Promos of IWL, HE, BIHTK and WAI by Swarmayi

Ishq wala love :-

Engagement ceremony was going on.. All were dancing.. our swasan were so happy.. All make dem dance together.. nd while dancing only when sanky was abt to put ring in Swara's finger…

Someone shouts…

" Stopppppppp… This engagement can't happen…"

All looked on shocked..


Happy Ending :-

SwaSan's 6 month wedding anniversary was going on..

Suddenly lights goes off and announcement was done..

" so ladies and gentleman.. now get ready to skip ur heartbeats to 3 beautiful girls.. who r gonna rock on stage with their solo performances.. so please welcome.. Shreeyu ( doll ) , Kakali ( kaku ) and Sammyyyyyyyy ( Shalmali aka Shalu )….." ( zor ka jhatka hayy zoro se laga.. hahaha ? )

SwaSan clapped n all applauds.. Rabia, Shan and Anniya slapped on their own head..

Anniya : Api.. They r gonna do smthng hilarious..

Rabia : I knw titi.. uff!! Wat can we do?? Bhagwan bachaye inn sabko in teeno se..

Shan : Let it be dii.. Let's enjoy with them.. ( said sipping orange juice ) Cheers..

Rabia/ Anniya : ( smiles ) Cheers..!!

Bas Itna Hai Tumse Kehna :-

Unknown pov –

Everything would have got ruined today, dammit!!! Wat the hell.. wat I thought and wats happening.. Now I shd be careful while taking next steps.. I have to execute my plan soon.. I have to talk to them as soon as possible.

Unknown person : Hello..

Opposite person : ………..

Up : We hv to be extra careful..

Op : ……….

Up : we'll meet him in Cafe Lemon at sharp 6. We shd finalised our plan..

Op : ……….

Up : Okay.. ( call ends ) Mrs. Swara Sanskar Maheshwari! Get ready.. ( smirked )


Who Am I ?  :-

Swara was crying in sanskar's embrace clutching sanskar's shirt tightly.. He was trying to calm her while tears were flowing from his eyes too..

Swara : Wats.. alll.. this.. sankyyy.. I.. I'm urs.. swara.. ur.. shona??? Ryt??? Haaa… ( gulped n sniffs ) tell.. me na.. who am I?? Say… na.. Sankyyyyyy… ( cries harder )

Sanky : ( controlling tears ) Shonaa.. plz.. calm.. calm down.. ( sniffs ) u r.. my Shona only.. r u listening? U r my Shona..

Swara : Then… who is dat Shanaya???.. ( cries ) wat she wants.. frm us?? Frm me??… sankyyy.. she'll take me.. away frm u.. she'll take me sanky.. ( broke down n falls on her feet )

Sanky : ( holds her protectively n sat infront of her ) no shonaa.. no one will take u.. I wont let u go away frm me.. I'll never allow any1 to take my shona away frm me.. I'm there na.. haa?? ( wipes her tears ) dont u blv me??

Swara : I.. I blv u.. bt.. wat.. if.. she.. try.. to harm u n ansh through me??? N.. no.. u stay.. away.. frm me.. u all.. stay away..

Sanky : ( shocked ) Shonaa!!! Wat r u saying??? ( tries to touch her bt she jerked him. He gets shocked )

Swara : ( screams ) Nooooo… Stay awayy frm mee… I'm bad… I'm very bad… Stay away… ( saying this she ran to her room n locked it frm inside )

Sanky : ( shocked ) Swaraaa… wait.. Swaraa..


So hw was promos?? Hope u'll like it.. I'll post all 4 ffs on Saturday. So wait fr me.. m cmng wid a BANGGGGGG!!!! ???

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  1. Finally u came back dear eagerly waiting 4 u nd ur ffs.

  2. Snehaa.

    Thank u so much. Finally my waiting gets over 4 ur ff who am i ???

  3. Kakali

    Damn it..!! Solo performance..!! *faint
    What’s in that MENU ? something may be tasty as SHAN di sipping Juice na?
    RABIA DI n ANIYAAA..!! *push u both to dry pond..!!
    SHLAUU & CUTIEEE..!! let’s bang it..!! my hip is injured,but still will give my best in thumkas..!! ?
    m waiting.. *paralysed

    1. Swarmayi

      Aaahaan!!! Jaan.. its not only tasty, Its HOT AND SPICY.. ? just wait n watch!!!

  4. Shreeyu

    Haha Sammy solo performance… I would love to sing… But dance.. Let’s try my luck…. And u r becoming shocks Ki dukaan… I’ll seal ur shop if u won’t post soon

  5. All r Awesome

  6. Simin

    Kya promo hai
    Agar chappies hote to aur accha hota

  7. Mica

    Omgg!!!!! this trio performance!!!!*fainting

  8. Amazing ?

  9. SNY

    Interesting shaluuuu?????
    I eagerly wtng for ur nxt update…….

  10. Simi


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