Promises To Keep (Part 5)


Part 5: Blind Side

“Hey, why are you here?”, Lakshi asked Ashwin obnoxiously. “Because you said you were going to be here,” Ashwin replied. “So, it doesn’t mean you have to follow me.” Lakshi said. “Maybe I want to…”, Ashwin said, sounding a little uncertain. “What?”, Lakshi asked Ashwin in a ‘did I just hear what I think you said’ voice. “Nothing”, Ashwin said, and he looked down at his book. Lakshi looked at him weirdly, then she continued to look for a good book to read.
I stood there in shock. Seriously… the fact that Aadhi ignored me just killed me. I tightened my fist and I knew my eyes were getting red. I straightened myself and I stormed into class. I sat down and crossed my legs and my arms. Aadhi walked in, I acted like I didn’t notice. “Hey”, he said. I looked at him, and he definitely noticed my bloodshot eye. “Woah”, he said. “Are you okay?”, he put his hand on my shoulder. As soon as his hand laid on my shoulder,I could feel the adrenaline running in my body. My heart felt like it was burning. I slapped his hand off my shoulder and sat their staring at him disgustingly. “What do you want?”, I asked him. Aadhi was astonished. “Are… are you okay?”, he asked. He was very worried at this point. “I thought we were cool.” Aadhi said. That’s what I thought too”, I said. He just stared at me right in the eyes. I felt my heart melt more. “Your eyes…”, he started to say something, and I knew he was referring to how red they were. I looked away, so he didn’t finish his thought. The rest of the class went by very awkwardly. Ethan didn’t make eye contact with me, so I assumed he won’t mess with me for a while now. “Class is over! Page 138 is homework!”, the teacher announced. I closed my binders loudly, shoved them into my bag and walked out of class, and in the corner of my eye, I could see that Aadhi was watching. When I walked out I thought “Wow… he doesn’t even care…” That’s when someone grabbed my wrist and spun me around. My heart was beating because I expected it to be Ethan. It was Aadhi. As he grabbed my wrist, my hand fell over his chest. He seemed angry. “What the heck is wrong with you?!” He asked, this time his eyes were redder than mine. “Let go of me”, I said under my breath. That’s when he gripped my wrist tightly. His bangs fell over his eyes. My cheeks looked like a tomato spit on him. “Do you understand that you’re under my responsibility?!”, he asked, this time he was seriously enraged. “I don’t need your help anymore, this is my third day here. Isn’t that the only reason you stayed with me ’til today?! Because you would get in trouble if you left me?!”, I asked fiercely. “No! I look at you as… ” then he paused. That’s when he slowly let go of my wrist. There were red marks on my wrist, so I held my wrist with my other hand. I looked at him, and I knew my eyes showed pain. That’s when he looked at the marks on my wrist, slowly stepped back and said, “I…”, my eyes started filling up with water. That’s when he quickly walked away, into the crowd, and then he was gone.
“Yo Ashwin”, Lakshi said. “Mhmm”, he replied looking down at his phone. “Look at this flyer”, Lakshi said. “It says there’s a sleepover at school on Friday Night.”, He said, scanning the flyer on the wall. “I know how to read! I think I wanna go.”, Lakshi said. “Great, then I’ll come too!”, Ashwin said excitedly. “WHAT THE HECK?! WHY ARE YOU COMING?!”, Lakshi yelled. “Cuz you’re going”, Ashwin replied. “You don’t need to look after me anymore,” Lakshi said. “I just wanna hangout with you.”, Ashwin said. Lakshi looked at him, she seemed shocked. “Ummmmm…”, Lakshi and Ashwin looked at each other for a full two minutes. “Ughhh… we should get going.”, Ashwin changed the topic. “Uhhh… yeah”, Lakshi said, and they walked to class with less controversy compared to usual.
I packed my bag with binders full of homework after last period. I have to wait a long time at our lockers because Lakshi takes a long time to come back from her last class. When I tried to grab my biology binder, I dropped my pencil case, and everything fell out of it all over the floor. When I turned around to pick up my pens and pencils, my marked hand landed on another hand. Again, it was Aadhi picking up my pens. I looked up at him and he looked at me. I felt my heart warm up. I got lost in his eyes. Where was the Aadhi I met before?
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  1. Nice yaar pls update next chapter

    1. Thanks Devi! I’m glad you like it and I hope you keep reading 🙂

  2. It was really nice…who’s dis ethan???is he the bad guy….update soon..

    1. Yes, Ethan is the antogonist.. so ya he is the bad guy. You will hear a lot more about him in future chapters! Thanks for commenting constantly Vivi and luv u loads! 🙂


    1. Thanks! The next one is coming up sooner than you think 😀

  4. The way you guys write makes it seem like everything is real. Keep writing girls!

    1. Thank you Liya! We hope you’ll keep reading further on!

  5. Nice episode dear, going really well. .eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. ty so much roma, glad you like it! 🙂

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