Promo : Gang of Devils v/s Gang of Angels

after 4 years..

The venue of a luxurious party.. people were dancing, gossiping and having fun.. a man who is wearing a black suit greeting the people who are invited in to the party. . it seems that he is the host of the party..

one guest: congratulations mr. SANSKAR MAHRSWARI you win the best business man award by beating Mr. RANDHIR SHEKHAWAT

sanskar: thank you mr . sinha.. by the way you don’t meet my wife na..

a lady came in rose designer saree.. she was looking gorgeous in it.. she had a smile on her face.. but it looks as fake..

sanskar: meet my darling wife.
my jaan.. mrs. RAGINI MAHRSWARI. . ( shocked ryt? I know)

sinha: nice meeting you mrs.. you are very lucky to get a husband like him..

ragini smiled faintly. .

screen shifts..

A big house seems like palace.. a handsome man was drinking alcohol .. he had a photo in his hands.. it was a girl’s pic..

man: why did you do this to me? I will not forgive you for what you did to me.. you are so selfish how can you.. I hate you SWARA.. I hate you.. I will not forgive you..

yes the man is RANDHIR .. he is also business man.. rival of his half brother. .

screen shifts..

An interview hall.. host is asking questions in to a famous tv star..

host: you always said someone is behind your all success. . we want to know who is that..

star: a girl whom I’m engaged. . she was success of my carrier. I love her so much.. she is my life..

a girl came to the room.. she was wearing a black short dress which looks stunning on her..

host: so here is dream girl.. soulmate of famous tv star LAKSH MAHRSWARI. . Welcome mis.. KAVYA MEHRA..

screen shifts..

a girl is teaching some little students. . she was wearing a simple suit.. and no make up.. she looks gorgeous. . a man came there..

man: miss. SWARA BOSE if your tuition over can I came in?

swara’s face light up when seeing him..

swara: come in SAGAR ( kavita’s bro I introduced him in kavita’s death episode)

sagar: I bought some chocolates for your little students. . and a book for you my best friend. .

swara smiled and distribute the chocolates. .

screen freez….

ha ha ha.. la la la damn happy as nd exited to write this… only one request .. don’t kill me for this..


  1. Jenisha


    |Registered Member

    Dimag kharab ho gaya he tumhara!!!???… Pair aapas me ulaj gaye……. Now how can swasan and raglak unite…huh?… What did swara did now????

  2. Sweetie


    |Registered Member

    After reading the promo,I was like “whattttt”..OMG!!!!Ragini is Ragini Sanskar Maheswari..How??Why do Randhir hate Swara??Kavya Mehra..Isn’t she from the gang of devils??Swara is Sagar’s best friend..Is that true or any act of Sagar??Uff,so many questions…Jwala dear,please pretty please upload next part soon..Keep smiling.. πŸ™‚

  3. Abirsha


    |Registered Member

    jwala its not fair…..i cant accept ragsan as pair…its very heart broken….i cant imagine them as pair…..i find a sibling relation between them….so i do no how to read this hereafter….sry if i hurt any one specially ragsan fans…..dont bash me…..sry jwala if i hurt u…..i cant imagine them….atleast u would have paired someother…..its my fav ff dr but now i think i cant read as u paired ragsan…..

    • Jwala



      no shan.. ragsan is not pair.. I too can’t think of them.. just for a twist I bring it.. but they will not be a pair. . sorry I forgot to tell this in update.. they will never ever be paired..

      • Abirsha


        |Registered Member

        Awww….. Thanks jwala then surely i will read dr…. Thanks for not making them as pair….. I dont like ragsan….. So that i told dr….. Thank u soo much i thought i will miss ur ff but u cleared it dr….

  4. little princess

    Omg….what a twist….everything changed and their life turned up n down..i cant understand anything…. How come sanskar married ragini and laksh is engaged with kavya….why randir hates swara now n why he adressed her a selfish….it was visible that ragini n randir are in so much pain…and our bubbly swara turned calm and teaching small children…what is the reason behind this drastic change…really excited yaar…eagerly waiting to know the mystery behind this change and their further life…so update it very soon …also if u dont mind will u plz tell who r the real pairs or atleast a hint…i’m really curious to know it after the leap…anyway expecting a awesome track ahead…will there be any other shocks ahead just like this leap that shocked us…u r awesome.. Keep on writing

  5. jenny

    i’m a silent reader but im much exiceted to know tht wht happen in these 4 years tht their life have totally changed

    plz update as soon as possible and its my request plz update regularly
    ur ff is awesome πŸ™‚

  6. little princess

    I have Γ  doubt…here u r given sanskar n laksh’s surname same…but why??….they were not siblings.. Right??…it was sanskar n randir who were siblings…. But their surname is different… How is it possible that laksh n sanskar have same that a mistake or any other mystery that is to be if u dont mind plz mention it

    • Jwala



      sorry dear.. laksh is not maheswari.. he is laksh arora.. it was came by mistake. . randhir have his mother’s family name as his surname because his mother was his single parent..

  7. Fats

    Jwala I must say your FF is epic. There’s been so many unexpected twists that leave us all shocked. And this promo is SOO SOO interesting. Can’t wait to read about what happened and I especially cannot wait for the moment everyone meets one another. It will surely be gripping πŸ™‚

  8. Esha


    |Registered Member

    Hi jwala …I never commented but today I couldn’t resist to comment …u r doing an amazing job dear , hats off dear for doing such an amazing job …
    U never keep surprising me with ur ff , but today this promo totally disappointed me …
    I mean I thought it is swasan but no …..then I thought its swaran …..but no…
    I like ragsan but still dear ….we r all were waiting for swasan only …I thought sanskar was gonna introduce Swara as his wife …..but no …
    I ma feeling dejected anyways …..I will read ur ff till end …I will give surety but other readers may become disappointed and will start to quit reading as I have a great experience in my first ff, this is not for the comments …but the story was an interesting one but pairs don’t seems to be ….
    But its OK …..readers like me will support u till end ….I will be always reading it…..
    I won’t able to comment regularly but will try to !
    Love u loads dear ! Thanks a lot ….hope u make it swasan !

    • Jwala



      hi dolly was your pen name? I’m a big fan of yours.. and I will say one thing. . you are my inspiration of writing this ff.. I’m so happy that you comnented.. dear it is not ragsan.. actually I have still confusion on swara’s pair. . as I’m a big swasan fan.. raglak is confirmed pair in this ff.. and sorry dear don’t feel disappointed. . ragsan marriage is only for a twist and only for name sake.. they never love each other. . I promise you it will be raglak only.. keep reading dear. . and continue your ff’s

  9. Lata


    |Registered Member

    Omg superb twist.loved it i really dont care abt pairs.but loved the story line??.sorry couldn’t comment before becoz I read all ffs from mobile.I tried to comment many times but always there was technical problem.thank u tu for this registration. Due to this I’m able to comment.yippie ??I’m not going to be silent reader now.

  10. Deeksha


    |Registered Member

    Shock!!!! Shock!!!!!! Shock!!!!!! What is this….. Completely unexpected yaar uuuu changed the pairs……. Wanted swasan only not ragsan I’m sorry if it hurts but only swasan…… Pls update it soon…..

  11. Neera


    |Registered Member

    Omg omg !!!!! U r making me mad… !!!! Am totally confused… full twist… how did swara n sagar become friends ? Y does randhir hate swara ??? N ragsan n lakya ???? U r leaving me n suspense…

  12. amy

    omg…..pls dnt desd much of shock in one promo…pls in nxt time reduce d shocks othrwise many of ur readrs will be admittd in hsptl due to heart attack…hahahha lol….

    arre yaat i cant imagine sanky——————————-ragini in a single scene den hw can i gonna read dis…..kuch bhi karo seperate dem….i knw dey cant be pairs…as u alrdy tld u write ur ff not fr ny pairs nd sankubia totally a villain…den hw can dey pair up….dats why i gonna read…nd pls dnt make more scenes of dem especially any romantic scene….pls noooooooo mein heart attack se mar jaungiii……jwala i beg of u.pls sepetate dem nd unite raglak….

    nd wht hppnd to my bubbly bold swara???why sagar frndly with her???is kavya really changed???wht happnd to devils nd angels grp???wht abt uttara???wht happnd btw swadhir nd raglak????is sagar seeking revenge??? ohhhhhh soooo many quetns….any ways keep it up

    whom play sagar’s role is pls??? i think its baldev of veera (d coverpic waala)….so much of questions popping in mind so post nxt part asap…pls i can’t wait more aftr dis shck….nd yaar pls in nxt time dnt give dis type of shck im evn nt married yaar…

    • Jwala



      oh god amy I’m laughing like mad by reading your comment. actually dear.. i was thinking about finishing this ff before many days.. but suddenly this leap idea stuck in my mind.. if i introduce swara as sanskar’s wife i can’t see this shocking expression of you all.. so i just made it for a twist.. ragsan romance? no no i will die before doing it.. it is raglak only.. and ya baldev from veera is sagar.. keep reading yaar.. thank you so much dear..

  13. Eva


    |Registered Member

    Jwala..kya shock tha….promo full of twists… u said that this is Raglak but not this is swandhir..ok…i have no problem with that…but i expected a episode…koi nehi..tu apna birthday mana…haam promo seh hii kaam chala lenge……ha…Jwala..mein bhut chalak hu..samjhi?I know its your happy wala birthday sweetheart!!!!

      • Eva


        |Registered Member

        Jwala..then check your info on your profile because that says that your birthday is on 14th june..sorry..par meri galti nehi thi….mein phir bhi bhut chalak hu…

    • Mishka

      Oh..i saw that in your says that your borthday is on 14th june….check it and change it….koi nehi belated happy wala birthday.. πŸ˜€

  14. Sree


    |Registered Member

    When i saw ur promo i read all parts. Ur ff is awesome?????
    I loved it. This is the first time i am commenting. Wow its very interesting.?????
    Thank god ragsan r not pairs. I couldnt imagine them at all. Hats of to u yaar. U really came up a an awesome idea.
    I m curiously ,excitedly and impatiently waiting for nxt??????????

  15. unknown

    Just a request dnt make regsan pair i just cnt tolerate it plz plz i loved ur ff inspite of being die heart swasan fan but plz plz cnt tolerate ragsan even

  16. Priya tripathi

    Awesome very shocking promo n specialy pairs i hope update the can’t wait for the episodes

  17. annie

    U swooped pairs????how bad!!! How could u separate swasan????I was badly addicted to ur ff but u separated the heavenly couple!!why????????

  18. Aami


    |Registered Member

    ni jwala i will not kill u but u wat to kill meeee……
    oh god what a promo………. i feel my head becme bursting out now…… the best evr promo i read……. shockin shocking shocking……. mrs ragini sanskar maheswari…. ?? i hate u swara by randir….. kavya is laksh gf….. sagr calld swara bst frnd n swaras face lightn up by seeing sagar…. oh god whts this….. i think i am bcme mad….. if u dont wnt me to mad thn plz post asap…… plzzzzz

  19. Akshata


    |Registered Member

    really Mrs. Ragini sanskar Maheshwari ??? how? when? why? so many questions. though i love ragsan as a pair. i am so curious. its just awesome.

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