi: u dont worry he will…now go n check billu…

–n ann goes to shi room..
n shivaay senses her again
shi:yes annika
ann:turn around…
ann:turn around
shi:why? i m not that type of boy who will turn around n look at a girl in a closed room…u never know ..if u take advantage.n i m very seedha saadha.(he naughtily smiles a bit as he plays the recap n speaks the words)
ann: i m also not tht typ of girl who will take advt of a boy in a closed room ..u never know..if the boy turns tedha after it..n i m very sharam krne waali..
annika too smiles a bit..n says “i just came here ot check tht r u ready”

shivaay turns looks like screen freezes …cuz they stare at each other continously without any break..cuz they r awestruck….

shi:hi beautiful!
ann:hi handsome!
shi:;u..u just look
ann:complement toh dhang se dedo billuji
shi:dont call me that pannika!
ann:u dont call me pannika first!
shi:i will..!
ann:then i also will….! n u havent completed the complement…m waiting…
shi:go! i wont give u any complemwnt now! u r such a pannika!
ani:og god! u r just IMPOSSIBLE! u ..u .. r such a billuji…
they face opposite n show tadhi..
ann: i feel like i m a ladhka in this fine..i start! billuji…o i mean shivaay u look so handsome..n a bit hot as well…
shivaa: relationship? ( then he holds annika by her waist n then pins her to wall)
only a bit hot?
ann:yes only a bit! n u look like a white ice cube in ur saira baano..(shivaay is wearing black)
shi:r u sure tht this is only what i look? (he steps close)
ann:yes! n if u think coming closer will change my opinion it wont!
shi:sure?? (moving more close..n this time the difference is only of one hand)
(he is abt to move closer when..)
ann:ohk,fine! u look hot n dont come near me…n she tries to run away bt as she is leaving shivaay holds her hand…n without pulling her closer..he says..
sh: n u look so mine! (now annika blushes)

when the ceremony starts asks shivaay have u told annika..abt ur feeling? shivaay says no..
om says have u even complemented her?
shivaay nods n says i told her she is so mine!
now ru who was standing next to shivaay n om who was also standing next to shivaay but to the left side..both got red…n tell him this is not a complement! it looks like a conclusion or an order..we mean who says u look so mine in a complement specially when u havent proposed her fully..they tell him to say words like adoring,beautiful,charming,exquisite…….
shivaay denies..
n actuaaly annika was even happy with that,atleast he said something….

the wedding went smooth..rumya married…
n now the main thing……..
annika was leaving…n everyone was crying..not bcuz of soumya bt bcuz of annika…everyon including rumya teji pinkakti,all were crying…they asked her to stay…bt she denied looking at shivaay with watery eyes pleading him to finally stop he didnt…
so annika finally started to leave taking sahil along….everyone was telling shivaay to stop he but he didnt..tadhibaaz hai naa n she is also one of the tadhibaaz….

bt when annika was taking the last step inside OM n next step as outside OM
everybody rejoicied..annika turned around expecting to hear what she had been longing to..
shivaay:umm…a…a..i..was saying that…a..a..
annika:what?i dont have much time if u dont say i ll go(angrily)
shivaay:the next step which u were taking u could have fell..see ur sandal..
everyone sees her sandal ,the buckle was open…
ann: i tell u billuji, u r just impossible..i mean look at u..u take care of small small u cant say small things..saying small things turn out to be big for u…for how long should i wait for ur proposal..u never stop me…
shi:i never stop u?? u never listen to me…
ann:ohk say i m listening today…
shi:the thing is that i..i want….
ann:see ho gyi phussi aapki..SSO n sorry thanku or i luv u or even complementing r all paralllel stuff..
shi:what do u mean..shivaay singh oberoi can do anything! i ll proove you….i m thanku i m sorry…
ann: n the left two things..will i have to only say first? bcuz u only say things such as u look so mine when i complement u..
shi:so what..havent u heard ladies first?
ann:bt in our relationship u act like a lady…
shi:shut up annika…neither i chat 24×7 nor i use girly words..n using ur annika language in which u use words such as khidki todh makes u a girl..
ann: u mean to say i chat 24×7…n what kind of logic is this…?
shi:yes you do….n this is my logic..n it becomes an axiom bcuz i,shivaay singh oberoi says it..
ann:bass tadhibaazi krvaalo… kuch bolne pr toh aapke joote ghiss jaate hai..aur fir dekhte rehte hai aap tukur tukur ..
shi:annika language!
ani:i guess we were on the fact tht i was leaving n u had to stop me confessing out you feelings..
shi:yes so i m doing tht only..
ani:r these ur feelings….?
shi:yes..i mean no..
ani:then??? i m waiting..
shi: ohk fine! i say it n u stop! stop annika! please dont go…
shi: bcuz..bcuz i dont want u to go n leave me..
anni:n why tht?
shi:bcuz i..i..
anni: say!
shi:u r so dominating at times!
anni: u r always! now say..
shi:i like u..
ann:naah! u honest..
shi:ohk fine..i ..i..
ann:aapki ghadi ki sui yahi aakar kyu atak jaati hai…
shi:wht kind of comparison is this pannika..?
ann:it is apt for ur situation..i feel aage ka tape kharaab hai aapka,billuji!
shi:no my tape is working…bt u..u r just so..ughhh
ann:what aghh? i m ughh..n then u r ughhhh ughhh….
shi:then u r ughh ughh ughhh
annika: ohk u r ughh ughh ughh ughh…

om:guys u r standing here for something else..

annika:om i m telling u inke bass ki baat nahi
shi:what do u mean to say pannika!
ann:billuji,ur ego touches sky whenever truth is told..
shi:n ur akad does,pannika…n i dont have ego…
ann:u dont have?? so proove it…do what generally boys do..n proove me wrong..n justify your “u look so mine” huh…
shi:i will say…ohk.umm(he pauses takes a few breaths n tries to open muth)
ani:dekha times up!(shivaay was like u should stop speaking sometimes) i know its just impossible so let me speak i lo..
before she could speak the left “ve you”.. she felt herself to be muted…shivaay kissed her ..n she couldnt resist so she kissed him back,it was a short yet full of love kiss
meanwhile everyone “adult scene” n they closed their own eves n 4 hands were there to close sahil’s

n shivika broke the kiss..leaning head on each other n said i luv u shivaay n i luv u annika…

chal annika…ab tu mere bilu-billi ki shaadi ki taiyaar kr

thats it…i hope u like it!

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