Promises To Keep (Part 6)


Part 6: Dare You
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I looked at Aadhi. “Why do you still help me?”, I asked him. His eyes showed that he didn’t have an answer, but then his face lightened. “I was the first person you ever met here.”, he said, seeming hopeful. “And you’re the last type of person I would want to meet here”, I said under my breath. Aadhi seemed very pessimistic. To be honest, I was disappointed in myself for saying that too, but he ditched me twice now. I felt like he was using me so his friends and teachers could see how responsible he is, and I’m not gonna let anyone use me.
Aadhi took a deep breath. I stood up, and then he did. Then he said, “Fine. What if I prove how sorry I am and how much I actually care about you.” That’s when I turned around and looked at him, and I raised my eyebrows. “Are you challenging me?”, I asked him. “You can look at it that way if you want, but I’m just trying to prove myself.”, he said confidently. “Fine,” I said. “Challenge accepted. It won’t be easy for you though”, I said. That’s when Aadhi straightened up, shot me a look, and walked down the hallway. About two minutes after Aadhi left, Lakshi showed up. She quickly packed her bag and we walked downstairs together. Niru was on time today, and we spent the car ride talking about Niru’s meeting.
At home I went up to my room and got started on my biology homework. That’s when my sister walked in and sat at her desk, which was about a meter away from mine. “So did you hear about Friday?”, she asked as she opened her binder. “No, what’s on Friday?”, I asked as I kept writing. “There’s a sleepover at the school.”, Lakshi said. “A sleepover?”, I asked, inquisitively. “I didn’t know they had sleepovers here at Lakeview too.”, I said. “Well now you do”, Lakshi said looking up at me, and then she continued to work on her homework. “Don’t you think it would be kinda… weird?”, I said. “I think it’s a good way to meet new people, we can’t hang around our partners forever you know.”, Lakshi said. “Well I definitely understood that by now…”, I thought. “You can’t trust anyone”, I said. “What do you mean?”, Lakshi looked at me, she was concerned. “Oh nothing…”, I said, and I got back to my work. That’s when Lakshi went downstairs to ask Niru for help on her homework. I sat at my table and grabbed my laptop. I looked through my emails and I saw the email Aadhi sent me, before our problems started. I scrolled through it and I looked at the picture of my family when my parents were alive. I sent him that photo because he wanted to meet my family, and I didn’t want to tell him my parents weren’t alive. So I sent him a photo so he didn’t get suspicious. I read over our conversations and then I took a deep breath. “What happened to you Aadhi?”, I thought.
Lakshi was grabbing her binders from her locker for her first period class. When she closed her locker Ethan stood right in front of her.
“H… hello.” Lakshi said, hesitantly. “Umm… do you… can I… can I help you?”, she asked him, her voice was shivering. It seemed that Lakshi was able to stand up to anyone in the world, except for Ethan. Ethan stared at her. “You think I forgot what you and your sister did to me last year?”, he asked in an enraged voice. “You were also the one who put that nasty slime in my locker, weren’t you?”, he asked in his deep, intimidating voice. “No! I saw everything but I didn’t do it! I swear!”, Lakshi said. She stepped back and said “I need to go… I’m gonna be late”. then she turned around. Ethan put his hand on Lakshi’s shoulder, “You’re not going anywhere”, he said. Lakshi turned around and took a deep breath. Then she said, “Okay Ethan, who do you think I am?” That’s when Ethan pushed her against the wall, her head almost hitting the wall. “WHAT THE HECK?!”, Lakshi yelled. “I’m not gonna let you have a good year, just like what you did to me last year.”, Ethan said with a smirk across his dreaded face. That’s when a hand waved in front of him, and it wasn’t Lakshi’s. Lakshi and Ethan turned around and it was Ashwin. Ashwin glared at Ethan and made no eye contact with Lakshi. “Ashwin…”, Lakshi said worriedly. She did not tell Ashwin about
her problems with Ethan because she didn’t want her past life to affect her in the present. “Ashwin… you should go, please.”, Lakshi said to him. “No”, Ashwin said still glaring at Ethan. “I’m not ditching you, partner.”, he said. Lakshi was worried, but on the inside she was contented to see that Ashwin cared so much about her. “What’s your problem dude?”, Ashwin asked in a voice Lakshi had never heard from him before. ” Ethan looked at him blankly.”This is a problem between me and her, so don’t get between it”, Ethan said. “Dude, I am part of student council, you’ll get in big trouble if you don’t leave her alone.” , Ashwin said hastily. “What can you do about it?”, Ethan said. “Well there’s one thing I can do for sure”, Ashwin said looking at Ethan in the eyes. Then he pointed behind him. Ethan and I looked to the direction of his hand and a teacher stood there watching. Ethan then looked back at Ashwin, then back at me. “This isn’t the end”, he said to Lakshi. “Oh get going”, Ashwin said, and with that, Ethan was gone. Lakshi’s head started to spin, and she sat down. Then Ashwin sat down right beside her. “It’s fine, he’s gone”. , Ashwin said smiling at her. He’s never seen the sensitive side of Lakshi before, because she was usually tough and outgoing. “Thank you”, she said to Ashwin, and Ashwin looked at her. “Anytime for a friend like you”, Ashwin said. They both smiled at each other and then Ashwin held Lakshi’s hand to help her get up. They started to walk to class. “That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop torturing you”, Lakshi said with a grin. “Good”, Ashwin said with a smile, and they continued walking to class together.
I was walking to my second period class and I had to walk past Aadhi’s locker. He was talking to his friends. That’s when I heard him say, “Ya man, I’m going to the sleepover too.” That’s when my heart felt like it dropped down a hundred stairs. “WHY IS HE COMING?! I DON’T WANT TO SEE HIS FACE FOR THE WHOLE NIGHT… I WANTED TO MAKE NEW FRIENDS AND HAVE A BREAK FROM HIM!”, I thought. “What do I do now?”
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