Promos of my current stories


Promos of my current stories

“It’s time to drug them!” “What the hell are you going to do?” “What I always wanted to!” “Are you out of your mind, I’m pregnant with your child and you want to rape someone else!” “So what?” “We are going to swap the grooms anyways!” “I hate you(hoping that the plan fails).” “But I love you babe!” “No, you don’t, you only love yourself!”

“If they want to play games, we will do the same!” “They will be swapping the grooms, but in the end the right pair will get married!” “They want to drug us!” “What are we going to do?”
“Mrs. Kapoor your barbadi is coming!” Nidhi evilly said shocking Amaal. “Are you alright miss. Monkey?” “I’m absolutly fine Mr. Monkey Singh Oberoi!”

“Where the hell is Tia?” “She ran away Shivaay and you married me!” “Fhat the wuck?” “Here is the letter!”
“Dear Shivaay!”
I can’t marry you, because I love someone else and I’m pregnant with his child.” “His real name is Dusyant!” “The truth is that Robin is my Dusyant!”
“Bye with love Tia and Dusyant!”
“I was walking, until I walked into a woman. “I’m sorry!” “No, problem at all dear!” “Aren’t you Shikha Mehaswari, the best doctor in India?” “Yes, that’s me and these are my friends!” “Hey, I’m Jazzmin(Jazzy) the rockstar.” “Heya, I’m Naira(Nidhi) the script writer!” “Hey, I’m Naina Mehaswari, Shikha’s sister!” “Hello, everyone I’m Zaina and that’s my newly found friend Mia!”
“You!” Both shouted at the same time. “Oho, bhaiya, you already know your would be wife!” Rudra said while he winked at his shocked brother. “What happened di?” “Nothing Gauri!”

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