Promises To Keep Chapter 3 (Part 3)

Part 3: Real Lies
Hey guys! This chapter shows the thought process of what Abi and Lakshi are going to do next! We hope you guys enjoy this part and please do comment below! The next part will be even better than this one, so stay tuned! Love all our supporters out there!
Lakshi shifted her eyes towards the ring that was glistening on the ground. Maya looked over Abi’s shoulder, as Abi slowly picked up the ring.”Oh my god, YESSS!” , Maya yelled as she gave Lakshi a tight hug. “Nice work Abi!”, Lakshi said as Abi stood up. “Wait let me look in here..” Lakshi quickly shoved her hand in Harini’s desk, only to pull out a piece of paper. Lakshi unscrambled the paper. The paper was blank, but had a large rip at the bottom right corner. Lakshi’s eyes opened wide as she turned to Abi. “Oh my god! We did it!!! This is enough!”, Lakshi said with a huge smile plastered across her face. “How is a blank page gonna help us Lakshi..?”. I asked her in confusion. “Abi, I think this is the page Harini ripped out my cheat notes from. She must have ripped out a piece out of this page and wrote cheat notes on it right before class or something…”, Lakshi said, looking curiously at the paper. “The cheat note she put on my desk is in my locker, I’ll go see if the piece fits.”, Lakshi quickly said as she zoomed out of the classroom. Maya put her hand on my shoulder and smiled. “We did it!”, I laughed. “Yes we did!”
Lakshi opened her locker and peered inside. She quickly searched through her bag, hoping to find the cheat note Harini wrote. As Lakshi felt her hand touch some paper in her bag, she immediately pulled it out. She put the two pieces together, like a puzzle and it fit! Just then Lakshi heard someone yell her name. Lakshi spun around, just to see Sayohn running to her. “Lakshi, Mrs. Wilson is coming up the stairs!”, Sayohn said agitatedly. “Oh my god, okay okay take your black headpiece off and pretend to look into my locker!!!”, Lakshi said quickly to Sayohn. Sayohn spun around and shoved his face in Lakshi’s locker. “Or.. you can do that I guess…”, Lakshi said, as she looked at Sayohn awkwardly. Mrs. Wilson walked by Lakshi and Sayohn sighed. She quickly walked to her classroom as her heels clicked and clacked on her way there. “That was so close!”, Sayohn said, relieved. “Tell me about it.”, Lakshi said as she closed her locker. Mrs. Wilson shut the door to her classroom, and that’s when Lakshi realized, “Oh my god!!! Sayohn!!! Abi is in my classroom!!!”, Lakshi yelled. “So?”, Sayohn asked casually. “Class is starting in a minute!!! Abi is stuck in my classroom!” Sayohn looked towards Mrs. Wilson’s class door, and then back at Lakshi. They both had identical expressions on their faces. “This means.. you have to go to Abi’s classroom and pretend to be Abi.”, Sayohn said, with a determined look on his face. Lakshi looked at Sayohn as she slowly nodded. She started heading towards the opposite direction. “Wait.”, Sayohn stopped her. “Do not make Aadhi suspicious.” Lakshi stopped in her tracks. She forgot about Aadhi being in all of Abi’s classes! Lakshi closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “That shouldn’t be hard. Aadhi can hardly tell the difference between us.”, Lakshi thought as she continued walking to Abi’s classroom.
“Alright class! Please take your seats!”, Mrs. Wilson said as she sat at her desk, in front of the class. I looked at Maya, and Maya put her finger to her mouth. “Just don’t talk, and stay out of Ashwin’s sight.”, Maya whispered. I nodded at her as Mrs. Wilson was going through the attendance. “Lakshi!”, Mrs. Wilson called out. “Ya here!”, I said quickly as I looked down at my desk so no one would notice me.. including Ashwin and Harini. “I see you’re back from detention Lakshi. I hope the principal really knocked some sense into you.”, Mrs. Wilson said as she stared right towards my direction. I rose my head and looked at Mrs Wilson straight in the eye, “No Mrs, Wilson. Mr. Khan didn’t give me detention. He knew I was a good student so he’s giving me a chance.”, I said carelessly, after realizing I was suppose to be Lakshi anyways. “Really? And what do you mean by a chance Lakshi?”, Mrs. Wilson asked me, as she raised an eyebrow. I was going to tell her, but that’s when I realized that I’ve already said enough. If I told Mrs. Wilson about proving that the culprit was Harini, then Harini will become more cautious. “That is something I still need to discuss with Mr. Khan.”, I said blantly. Mrs. Wilson gave me a dreaded look, but then she continued down the attendance. I felt the eyes of the beast look at me. It was starting to get awkward.. all the staring and stuff, so I looked at Harini. “…Do you have a problem?”, I asked her. Harini gave me a glare and flipped her hair. “Not me. But, Ashwin won’t be talking to you after that stunt you pulled yesterday.”, Harini said as she smirked. I smiled back at her, “Trust me, a lot of people will be scared to talk to me after the stunt I pull in a few days.” I said as I winked at her. I knew Ashwin saw all of that, but I couldn’t care any less. He already took Harini’s side. And even if Ashwin knew I was Abi, he wouldn’t have the guts to do anything about it. I turned my eyes to Maya and she smiled. That’s when I realized… if I’m stuck here, then where is Lakshi…?
“Alright class! Please take out your textbooks and open to page 121, and start working on the algebra questions. Your test will be next Wednesday!”, The teacher called out to her class. Lakshi was sitting beside Aadhi, which made her heart thump even faster. “It’s okay Lakshi, you’ll be fine. Only Ashwin knows the difference between me and Abi, not Aadhi.”, Lakshi thought to herself with high hopes. Lakshi took a deep breath and looked into her bag. That’s when she realized, “Oh my god, I forgot her textbook!” Lakshi rolled her eyes and searched through her bag. “Who’s textbook?”, Aadhi asked Lakshi. “Uhh.. my math textbook! I forgot it in my locker..!”, Lakshi said as she forced a fake smile across her face. “Oh, you can share with me Abi.”, Aadhi said with a gentle smile. Lakshi quickly nodded at Aadhi. They started working away until Lakshi dropped her sharpener. Lakshi bent down between her’s and Aadhi’s chair, but as she put her hand on her sharpener, another hand laid on top of hers. Lakshi looked up at Aadhi. They both paused for a second and just stared at each other. “Uhmm.. your sharpener.”, Aadhi said. “Oh.. ya right..”, Lakshi began to say as she grabbed her sharpener and quickly rose her hand. “Uhh may I go to the washroom?”, Lakshi quickly asked the teacher. The teacher nodded at Lakshi and she quickly got out of her chair.”Was that Abi…? That didn’t look like her. Something’s wrong….”, Aadhi thought to himself.

Lakshi zoomed out the door and headed out to the washroom. She closed the stall and leaned her back against the stall door. “…Where is Ashwin when you need him?.”, Lakshi thought to herself as she put her hand on her head in exhaustion.
“You may go now,” Mrs. Wilson said. I got out of my chair and picked up my binders. “I’ll meet you at your locker in 5 minutes.”, Maya whispered as I nodded at her. Maya walked out the door and I followed her. I looked at Ashwin and Harini, as Harini seemed to be talking about something important. Ashwin didn’t seem to be paying attention though.. because he was looking straight at me. I quickly turned my eyes away from Ashwin and started walking quickly to my locker. “Go, go, go Abi!”, I thought to myself. I quickly dodged what seemed to be a thousand people in the hallways, and almost made it to my locker as I felt his hand touch mine. I froze like an icicle, hanging off of a roof. I thought my fingers would almost fall off in his hands. I turned around to look at him as he didn’t release my hand. “What’s going on Abi?”, Ashwin asked me. His voice sounded as cold as the winter breeze. I looked at Ashwin, with anger raging in my eyes. “Where is she.”, Ashwin asked again, but a bit louder this time. It didn’t sound like a question, more like a demand. That’s when I noticed Harini from a mile away, watching me and Ashwin talk, and she was in absolute anger. Noticing this, I quickly smiled at Ashwin. I put my other hand in his hands as I looked at his eyes. Ashwin looked at me in confusion. “Ashwin you don’t have to worry…” I whispered very quietly. “Lakshi is fine. The only person you need to worry about right now is your wife Harini. Oh and just for the heads up, you’re gonna get a divorce in a few days, I’m betting on it.” I winked at Ashwin and he just stared at me. His eyes widened. I took my hands out of his and flipped my hair, quickly spinning around. I walked off confidently towards my locker and thought to myself, “the game has just begun Harini.”
As I got to my locker, I saw Lakshi open hers. I don’t think I have ever been this happy to see Lakshi in my entire life! “Lakshi!” I yelled in happiness. Lakshi turned to me and smiled. “Everything is good on my end.. and I’m guessing class turned out fine for you too.”, Lakshi said. “Haha… ya.. except Ashwin MIGHT have found out that I wasn’t you…” I said, biting my lip. “What?! Are you insane?!” Lakshi yelled. “Hey what am I supposed to do with your smart friend?! He knows the difference between us!”, I said frustratingly. “Ya well your partner is as stupid as a rock.”, Lakshi laughed, as she rolled her eyes. “Ya.. sounds like him..” I said as Maya joined us. I put my books in my locker as I told Lakshi and Maya what happened after class. They were both literally crying in laughter. “Wait.. you said he’ll get a divorce?! And Harini was there when you held his hands and winked at him?!” Maya asked with complete interest. I nodded in embarrassment and Lakshi and Maya continued to laugh. “Oh and by the way guys, Sayohn made it!”, Lakshi smiled. “We met when you guys got stuck in class and he didn’t get caught.” I was so proud of ourselves. Maya and Sayohn were our real friends. They both put their education career at risk for Lakshi and me, and I was just so thankful to have great friends like them. Even if Aadhi and Ashwin weren’t the people we thought they would be, we still had our own best friends to share our amazing moments with. All three of us stepped into the cafeteria, as we noticed Sayohn sitting at a table by himself. He waved at us, motioning us to come sit with him. We sat with him and we each gave him a high five. “Nice work girls!”, Sayohn smiled. “Nice work us? It was all you Sayohn!”, I said as I smiled at him. Sayohn smiled at us “anything for you guys.. you guys are besties you know!” Sayohn said, beaming. We all laughed for the rest of the lunch period, but then we quickly got serious. “Wait.. how and when are we showing these evidences to Mr. Khan?”, Maya asked. We all looked at each other. We were so excited that we found all the proof to prove Lakshi was innocent, that we forgot that we had to show all the evidence to Mr. Khan! “Well…”, Lakshi began. “Obviously we do have to show this stuff to Mr. Khan, but why don’t we make things a bit more interesting?”, Lakshi said as she gave us a lurking smile. We all stared at Lakshi and smiled. “I like it.. keep talking..”, Sayohn said as he had the same evil look in his eyes as Lakshi did. “Well, Harini embarrassed me in front of the whole class right? So shouldn’t we embarrass Harini in front of the whole class?”, Lakshi asked with a confident smile. “Ya! We should totally do that!”, Maya and I said with excitement. “Well that’s not what we’re gonna do.”, Lakshi said with a smirk on her face. Maya, Sayohn and I looked at each other in total confusion. “Embarrassing Harini in front of the class would be bad for her, but not bad enough. You know why? If I embarrass Harini in front of my class then only Ashwin would have seen the whole thing. Therefore, Harini can somehow convince Aadhi that she is innocent because guess what? Those boys are knuckle heads. As long as they have some sort of pretty girl with them they’ll nod their heads and move on. So.. we need to present these evidences to Mrs. Wilson, Aadhi, Ashwin and Mr. Khan, all at the same time. Trust me, Harini would probably even shift schools after that.” We all stared at Lakshi in astonishment. Did Lakshi just come up with that? All by herself..? “Wow… that’s deep.”, Sayohn said. “And intelligent..”, Maya continued. “Lakshi I didn’t even know your brain functioned like that.” I blurted out. Lakshi laughed, “trust me when it comes to revenge, I know what I’m doing.” We all laughed and started planning on how we could get everyone together. That’s when I thought of an idea. “Guys, why don’t we try this?”
After lunch Maya was heading to her next class with Sayohn. As they were both walking down the hall, they saw Harini coming from the opposite end. As they kept walking, Maya accidently dropped her binders on Harini’s shoes. “Oh god! I’m so sorry Harini!”, Maya said, as Sayohn helped her pick up her binders. “Oh it’s okay, just watch where you’re going next time.”, Harini said as she watched Maya and Sayohn pick up the binders off the floor. “Here you go!” Sayohn said as he handed Maya the last binder. “Aww thanks sweetie!”, Maya gushed. “Sweetie? You’re his girlfriend?!”, Harini had a disgusted look on her face. “Well ya I guess. Sayohn asked me to the Valentine’s dance this year!” Maya smiled in excitement. “Valentine’s dance? When is that?”, Harini asked in sudden interest. “Wednesday night at seven! Maya is actually organizing the whole event because she’s part of student council. You should come Harini, and bring a partner along!”, Sayohn said to her. “Of course I will! I am the queen of dancing! Oh and I know exactly who I’m going to ask! I better go ask him now before some other brats do!” Harini said with excitement in her eyes. “Well write your name, grade, and homeroom here so you can attend!” Maya said as she held out a piece of paper. Harini quickly signed the paper without thinking and quickly ran off. Sayohn and Maya looked at each other and broke into laughter. They both gave each other a high five and continued walking down the hall. Sayohn smiled to himself, “Oh Harini, twins are going to be your worst nightmare!”
Next Part: Vacillant Valentine’s (Chapter 3, Part 4)

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