The Most Promising New Shows of March 2016

This month a lot of new shows have been aired.
Almost all channels have new show. Among these, i am writing an article on those 5 shows that have managed to win viewers heart the and have a good fan following. The 5 shows listed below are new shows aired this month or end of february that have the most fan following among all the shows aired this month

1) Dehleez
Channel: Star Plus
Time: 10.30pm
First episode: 14th March

Dehleez is a finite series of Fortune Productions-the makers of Beintehaa, This show is about the story of Aadarsh an IAS officer who falls in love at the first sight with a young individual, Swadheenta who is a lawyer by profession. This show is grabbing eyeballs due to the excellent chemistry between the leads Harshad Arora(Beintehaa fame was seen as Zain) who plays the role of Aadarsh and newbie Tridha Choudhury as Swadheenta. The show also have great ensemble cast with all the characters given equal importance too. None of the characters are being shown too less, which shows that there is importance given to all characters in this show. In the first two week, it is already shown Swadheenta fights a case for farmers against Ahuja the father of Adarsh’s sister in law Simmi, which shows that Ahuja and Simmi may be the problems in Swadheenta-Adarsh’s love story.
However, Swadheenta is yet to fall in love with Adarsh, and currently it is shown how Swadheenta gets to Faridapur to investigate about her case and Adarsh also reaches there, where they disguise as married couples for shelter. There Swadheenta and Adarsh spends some nok-jhok and also romantic moments, it will be quite interesting to see what happens when Swadheenta also falls in love with Adarsh.
Dehleez is not only a romantic saga but also a courtroom drama. For now show is going good but hope they won’t drag this show or add unrealistic tracks. Dehleez have a huge fan following online and also popular among youth but they are having low trps not only because of time slot but also for twists. A twist is needed to spice up the show which will bring a boost in trps.

Plus points: Ensemble, actors, storyline, dialogs
Minus points: Timings, lack of twist

2) Ek Duje ke vaaste
Channel: Sony
Time: 10.00pm
First episode: 29th February

Ek duje ke vaaste is a show based on the story of Suman and Shravan who were childhood classmates and Shravan goes away abroad for studies and how they meet each other after 10 years. Both are totally different from what they were 10 years ago, like Sumo is friendly and Shravan is strict. This show is quite popular among youths as its relatable and shows what happens when a friend meets another after a long time. Sumo, the role played by Nikita Dutta and Shravan the role played by newbie Namik Paul are doing a good job and also share a very good chemistry. Later as Shravan and Sumo’s friendship starts, Shravan invites Sumo to come to class reunion where Shravan ends up insulting her as he did all this acting to take revenge from her as Sumo didn’t treat Shravan well 10 years ago. Now show is showing Sumo-Shravan’s hate-love story where circumstances are keep on forcing them to meet each other. Shravan’s revenge have made fans upset but fans are still watching this show to see how Shravan-Sumo’s hate story will turn into love story. Ek Duje ke vaaste is more of youth show unlike saas-bahu sagas which makes it even more better. And is quite popular online. This show may become a hope in making Sony’s position better and have already encouraged youths to watch Sony. Now it will be quite interesting to see what is in this show’s destiny will it continue good or will it turn into another typical saas-bahu saga.

Plus points: Leads, concept, storyline
Minus points: Predictable twist

3) Kasam
Channel: Colors
Time: 10.00pm
First episode: 7th March

Kasam have been already making the headlines since Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi have went off air as it replaced this show. Viewers of Mer Aashiqui Tumse Hi were not ready to accept Kasam in place of their favorite shows. Kasam is yet another romantic saga by Balaji Teleflims the same makers of Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi. Its revolves around reincarnation in Tanu and Rishi’s love story. Rishi’s character marks the comeback of Ssharad Malhotra and Tanu’s character marks the come back of Kratika Sengar. Both have done popular shows,. According to promos, it is assumed that after Tanu and Rishi will marry, Tanu will die and after some years will return in form of reincarnation. The concept of reincarnation is already popular in Hindi daily soaps. Kasam have already been gaining very good trps till now which shows viewers are quite interested in watching this show. It is yet to be seen how will Tanu die or how Tanu and Rishi’s love story will start. It is shown that Rishi is getting engaged to Tanu’s cousin instead and Tanu already loves Rishi since her childhood but is not able to stop the marriage. Fans of Kasam are liking the cute love story of Rishi and Tanu and also their cute chemistry.
Plus points: Acting, twist
Minus points: Concept

4) Vishkanya
Channel: Zee TV
Time: 6.30pm
First episode: 28th March

Vishkanya is currently the latest show that have been on-air last week only. Vishkanya have a unique concept and mystery behind a girl named Apu whose skin turns into blue due to a curse. It will be interesting to see what happens and the story of the ‘curse’ unfolds. It will also be interesting to see how Malay played by Vin Rana and Apu played by newbie Aishwarya Khare. The suspense is not only created by the mystery behind Apu’s skin turning blue but also there is clearly something which Apu’s mother Kalpana is hiding. It will be interesting to see what is Kalpana’s secret or mystery. There is also a lot to happen, when Malay and Apu will fall in love how will that happen and if this happens how will to go ahead due to Apu’s curse as Malay will most likely die if she marries him. Will Apu and Malay’s love story ever have a happy ending? It has not been a week and already there has been several questions in viewer’s mind about this show. Vishkanya has got the target by gaining good trps in its first week itself which shows that its already grabbing eyeballs of viewers. But the concept of curse may take time or may not be accepted by all viewers as its totally unrelatable. Overall A very good show till now, and excellent show if viewers can see it as a fairytale stories.

Plus points: Suspense, Storyline, Innovation
Minus points: Unrelatable

5) Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aisa Bhi
Channel: Sony
Time: 9.30pm
First episode: 29th February

Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Asia Bhi is another new show on Sony that have been aired on the same day as Ek Duje Ke Vaaste. It is the mature love story of two individuals- Dev played by Shaheer Sheikh who has been quite popular and Sonakshi played by newbie Erica Fernandez. It shows the different angles of love story of Dev and Sonakshi, as Dev’s mother, Ishwari may be a setback in their love story. Dev and his mother share a special bond since his childhood and Dev falls for Sona, and also like others want his mom to accept his love. What is unique here that Dev doesn’t force his mother and if his mom is not happy he is fine with it as he always priortize his mom first. It may sound like a saas bahu saga but its not so as more of the contradicting thoughts of Sona and Ishwari, it shows how Dev will take a decision as a son first. Story of Kuch Rang Pyaar me Aisa Bhi is quite relatable to real life as there are many individuals who have always thought about their family first before their love when it comes to taking decisions.

Plus points: Acting, Relatable, Realistic
Minus points: lack of twist

I am sorry if I have not included your favorite show here

I have selected the top 5 new hindi shows of March 2016 based on popularity in tellyupdates, India forums and also other social sites. Which one do you think is the most promising new show of March 2016 among these shows?
1) Dehleez (star plus)
2) Ek Duje Ke Vaaste (Sony)
3) Kasam (colors)
4) Vishkanya (zee TV)
5) Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aisa Bhi (Sony)
6) Others (first episode aired after 28 February 2016)

Credit to: RANDOMFAN


  1. anjali

    Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi and Dehleez . And pls do add Bahu hamari Rajni Kant too because it is also a very nice serial and it also has new concept .

  2. Nitya

    Kuch rang pyaar ke and Ek duje ke caste ….are the best…..Fresh script nd new Experiment…superb

  3. Fatarajo(RANDOMFAN)

    Please take note that this article is about most promising new shows of march 2016, Bahu hamari_rajni Kant was aired on mid February, 14th February that’s why I didn’t add bahu hamari rajni Kant in this article

  4. Ireena

    Very good analysis??
    I got to know abt kasam and viskanya concept here.well,they r also cool…..
    When i get time,i try to warch ek duje ke vaaste….
    Here a common thing happens with 3 shows…in dehleez,EDKV,KRPKAB,
    Three leads luv story hasn’t started yet completely….sonakshi and dev r just playing like enemy(though it seems also cute)
    Shravan sumo….quite good fights happen….
    Swadheenta adarsh……one sided luv…..freedom is not interested yet…
    But,don’t want serious fights between them….
    Well,I think,u should have started frm mid-feb….because rajni_kant….
    Its such a funny and lovely show…usually i don’t laugh watching any daily soup,but its really exceptional,shaan rajni chemistry is far better than most typical leads in daily soup thought to be in luv…it has really proved that without lovers chemistry,a show can have a excellent plot….hope u r not disturbed with this idea

    • Fatarajo(RANDOMFAN)

      Not at all because I also watch Bahu hamari rajni Kant and I like it more raj these 5 shows

  5. Nitya

    Dehleez, kuch rang aise bhi pyar ke, vishkanya…..good serials wid good concept.
    Kasam is another so rubbish serial by balaji…..same storyline….. Boring serial.

  6. jessica

    it’s must be Ek duje ke vaaste first , Kasam second and after Dahleez.
    this is the right first order after u say!

  7. Fatarajo

    Poll result:
    1) Dehleez (16 votes) (26%)
    2) Kasam (14 votes) (23%)
    3) Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aisa Bhi (12 votes) (19%)
    4) Ek Duje Ke Vaaste (11 votes) (18%)
    5) Vishkanya (9 votes) (14%)

    Dehleez is voted as the most promising hindi serial of March 2016.


    i choose dehleez……. i see dehleez regularly n kasam rarely………… out of this i m impressed by dehleez…………..


      need to appreciate the writer……….. perfect usage of the english language…………… and i agree with ur -ve points about dehleez……………

  9. Hi friends i am Ssharad Malhotra male lead of kasam tere pyaar ki.there is a rumor that i am dating Yuvika Choudhary but that is not right i am not dating anyone.

  10. Crystal

    I am a big fan of Kuch Rang pyar ke Aise bhi, Ek Duje Ke vaaste………. Two best serials… after a long time SONY TV has given…. Dehleez for Star

  11. latanzia

    Vishkanya is the best show out of this lot, it is different and unique, all the other show their story line has been done and overdone. this mystical fairytail is different and it will grab the audience.

  12. Kashish

    Dahleez and Ek duje ke vaaste are the beat ones….Their story concepts are totally different from rest others…

  13. Fatarajo

    New poll results:
    1) Dehleez (22 votes) 25%
    2) Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Kaise bhi (20 votes) 23%
    3) Ek Duje Ke Vaaste (19 votes) 22%
    4) Kasam (17 votes) 19%
    5) Vishkanya (10 votes) 11%

    Dehleez voted as the most new promising show of march 2016

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.