Promises To Keep (Part 3)

Part 3: Just Listen
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Thanks to those who like my story, I’m so happy! You guys are so sweet and I know that there are a few silent readers, but I am happy if you are enjoying! Sorry for the late update by the way! Luv you guys!!

That’s when Lakshi entered the auditorium with her partner she always fights with, Ashwin.
“Shut up! I was only two minutes late to class ok?! Chill!”, Lakshi said to him furiously.
“Okay but that makes me look bad because I’m your partner!”, he said annoyed.
“Unfortunately”, Lakshi said. That’s when Ashwin took a deep breath.

Since yesterday, Lakshi always talks about how annoying and infuriating Ashwin can be. I never got to see him in real, but he seems like a guy with sense for sure. I knew about Lakshi though, always irritated and is very receptive. I felt bad for Ashwin, but I felt worse for myself because I had to deal with her all the time.

“Can you move over?”, Ashwin asked Lakshi.
“What happened to please these days? Of course, you don’t have manners.”
“I don’t need to say please. Especially to you…”
Lakshi rolled her eyes.
“Why, are you that big? You need two full seats don’t you?”, Lakshi said to him with a grin.

“I’m sorry for asking you to move over a seat okay?! I won’t ask you again!”, he yelled, he lost it at this point. “Sorry… I lost my cool there for a second…”, he said quietly.
“Can’t lose what you never had”, Lakshi said, as if it was obvious.
Ashwin looked at her, then he said, “That was actually a good one.”
Lakshi smiled. That’s when she looked on stage and she saw her mirror reflection standing. “What?! Abi?!”, she thought to herself. She didn’t want Ashwin to know that she had a twin, so she tried to distract him.

“I ughhh… I need to go to the bathroom”, Lakshi said to him.
“Okay…. why are you telling me that… you want me to go in there with you?”, he smirked.
“I don’t know where it is! Take me there!”, Lakshi yelled.
“Okay!”, He got up and walked towards the exit door.

That’s when I saw Lakshi and the back of a guy’s head. I couldn’t make out who it was, but I was guessing it was her assigned partner Ashwin. She was waving her hands, as if she was signaling me to do something. “What?!”, I mouthed. She continued to make the same hand motions and that’s when I tried to read her lips. She was telling me to sing! “I’m gonna sing!”, I said. That’s when I realized what I said. Sing?! Did I just say sing?! What was I thinking, listening to Lakshi?! Now that I said it, everyone was shouting, “SING, SING, SING!”, that’s when Lakshi put a thumbs up and disappeared.”What do I sing? I don’t know what kind of songs people at Lakeview liked!”, I thought, this time my heart felt like it was going to escape out of its place. That’s when it hit me. Lakshi and I wrote a song when we were about seven years old, when we found out the truth about our parents. I closed my eyes and said to myself, “This is for you mom and dad.” That’s when I sang, after a long time, I actually started singing again. At one point I became very comfortable of where I was and what I was doing, I just don’t know how. “No gift on earth is greater, no treasure held above. The joy that comes from knowing, parents’ endless love.”, as the lyrics slipped out of my mouth in harmony, I realized how everything was in the right place, including myself. I felt a tear run down the right side of my face as I thought about my parents, but I am hoping they are proud, watching me with a smile right now. I finished singing, and I opened my eyes. “What the heck just happened?”, I thought. I stood there waiting for a reaction from the audience but that’s when I remembered, I’m just a
random girl who embarrassed herself onstage and has a freaky identical twin.

I turned around to leave the stage, my face was red hot and I could feel a huge lump in my throat, I was about to cry. That’s when I heard someone clapping. I turned around and everyone was standing up clapping for me. A teacher approached me and I saw a sparkle in her eye. She gave me a hug… it was an awkward hug actually. Then she put her hand out for the microphone and I gently placed the mic in her hands. She held the mic near her mouth and she wiped her eyes, then she started to speak. “Welcome to Lakeview everyone, many different people take a memorable step into this school, and Abi is one of them. And as a school, we listen to everyone’s stories and we support them. I am so proud to be a staff at this amazing school. I wish you all a great year!” Then I followed her offstage. As I came down from the stage, people were crowding around me. “You were amazing, that was SOOO good, you’re an amazing singer, those lyrics were so meaningful,” I tried to say thank you, but the words weren’t coming out of my mouth. I was still in shock. That’s when I saw Ethan storm out of the auditorium. I looked around for Aadhi because I knew I had to apologize to him, and as I was looking for him, people were complimenting me. A short girl with long black hair and circular glasses approached me.

“Can I get your autograph? I have a feeling that you’ll become famous one day”, she said. I was shocked. “oh uhh… that’s sweet… but I don’t have a pen”, I said. She held out a pen and she had a big smile across her face. I signed it and under my signature I wrote, “Thankyou”. She looked at the paper and then looked at me curiously. That’s when I said to her, “Thank you for believing in me.” I smiled at her and she smiled back. I turned around and that’s when I saw Aadhi leaving… without me. He turned around and glared at me, he looked upset. Then he turned back around and walked straight out the door, without me. What did I do?
Next Part: One Done (Part 4)

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  1. Nice..who’s dis ethan??

    1. Ethan is a person who will be revealed by the characters themselves, but he’s definitely not a good character. Thanks for reading!

  2. This part is very funny at te beginning. you’re a good writer, PLZ keep writing.

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    WHo is Ethan? so proffessional, plz keep writing

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  5. Very nice episode, keep it up buddyyy. Eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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