Promises To Keep (Part 10) Chapter Finale


Part 10: Keeping You (CHAPTER FINALE!)

Hey guys!!! Sorry we’re late, we got very busy lately since Christmas is coming around. We are so excited because this part is our chapter finale, meaning that this is the last part in chapter one and chapter 2 will come out soon!!! Every chapter will have 10 parts by the way. It’s very exciting and a lot of unexpected things happen in this one! Hopefully this blows your minds! Love you guysssss
We all stood there in a square staring at each other. Lakshi stood in front of me, beside.. him. Diagonal to Lakshi was the other ‘Aadhi figure’, I still couldn’t figure out which one was Aadhi, and I started to feel light-headed, and my heart was pounding, but I could tell their hearts were pounding too. “WHAT THE HECK ASHWIN?!”, Lakshi whispered, but no one heard her except for Aadhi. “WHAT THE HECK ASHWIN?! WHAT THE HECK YOU ABI?!”, Aadhi replied, but no one heard him. That’s when I said, “Wait…. if that’s Aadhi… who are you?!” Then Ashwin said, “If that’s Lakshi… then who the heck are you?!” The room went dead silent and everyone analyzed each other’s faces. Maya and Sayohn didn’t say anything because they knew exactly what was going on. Another gunshot was fired. “RUN!!!!!!!!”, I said to Lakshi, but then everyone started running, except for Sayohn and Maya. “They’ll figure it out eventually”, Maya yelled. “Ya not soon enough…!”, Sayohn said.

I was on the other side of the room and that’s when I saw Aadhi. “What is going on?!”, I asked him. “I was going to ask you the same thing!”, he said, putting his hand on mine. “You shouldn’t have left the gym in the first place!”, I said to him. “I left because you told me to come with you!”, he replied angrily. I was confused. Then I realized…. “You’re not Aadhi are you?!”, I yelled. “Well now I know you’re not Lakshi, because if you were, you would’ve slapped me across the face by now for holding your hand!”, he said. That’s when I realized. “AHHHHH!!!!!!!!”, we screamed, and we both ran in opposite directions.

Lakshi finally stopped running and she took a break to catch her breath. Then she felt a hand on her hand. “Is everything okay?”, he asked. “ASHWIN!”, Lakshi yelled. “Dude, I thought I could trust you because you saved me from Ethan the other day but now-” “Saved you? What are you talking about?” They stared at each other for a second. “YOU AREN’T ASHWIN!”, Lakshi yelled. “CLEARLY NOT!”, Aadhi said, and they both ran the other way.

I kept running and that’s when I figured out. I was going to die. This is how I was going to die. In front of me was a man, holding a gun tightly in his hand and pointing it at me, wearing all black, a black bag, and a mask over his face. All I could see was his bloodshot eyes. I didn’t even bother running away, because I knew this was it. I thought of Niru, Krish, grandma and Lakshi. “Niru would be so disappointed in me”, I thought. I’m gonna die.. without saying goodbye. Lakshi was going to get in so much trouble for not watching over me. I closed my eyes, and surrendered. I could tell the murderer was shocked by how I reacted after seeing him, but I had no choice. I got on my knees, put my hands behind my back, and looked down.

As I lowered myself down, Aadhi appeared behind me, but I didn’t notice. He didn’t know what to do, but he knew he needed to save me. That’s when he remembered what I said to him, “That’s not a reason for me to let you die alone”. He was about to surrender himself too, when all of a sudden, he saw Ashwin creep in behind the murderer. I was still looking down, telling myself it won’t hurt.That’s when Ashwin kicked the murderer from behind, and he fell to the floor, as his gun slid across the shiny white tiles. I looked up after hearing the gun fall, and that’s when Aadhi picked up the gun and pointed it towards the murderer. Aadhi grabbed my arm, very aggressively, it hurt. He pulled me behind him. “Run!”, he yelled at me. The murderer had his arms up. I knew I wasn’t going to leave, but then I watched Ashwin run behind me.

All of a sudden I heard the fire alarm go off. I turned around, and Lakshi was standing there. She put a thumbs up at Aadhi and she started to run. The others followed. She quickly opened the door we first came out of and turned on the lights. A cop and some firemen ran into the building. Aadhi was still holding the gun when we were in the equipment room. He looked back before he closed the door, and he saw a cop drag the murderer out of the school. Aadhi threw the gun to the police and closed the door behind us and Lakshi, Ashwin, Maya, Sayohn and I just sat on the floor, catching our breaths. Then Aadhi sat down and joined us. That’s when Lakshi got up, opened the door, stood in front of it and yelled, “YOU PUNK! YOU KNOW I HAVE A COUSIN BRO NAMED NIRU?! HE WOULD’VE KILLED ME IF MY SISTER DIED YOU JERK! SO NOW YOU GOTTA GO GET A NEW JOB IN JAIL. HAAA… GOOD LUCK!!!!”,she yelled. I grabbed her arm and pulled her into the room, then I closed the door. “You are crazy, and embarrassing…”, I whispered, and she smiled. “I thought you were gonna die”,

Lakshi said wistfully. I looked at her. “I did too”, I replied. “I’ve never came that close to death before..”, I said. “ALL BECAUSE OF AADHI, YOUR WEIRD PARTNER WHO HAD TO LEAVE IN THE FIRST PLACE!”, Lakshi yelled. Aadhi looked guilty, but he was laughing at the same time. “By the way, I’m Lakshi!” She said while shaking hands with Aadhi. “Aadhi.” He replied smiling. “And Abi is my twin sister”. “SISTER?!”, Ashwin and Aadhi said in astonishment at the same time. “No she’s a clone my parents made for me as a birthday gift.” Lakshi replied with a smirk. “Aadhi and Ashwin, thanks for saving me, but Aadhi… WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME YOU HAD A TWIN?!”, I asked, I was very frustrated because I could’ve been dead by now. “WHY DIDN’T YOU?!”,

Aadhi said as he laughed with his brother Ashwin. Maya and Sayohn laughed. “All four of you played the same game, and this is what happens…” Sayohn said, yawning. “Don’t tell me you guys have a twin too..”, Lakshi said. “No… but I wish”, Maya replied. “NO!!!!!!!”, Lakshi, Ashwin, Aadhi, and I yelled at the same time. Then we looked at each other and started laughing. “Nice to meet you”, I said to Ashwin as I smiled at him. “Nice to meet you too”, he replied. As you probably know, I am-”, he started to say. “Lakshi’s annoying partner, Ashwin.” I said laughing. Lakshi talks about you a lot. Ashwin glared at Lakshi, and then we started laughing. “Guys, I’ll be right back, I need a drink of water.” I said, and I left the room.
As I was coming back from the water fountain, Aadhi approached me. “Here”, he said. I looked at him, and then I looked down at his hands. He was holding a printed version of my family photo I sent him. It was put in a very elegant frame. “Oh my… did you make this?!”, I asked him. “Yup”, he replied. “That’s why I left the gym in the first place.” “Wow…”, I said looking at him. “I love it.” “Remember when you said I should prove that I can impress you, well this is how I wanted to prove it.”, he said. “Thank you”, I said. I was about to give him a hug until I saw a teacher come out of the equipment room with Lakshi, Ashwin, Maya and Sayohn. “What the…?”, I started to say, and that’s when Aadhi turned around. The teacher then saw us and snapped her fingers at us. “DETENTION! ALL SIX OF YOU, IN THE PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE, NOW!”, she yelled. We looked at each other, and all our faces showed fear and anxiety because we were all pretty good students. “Just when I thought everything was okay…”, Lakshi said.

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