Promises To Keep (Part 2) Chapter 2


Chapter 2 Part 2: Night’s Star

Hey guys, we’re sorry if this part is too confusing, but we hope you like it! This chapter will reveal much more so please keep reading! Love you so much my deariesssss and silent readers, we are happy you’re reading too and don’t feel bad that you don’t want to post comments, it’s completely fine. Love you all!
Lakshi and grandma stared at me with the most impressed eyes. I felt older, more mature, more elegant, and more closer to my parents as I wore the dress. “Put yours on”, grandma said to Lakshi. Lakshi picked up the baby pink dress excitedly as grandma and I left the room. A few minutes later Lakshi came out with the dress on, and she looked extravagant. She looked at me and I looked at her. I could see her smile through her eyes. Though I was the kinder, more patient type compared to my sister, I thought that the pink dress suited her more, and the mint dress suited me. Then we twisted our hair into an elegant half ponytail, placed a bow where the two pieces of our hair met, and curled the bottom of our hair. Lakshi looked at me. “Makeup?”, she asked. “Just a little”, I replied, I liked to be natural.That’s when Lakshi accidently powdered too much pinky-peach blush on her face. “WHAT THE HECK DID YOU DO?!”, I yelled at her. “OKAY! CALM DOWN!”, she yelled back, then she stomped out of the room. “STOP YELLING, DON’T YOU GIRLS NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL EARLY TO SET UP?!”, Niru yelled from downstairs. Lakshi came back from the bathroom and I laid a little bit of blush on her cheeks. Then she finally finished her eye makeup and we ran downstairs. Niru was waiting at the door. He looked up at us as we tumbled down the stairs. “WOAH”, he said. “Great, we probably look like idiots”, I thought. “You girls look great!”, he said and he hugged us both in his arms so tightly, we couldn’t breathe. “WE’RE GONNA BE LATE!”, Lakshi yelled. “Right”, Niru said, and he finally let go of us. We grabbed our boxes filled with decorations, plates, spoons, forks and baked goods. I quickly grabbed our silver heels because I did not have mint heels, and Lakshi did not have pink heels. Our silver heels sparkled in the light, but the heel wasn’t too tall because Lakshi and I knew that our mother hated those fancy, tall heels, she used to always complain about them. After she died, we never bothered to do things she didn’t like. After we put on our heels we grabbed our coats and ran out the door with heavy boxes in our hands.
We walked inside the school and a bunch of tables were laid against the wall. We put our boxes on the floor and we grabbed a table from the wall. We figured out how to set it up, and then we continued setting up the rest of the tables. Then I grabbed the boxes and placed them on the table as Lakshi placed the tablecloths on top of the tables. After she placed all the tablecloths on the tables, I started arranging the forks, spoons, plates, and napkins at a table, and beside those, we placed the baked goods right beside them in a presentable way. “Hey!”, someone said as I was arranging the food. I turned around and it was Maya. She looked flawless in her glowing white dress. “Wow”, she said and her mouth dropped. “You look incredible!”, she said in a shocked, comforting voice. “I was going to say the same to you”, I replied with a huge smile on her face. “No but… you look insanely beautiful!”, she said in excitement. “Awww thank you so much”, I said. “Maya! Love your dress!”, Lakshi called as she walked towards us. Maya turned around. “Oh my god you look amazing too!”, Maya said as she looked at Lakshi. “Seriously though, we all look great together”, Lakshi laughed. Maya and I agreed and then we continued to arrange everything. Maya and Lakshi placed our boxes down under the table and hid them behind the cloth as I walked towards the giant window. I looked outside as the glowing sun laid its rays through the window, on to my porcelain skin as it made my skin gleam in the naturality of morning’s light. I felt warmth lay on my arms, and my eyes got used to the light. It was beautiful, and I could’ve sworn I saw mom and dad smiling at me. “AHH!”, I heard someone scream. I turned around and I saw Aadhi, Sayohn and Ashwin laughing, as Maya and Lakshi were glaring at them, the bare plates were on the floor. I walked over to them, and helped picked up the plates. Aadhi and Ashwin were wearing matching blazers, and Sayohn was wearing a very formal coat. Aadhi looked at me, but he didn’t say anything. “Of course”, I thought. “Stubborn like all other boys”. “YOU IDIOTS!”, Lakshi yelled at the boys. “CHILL!”, Ashwin said. “We were just playing”, he said. “Not the time”, I replied, as I helped Maya up and placed the plates back on the table. “You guys are fifteen minutes late”, Maya said rolling her eyes. “It’s the usual, let’s face it, these boys can never be punctual”, Lakshi said. “Ya we can!”, Ashwin replied competitively. “Then maybe think about proving it at the right time!”, Lakshi said, as Ashwin glared at her. Everyone was back to the usual fighting. “Lets just get going!”, I said. “We’re gonna be late”. We all headed toward the auditorium doors.
********************************************************************************************************Aadhi glanced at Abi every once in a while as Ashwin glanced at Lakshi. They couldn’t stop looking at them, they just looked so stunning. “How come she didn’t say anything to me?”, they both thought. Ironically, the girls were wondering the same thing.
After the principal introduced us to everyone, the crowd went insane, they were so proud of us. As I looked into the crowd, my eyes glittered, and I felt them watering. I’ve never felt so proud, so grateful, so…. delighted before. There were five minutes left, and the principal was done talking. It was very awkward… because we didn’t know what to do. “SING,SING!”, the crowd started yelling. I looked at Lakshi. “Oh no, they remembered the last time I sang…”, I thought. That’s when my heart started pounding again, as the usual. I looked at Lakshi and gave her a ‘this is all your fault’ expression. I didn’t know what to do, and my face turned red. I looked back at the boys, but they just shrugged their shoulders. Why did I even look at them for help, is that your question? Honestly, I don’t know.

I started thinking about a song. Out of nowhere I started singing the lyrics, “Focus on me”. This song was our favourite, and I remembered how we fell in love with it as soon as Niru showed it to us. That’s when Lakshi joined me and I could tell she was saying thank you for choosing this song because of the expressions on her face. “Let’s find a light inside our universe now, Where ain’t nobody keep on holding us down, Just come and get it, let them say what they say,’Cause I’m about to put them all away”, we were enjoying the song and the crowd was singing along. “FOCUS ON ME!”, the crowd sang, and I could hear Maya and the boys join us. It was a dream come true. The stage light against my skin gave me the same feeling I had with the sun, and that’s when I understood that mom and dad are watching.
********************************************************************************************************Everyone was standing or sitting and eating the food. A lot of people came by and congratulated us. That’s when Sayohn approached Ashwin. “Dude… bad news.”, Sayohn whispered to Ashwin. “What do you mean?”, Ashwin asked him. “Apparently… Lakshi told Raj that you cheated on some girl…. so now the rumours are spreading”, Sayohn said to him. Ashwin dropped his cup full of juice, as it hit the floor and spilled. He was in shock, he couldn’t believe it. Then Ashwin left. “Who told you?”, Aadhi asked Sayohn. “Ethan”, Sayohn replied. “Ethan?”, Aadhi asked. “His name sounds very familiar….”
Ashwin stormed behind Lakshi as she was talking to some friends along with Maya and me. He grabbed her arm and spun her to face him. “Let go of my arm, you’re holding it too tightly…”, Lakshi whispered to him so no one could hear. “Why?”, Ashwin asked furiously. “Why what?”, Lakshi asked confused. “DON’T ACT!”, Ashwin yelled. It got quiet all of a sudden, and everyone’s eyes were on Ashwin. I was surprised Lakshi didn’t yell back, but instead she just stood there staring at him. “WHY DID YOU SPREAD THOSE RUMOURS ABOUT ME?!”, Ashwin asked Lakshi. “W…What rumours? Ashwin… I think you’re misunderstanding-”, Lakshi started to say. “THIS IS WHAT YOU DO?! I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY NOW. THIS IS HOW YOU WANTED TO GET REVENGE BECAUSE I SCARED YOU THIS MORNING?! YOU’RE PATHETIC LAKSHI!”, He yelled. I was astonished, I’ve never seen Ashwin this angry before. Lakshi looked at him. Ashwin released her arm. Lakshi slowly stepped back, eyes widened. She was trembling, her eyes watering up as she ran to the bathroom wiping her tears. Ashwin watched her run away and looked at me, then he stomped off. I knew Aadhi was watching from somewhere, but I didn’t know where he was. I looked at Maya, and she looked at me. “We gotta be with her”, Maya said. I nodded at her and I followed her to the bathroom.
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