1. Rice balls thrown by Sita –Sri Lanka
It is said that when Ravan while abducting Sita maa felt that she might be hungry offered her some rice balls and Sita maa threw them away and the balls fell down in the soil. Even now some families have the rice balls with them and they keep it in their cash box as the people believe it as the sign of fortune which increases their wealth [as Sita maa is actually Devi lakshmi]. When tested these rice balls are made 5000+ years ago matching with the period of Ramayana. A video can be found on youtube which’s link I shall give later

2. Divurumpola- Sri Lanka
As you all know maa Sita went through Agnipariksha to prove her chaste to the world after she was rescued by Ram from Ravana this place exists even today in Lanka and there is a tree in the exact spot were Agnipariksha happened The legal system of Sri Lanka permits and accepts the swearing done under this tree while settling disputes between parties. Divurumpola in sinhala means place of oath.. There is a temple here which depicts the scenes from Ramayana as painting and has one of the 30 original saplings got from the Maha Bodhi of Srilanka [ considered as the southern branch 0f the Bodhi tree in Bodh Gaya] planted here as a mark of respect of the place.

3. Kanniya Hot wells- Sri Lanka
There are mentions of Ravan building hot wells/springs in Lanka and these wells are still there in Kanniya. It is said that to do last rites to his maa kikesi Ravan stuck the ground with his sword on several places and from there came so this is how the hot wells formed. There are 7 wells now each of 3-4 feet depth. The temperature of water differs from well to well. The people of sri lanka do their lost loved ones final rites here as it is believed Ravan did Kikesi’s final rites here.

4. Konda Kattu Gala, Isthripura – Sri Lanka
After Hanuman ji met Sita maa in ashoka vatika Ravan who was startled by his advent kept changing Sita maa’s place as a precautionary measure Isthreepura was one such places Isthripura in Sinhalese means only women area. Sita Devi was said to have taken bath in the stream close by and sat down on a rock to dry her hair owing to which the place got its name.×359.jpg

The demons of Lanka had to bear the punishment for burning Lord Hanuman’s tail. Hanuman Ji wanted to make Ravan realize the power of Shri Ram so he torched some parts of Ravan’s kingdom.. Ussangoda was one such place it was once one of the major airports of Ravan. Now a National park of sri Lanka is there covering a part of the torched area. This is were we can clearly see the change in soil color between the normal and torched region.

Soil color outside the park

Soil color inside the park

Author’s note: For those who were waiting for this post since so long a very big sorry. To be truthful in my various tensions I forgot all about this article. I admit that it is an irresponsible and careless act of mine. Any negative comments are welcome. Thanks for reading @ telly updates please don’t delete the links please…

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