Promises To Keep (Part 1)

Part 1: A New Beginning
“I am terrified”, I said as I grabbed the milk out of the fridge. “I’m excited to start fresh and forget about the old problems”, Lakshi said with a huge smile across her face.
“You would be dead without me Abi.”
I knew what she said was true, but I couldn’t admit it, so I just kept eating my cereal.
“Admit it”,she said.
“No”, I replied.
“Admit it or else!”
“No! What are you gonna do about it?”, I asked her with a grin.
“I’ll show you..”, she said as she held me homework up and gestured as if she was going to rip it in pieces. Luckily, I grabbed my papers before she could hit me… but my cereal bowl was now on the floor.
“Abi, Lakshi!!!! What are you doing?!”, my grandmother yelled from upstairs as soon as she heard the bowl drop.
“Nothing…”, my sister said with a shiver in her voice.
Yup, as sad as it is, this is my life. I was born on a beautiful day and I was happy for a minute, until my twin sister came out. Then we were named Abi and Lakshi. At our old school everyone knew us, but not because we were popular. It was all because we were the aggravating old twins who wore the same clothes and two braids to school everyday. We have improved though. Now we only wear one braid, and different clothes… most of the time. We chose to move schools because we finally moved into our new home, and the new school was closer. We also had a lot of old memories we needed to forget… but let’s continue with our present life shall we?

Today was our second day of school. We met all our teachers yesterday and they seemed pretty nice, at least for now. I walked to my locker without my sister because she went to the bathroom, but my heart was beating fast. I had this horrifying, chilling feeling inside of me… as if someone was going to jump out and attack me. I opened my locker door and when I closed it… “BOO!”, Aadhi was standing behind my locker door. “Ahhh!!”, I yelled, and this time I felt like I was actually being attacked. “Are you crazy?!”, I yelled at him, and then I slapped him with my books. Aadhi was assigned to be my partner because he had the same schedule as me, so he was supposed to take me with him to our classes just in case I got lost, or if I needed help. I only met him yesterday, but we already seemed to get along pretty well. “Get used to it, Lakeview is full of surprises”, he said with a corrupt smile. “Not like that though”, I said. He looked at his binders. “Oops, I picked up the wrong binder. I’ll be right back”, then he disappeared into the crowd of teenagers. That’s when my sister showed up and opened her locker, which was unfortunately beside mine.

“Where’s your partner?”, I asked her.
“He was being annoying so I told him my locker was upstairs”, she said casually.
“He’s gonna be looking for you!”, I said to her.
“Serves him right”, she said.

I turned around and that’s when I saw it, and what I saw it hit me. It hit me like a dart… or a bullet… or a.. well all I knew was that the problem was starting again. The boy who was responsible for all our problems, was standing a few meters away from us.

“Lakshi!”, I yelled. “It’s…. it’s it’s Ethan!”
“Ethan?! Like last year… that Ethan?!”, she said nervously.
I nodded. “WHY is he here?! Is he following us?!”
“How would I know?!”, I said.
We watched him open his locker. That’s when.. SPLAT! Green slime poured out of his locker and all over him. Everyone was laughing and taking pictures.
“What the heck was that?!”
“Only god knows”, my sister said.
That’s when Ethan turned around to see us. He looked at us, and he was giving us the type of glare villains on television would give, the revenge glare. That’s when my sister and I stared blankly at each other.

“Oh no.”

Credit to: AbiLakshi


  1. AbiLakshi

    Hello readers,
    My sister and I wrote this together and we are kinda new to tellyupdates… so I hope you like the beginning of this story! There are more parts coming so I hope you like them! 🙂

  2. Roma

    Hi AbiLakshi deariiiiiiieeess, it’s awesome, all the best for future updates. ..I like it …plz continue, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  3. Latha

    I am really proud f you guys, this is really good. I think the character names are creative. Please post more 🙂

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