Promises To Keep (Part 2)


Hello guyssss
This is part 2: Unexpected Spotlight, a lot of weird things happen in this part
I hope you guys enjoyed the last partttt 🙂
In this part you will start to see Ethan’s character evolve a little more
Part 2: Unexpected Spotlight
My sister and I looked at each other, and our expressions were most likely very identical. “Run”, she said quickly under her breath, and that’s when we charged the other way… but we didn’t really know where we were actually going. “Get to class!”, a teacher yelled from the other side of the hallway.

“We’re going to be late!”, I said to Lakshi exhaustingly.
“GO!”, my sister yelled, as she started running in the other direction.
I ran to my class and sat on my chair. I looked around the classroom and everyone was talking with each other. I put my head on my desk and hoped I would never see Ethan ever again, which was probably impossible.

“Where were you?”, Aadhi asked as he entered the classroom. I totally forgot about him. “Wow, the second day of school started off great”, I thought. Aadhi walked in and sat in his chair beside me. “Oh… hi…”, I said to him, with a smile that begged for him to forgive me. “I was looking for you everywhere! Where were you?”, he was very concerned… hopefully he didn’t notice me running like an idiot across the hallway. “I’m so sorry”,I said. “I…. had to ask the teacher something.. so I came in quickly”, I felt terrible about lying to my first friend on the second day of school, but yet there was nothing I could do. “Well next time, let me know!”, he said. He sounded a little annoyed. “Sorry”, I said feeling very bad. “It’s fine”,he said with a smile I knew wasn’t a real one. Then we turned around to look at our teacher until something outrageously happened right in front of my eyes. Ethan was standing at the door with a partner.

“What?! Why is he here?!”, I said, and Aadhi could tell I was panicking. “Who? That guy? Do you know him? I think he’s new this year”, he said. Ethan walked in with his partner and gave a slip to the teacher. Then the teacher introduced herself to him because he did not come to school yesterday, apparently. My heart was beating, faster this time. That’s when he turned around and saw me. My eyes widened, and he glared at me. “Is he looking at you?”, Aadhi asked. I looked away and said, “What? No… I don’t even know who he is.” Obviously on the inside, I knew the real answer.

“Lie number two, already. Marvelous Abi…”, I thought.
That’s when he sat down and I tried to make no eye contact with him.

“We have an assembly to go to, so let’s head down now”, the teacher said as she glanced at her watch. We walked down the stairs. Aadhi was talking about some of the cool programs at Lakeview, but I couldn’t pay attention. All I could think about was Ethan, and what he might do for revenge. That’s when Aadhi asked me a question.

“…What?”, I replied. I was clearly not paying attention.
“What’s wrong with you today? You weren’t like this yesterday. Tell me if you have a problem, that’s why I’m your partner”, he said with a smile. “Oh I’m fine”, I said. “I’m just tired.”
Aadhi continued to talk about the school. As he continued talking, I heard someone whisper my name. I turned around and Ethan was standing there, holding his phone up.

That’s when I understood what he meant. I grabbed Aadhi’s arm and started running. “What are you doing?!”, Aadhi yelled. He started to pull me back. “Ughhhh I gotta go!”, I said back to him. I dropped his arm and kept running. That’s when I heard the first few words that came out of Aadhi’s mouth, “That’s the way on to the s…..”. I knew I would have to give Aadhi an excuse later for running off like that. Ethan wasn’t even chasing me… so why was I running? I didn’t even know… but I had a feeling something brutal was going to happen. I kept running and the place got darker and darker, I pushed a door open and there was a microphone in front of me. The lights went on, and hundreds of faces were staring at me. All I could see was Ethan’s vicious smirk on his face.

That’s when I realized. I’m on stage.

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  1. In this part everything gets intense in Abi’s part of the story. Hope you like it!! 🙂

  2. cool storyyy cant wait for thee next part!!!!!!!

    1. thanks nina!!! luv ya loads 😀

  3. It’s amazing epi, loving it sooo much, plz continue. …eagerly waiting for the next episode,

  4. One question, is a bit and lakshi are identical twins?

    1. Typo, abi and lakshi

  5. thank you nina! happy u loved it! 🙂

  6. hello Roma 🙂
    yes Abi and Lakshi are identical twins, and we r SUPERRR glad that u love our stories!! PLZ keep reading! 🙂

  7. omg u guys are lifeeee amazingggg! PLZ KEEP WRITINGG

    1. Thanks Indira and thankyou for reading 😀

  8. very beautiful and creative
    sooo good, best story
    keep writing plzz

    1. aww thankyou thats so sweet 🙂 u guys are the best!

    2. thankyou latha! i really hope you like the next one! each one of you guys are amazing 🙂

  9. I know 2 girls like that! nice story, keep writing

    1. Thanks Keshav! Our next part is coming out soon.. fingers crossed for tomorrow! 🙂

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