Promises To Keep (Part 9)

Part 9: Gone Alone

Hey fans!!! We are sooo glad that you are all reading this story!!! We are sooo thankful and we hope you all keep commenting on this ff! Now here’s a quick recap of our characters because we did notice we have a few new readers so hopefully this will help you guys!
Abi and Lakshi are twins, who have just entered a new school. Abi is the innocent type while Lakshi is more of a trouble maker. Ashwin is Lakshi’s partner that was setup for her by the school at the beginning of the year so she could get used to the school and Aadhi is Abi’s partner. The boys don’t know that Abi and Lakshi are twins. Ethan is a bully from the past, Maya is also a new student at Lakeview and is a friend of the twins, and her setup partner is Sayohn. Hope that helped! Here is part 9, “Gone Alone” for you!
I kept thinking about my diary. “What if someone read it? What if they posted it online to embarrass me? What if it was Ethan?!”, my brain was just crowding with atrocious thoughts. The teachers started calling out the students’ names to check if everyone was here, a lockdown is intense. That’s when we came out of our tent when we heard a teacher’s worried voice. “AADHI, AADHI! WHERE ARE YOU?! ANYONE KNOW WHERE HE IS?!”, she yelled. No one answered. “Isn’t he your partner?”, Lakshi asked. “Where the heck is he?!”, Sayohn asked. “Aadhi was gone?!” I thought. My head was spinning. Why did he leave the gym without telling anyone where he was going?! Is he okay?! Where would he be?! I was very worried, but I didn’t know why. Don’t I hate him? Lakshi noticed my hand shaking. “Girl chill,” she said, he’ll be back. Maya agreed with her. My heart was still pounding. I started praying to god. “Please say he’s okay”, I whispered. That’s when the teachers turned the lights off and locked all the doors, it was pitch dark. WHERE THE HECK WAS AADHI?!
Aadhi was in his tech class and he was making a frame. “We’re in a lockdown… I didn’t tell the teachers I was leaving… I’m in trouble when I get back”, he thought. “Woah… what about Abi? Hopefully in the gym…who cares… she doesn’t care about me either…”, he tried convincing himself, but his hands were still shaking. “Oh dear god,” he whispered. “Please say that crazy devil is okay…”
It was night time, and I was now leaning against the doors trying to push them open, but they were all locked. I knew that if I broke a door open, Niru would murder me, and he would never let me do anything fun again. That’s when my phone made a small buzz sound. It was Niru, so I quickly turned it off and put it on silent. There was one last door left, but I had no hope. I tried pushing it anyways. It opened. “Why is it opened?! Irresponsible teachers”, I thought. I walked through the door quietly, closed the door, and turned on the light. “Great”, I thought. “Now I’m in the equipment room.” I gave up and sat on the floor. That’s when I saw a door on the other side of the room. “Bingo”, I thought. I opened the door and it lead to the hallways. I slowly walked into the hallways, searching for this idiot, Aadhi.
Lakshi and Maya were in the tent sleeping, when Lakshi woke up and yawned. Then she looked at Maya, and then looked at the spot where I was supposed to be in. When she didn’t see me, she freaked. “Maya, Maya!”, she said. “Abi’s gone!” Maya yawned. “What do you mean Abi’s gone?” Maya asked, wiping her eyes. “I mean… she’s not here and we’re still in a lockdown! Why are we sleeping during a lockdown?! Did they tell our families?! Where’s Abi?!”, Lakshi was getting very worried at this point. “Calm down Lakshi!”, Maya said. “They called our families in the afternoon, and Abi’s gotta be here somewhere.” Since the curtain was no longer in the middle of the gym anymore because of the lockdown, Lakshi and Maya went to wake Ashwin and Sayohn up for help. “Ashwin!”, Lakshi whispered. “Wake up!” Ashwin was yawning. “I’m tired, what do you need?” He asked tiredly. “Abi’s missing!”, she said. “Who’s Abi?”, Ashwin asked. “She’s my…”, Lakshi started to explain. That’s when she realized that she didn’t tell Ashwin about her twin, and this was probably not the best time to explain. “Uhhhh… she’s my friend!”, Lakshi said after finding an answer. “Friend?”, Maya asked. Lakshi made a face at her and Maya caught on. “Yeah…. friend”, Maya said.Ashwin and Sayohn got up and tried to find an open door. That’s when they figured out Abi must’ve used the equipment door to leave, so they went through the door quietly.

“Who are we looking for again?” Sayohn asked. He knew that Abi was Lakshi’s twin, so Lakshi didn’t know what to say. “Abi, our friend”, Maya said as she winked at Sayohn, signalling to play along with it. “Oh… Abi… ya I know her…”, Sayohn said. BOOM! “One gun shot just went off!” Lakshi who was standing beside Ashwin plugged her ears and was starting to cry. “Abi… where are you?!”, she said, now she was terrified. Ashwin held her hand and looked at her. “She’ll be fine.” He said. Lakshi wiped her tears off her face and they continued looking for Abi together. Then Ashwin and Sayohn told Lakshi and Maya to wait where they were. The two boys left, but didn’t return.
I opened a door, after I heard the first gunshot, I nearly fainted. I was scared to death and I started to panic. BOOM! The second gunshot went off. I ran through the door and fell to the ground. That’s when I felt someone’s breath on my hand. I almost screamed because I thought it was the murderer, until that person put their hand on my mouth. “ARE YOU CRAZY?! WHY DID YOU COME HERE?! WE ARE IN A LOCKDOWN! YOU COULD’VE GOT MURDERED?!”, he whispered loudly. I started crying. “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I CAME ALL THE WAY HERE FOR YOU! WHY DID YOU LEAVE THE GYM WITHOUT TELLING A TEACHER?! WHAT COULD’VE BEEN SO IMPORTANT THAT YOU HAD TO RISK YOUR LIFE FOR?! He looked down, feeling ashamed. Then my eyes met his. “I thought you hated me…”, he said. “That’s not a reason for me to let you die alone”, I replied. “You introduced me to Lakeview.” Aadhi smiled. “Now can I do something for a second?”, I asked him. “Yeah, what?”, he asked. I slapped him lightly, but he was being dramatic, as always. “OWWWWW! WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!”, he asked. “FOR MAKING ME COME OUT AND ALMOST DIE HERE FOR YOU!”, I said. We sat there. BOOM! The third gunshot went off. I ducked into Aadhi arms, without noticing. He put one hand on my head, and another on my arm. “We can get out”, he said confidently. Then the lights switched on, and at this point… I thought we were going to die. I looked up… “AADHI?!”, I said. “Lakshi?!”, The figure said. We just stared at each other blankly. I pushed Aadhi’s arms off and stepped back from him. Five seconds later, Lakshi walked in. That’s when I whispered to Lakshi… “Who… who are they?”
Next Part: Keeping You (Part 10- CHAPTER 1 FINALE)

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  1. Hu r the peopl dat entrd into skool?

    1. Yes we are! Thx for reading 😀

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    1. Lol dont worry its just the finale of the chapter! Chapter 2 is gonna start up soon! I’m glad you liked it 🙂

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  4. Awesome episode, keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and one question are abi n lakshi identical twins?

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