The proposal moment -Kumkum Bhagya (One shot) based on the current track

The proposal moment
Aliya created Abhi and Tanu’s MMS and leaked it to defame Abhi’s name.She made him believe that people are gossiping about Abhi and Tanu so he should marry Tanu to save her reputation.After a lot of advise Abhi agreed to propose Aliya.Aliya and Tanu were very happy as their plan became successful.

As Abhi told Pragya decorated the house for proposing Tanu.
Pragya thought:Why did Abhi ask me to decorate?
Aliya came:You want to know why bhai asked you to do decorations.Right?Then listen..he wants a romantic atmosphere to be created to propose Tanu.
Pragya was shocked:What?Abhi going to propose Tanu?
Aliya:Yes Pragya.Finally history is going to repeat.Bhai has fallen in love with Tanu and is going to propose.
Pragya was shocked:No,this is not possible.You are misunderstanding. Abhi does’nt love Tanu.

Aliya:Why can’t bhai love Tanu?You think Bhai loves you?Very funny.For your kind information you are forgetting that bhai has forgotten you and his love for you.Now he knows only one thing..his love for Tanu.
P:Stop it.This is only yours and Tanu’s dream.Abhi will never propose Tanu.
Aliya:Oh really?If you can’t believe me then wait for some more time.You will get convinced that you have lost bhai forever.Anyways it’s good to see you do all decorations with your own hands to hand over your husband to another woman.
Aliya laughed in an evil manner.Pragya was upset.
She thought:Again Aliya and Tanu trapped Abhi.He should not get trapped like before.But what can I do?

Tanu wore a beautiful dress,accessories and make up to impress Abhi.
T:Aliya..tell me how do I look now?Abhi will be flattered seeing me?
Aliya:Of course Tanu.He will surely fall in love with you today.
Tanu blushed:I dressed up nicely as today is special day.Today Abhi is going to propose me.I am so happy.Thankyou for everthing Aliya.
Aliya smiled.She said in her mind:I am not doing any favour to you Tanu.I am doing this only to separate bhai from that behenji Pragya.

After some time…
Pragya went near Abhi:Sir..I want to talk to you.
P:Why did you ask me to decorate this house?
Suddenly Abhi saw Tanu coming.

Abhi:Hey Tanu…
Abhi went near her and held her hand.They both smiled at each other.Abhi welcomed Tanu holding her hand.Pragya could’nt tolerate it.
She thought:That means Abhi is going to propose Tanu.That’s why she is getting such a grand welcome.Oh God..why this is always happening with us?
Everybody gathered.All were shocked to see Abhi with Tanu.
Dadi:What is Abhi going to do?
Aliya:Chill dadi..your dearest grandson is going to propose Tanu.
Dadi was shocked.
Dadi:Did you do anything?

Aliya smirked.
Dadi:I am sure that you are behind it.
Aliya smirked:May be.
Dadi was upset:God…why are you testing us like this.
Press media also came.
Abhi:Good that all are here.Let all of you witness the most special moment of my life.I am going to propose the lady of my life.

Tanu blushed.Aliya was very happy.Pragya was depressed.Dadi was very upset.
Abhi moved towards Tanu.She blushed.Pragya’s heart beat fast.She thought she was going to faint.Suddenly Abhi moved away from Tanu.Tanu was confused.Aliya thought:Why did bhai go away from Tanu?He has to stand near her to propose her?
Abhi walked towards Pragya and held her hand.All were stunned.
Abhi:I have sung many love songs.But I never knew the value of love until I met you.Whenever you are near me I feel strange.I did’nt understand why.But when I was forced to propose another girl I had the fear of losing you.Then I realized your value.I don’t want to lose you by proposing the wrong girl.I love you Pragya.

O Allah Waariyan
O main toh haariyan
O tooti yaariyan mila de oye!

Pragya was surprised.Dadi and others were very happy.
Pragya looked at him emotionally.
Abhi looked at her deeply:Will you marry me?
She nodded her head emotionally.Abhi became very happy.

O Allah Waariyan
O main toh haariyan
O tooti yaariyan mila de oye!– Yaariyan

Tani was in tears.Aliya was irritated.
Abhi looked at the media people:The MMS you all saw was fake.The only woman I love is Pragya.I can’t even imagine to be in a cozy sitution with any other woman as I love Pragya that much.And even if you are not going to believe what I said and think that the MMS was real I don’t care.I am not bothered about my image.I can lose my good image,but I can’t lose Pragya.I can’t live without her.
Everybody smiled.Abhi Pragya shared a romantic emotional eye lock.
Aliya lost her control:Bhai…if you were not planning to propose Tanu why did you invite her here?

Abhi:Because I wanted her to know that I have no feelings for her.
Aliya:Then what about her reputation which got spoiled because of you?
Abhi:Aliya…someone at the party has the orginal video and that person showed me the real video.
Aliya and Tanu got tense.
That person came.
Abhi:His name is Arvind.

Tanu was shocked:Arvind..?
Arvind:I had recorded the party as Rockstar bhi was present over there.He got drunk and could’nt even walk properly.Tanu helped him to walk and he lost balance and fell over Tanu.Nothing more happened.Somebody recorded that scene alone and leaked it to create a wrong impression on Rockstar Abhishek Mehra.I felt bad when he was accused of misbehaving with Tanu.Since I had the video I decided to show it to Abhi. are my colleague.Still you are defaming me?
Arvind:I did’nt defame you Tanu.I am just trying to stop from Abhi getting defamed as he is falsely accused of misbehaving with you.
Aliya:What is all this?
Abhi:First even I was confused.But when I saw the video I got convinced.Tanu lied to you that I misbehaved with her.What you saw was not right Aliya.You saw me with Tanu after falling over her.That’s why you also misunderstood me.So you can’t be blamed.But Tanu..I don’t know why she lied that I misbehaved with her.
Tanu:I am not lying?

Abhi:Really?Then the video.Let everyone see the truth.
Arvind played the video.All were stunned.
Press media:Sorry Abhishek Mehra for misunderstanding you and putting wrong news in the news paper.
Abhi looked at Tanu:Now tell me Tanu..why did you lie?

Tanu was so embarrassed that she ran away crying.
Abhi:Aliya..don’t go after her.She is a liar who tried to defame your brother.She is not a good character.So cut off your friendship with Tanu.
Aliya did not know what to say.
Pragya and Dadi were very happy.Abhi talked to Arvind and media.That time Pragya went near Aliya.

P:Again your plan flopped Aliya.Because God supports soulmates.
Aliya:Don’t think you have won.I will never let you and bhai unite.
Dadi:However you try you can never separate them.Destiny will always bring them together.
Aliya was irritated.

Suddenly music was played.

O ho…
Bheegi bheegi sadkon pe main
Tera intezaar karun
Dheere dheere dil ki zameen ko
Tere hi naam karun

Pragya turned back.She saw Abhi extending his arms towards her.She walked towards him happily looking at him deeply.

Khudko main yoon kho doon
Ke phir na kabhi paaun
Haule haule zindagi ko
Ab tere hawaale karun

He held her hand and started dancing.

Sanam re, sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re
Sanam re, sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re
Karam re, karam re
Tera mujhpe karam hua re
Sanam re, sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re-Sanam Re

All were happy while Aliya watched the dance helplessly.

The end

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