PROMO Of FF By Silent-Writer Fizo For RagLak And RagSan

Hi guyz fizo back with promo for RagLak and Ragsan readers please bear my poetry and riddles ?


Tere Naal Love Hogya~RagLak

Beet gaya bachpan or agai jawani
Ab kya hogi agay ki kahani ?

Laksh lands in Mumbai,
“Finally i am back, now i can’t wait to meet her”.

” you blind idiot,how dare you to through mud on me”, shouts ragini angrily.

” Miss.Satki v i did not do it intenitially”,replies laksh calmy.

“How dare you to call me satki vi you mangrove”, says ragini and throws mud at him.

Will RagLak recognise each other?

What will be the impact of their first meeting in their life??


A story Starts with Game:

Ayi hai laut wo apney inteqam k lie
khel purana sadyo ka pora krne k lie

“I am not understanding is someone tracking me”,says swara confused.

“For my baba i can do or die,i will do this sir”, says laksh determined.

“Giving me this job you take me close to my goal and your destruction kamal narayan”, says ragini smirking.

“Who the hell she think herself is, i will not leave her she is done wrong messing with sanskar maheshwari”,shouts sanskar angrily to his PA.

Who is following swara?

Who is the SIR whom laksh talking?

Which task kamal narayan give to ragini which can be a reason to destroy him?

About whom sanskar maheshwari talking??

  My DeSi Girlz:

         Nikle to thay akele safar mai
    Kya pata the mil jaega hamsafar is                                    .                       safar mai

“Gosh this stupid car has to breakdown now only”,says sanskar frustrated.

“Chill bro there is village nearby, you stay here I’ll be back”, says laksh and goes without listening.

“lucky stopp,gosh how will he bear illatrate people”,murmurs sanskar visited.

What’s gonna happen now??? Well i don’t think i have to tell what’s gonna happen ?


RagSan SS~Rhythm of heartbeats

Chaya tha andhera jsiki zindagi mai         Agya ha wo roshni lekr uski zindagi     mai

“Ragini if you don’t feel bad can you tell me what happened in your past,trust me i can help you”, says sanskar looking at her.

Ragini looks at him and tears starts developing in her eyes.

Will she tell sanskar about her past??


Siyappa Queen~RagVeer

Ek taraf hai siyappo ki rani
Dursi taraf hai masoomiyat ka Raja
Kya hogi in Raja Rani ki kahani.

“You have to make fool the person for one week who comes first from the gate”,says parth looking ragini who smirks.

Veer comes first from the gate adjusting his glasses looking nervous.

“Yeh lallu,now it will be fun”, ragini smirks.

What’s gonna happen with veer now?

What will ragini do?


Heal My Wounds:

You may enter, but you may not come in,
I have space, but no room,
I have keys, but open no lock.

For them i am light
For him i am dark
I stepped in their lives
Now what’s gonna happen i have no idea.

Riddle Riddle Riddle yesssss i am not gonna give it’s promo you have to think ?


For All readers, As i said i have 9days free and i will give all my updates but unfortunately i can’t give due to my new session started and secondly Ramadan is starting so i am gonna be busy and my whole routine is gonna change in this month. So due to this i couldn’t update Tere Naal and Games But i will try to give Games today if i completed the part and maybe it’s possible i will give Tere Naal in middle of 15 to 20, and if i can’t give you these two then i am heartly sorry and will give you both exactly after 30days from now. So that’s y giving you promos and yeah do tell me i updates warrior love chapter1plus Prologue In TU it’s ragLak story. If not then i will copy paste it today only for RagLakians. Bear my poetry and riddles ?

Wishing You Ramadan kareem Mubarak…. May Allah forgive all our deeds in this holy month and give new way of living.

So bye bye readers will be back soon,till then take care stay blessed and keep smiling and thank you for supporting me and yeah forgive me if i ever hurt anyone of you ❤ love u all

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