Promises To Keep Chapter 3 (Part 2)

Part 2: Obvious Oponents
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The staff members and the principal looked at each other in confusion. “Is everything okay Lakshi?”, Mr. Khan asked in confusion. “No, infact, there’s something important that I need to tell you.”, Lakshi said to Mr. Khan. “What is it?”, he asked.” Mrs. Wilson sent me down here.”, Lakshi said looking down at the floor. “What? Lakshi, I thought you were a good student though.”, he said, as he seemed very astonished. Lakshi took a deep breath, as she felt her eyes water up, but she tried to hold her tears back. “Harini…this girl in my class threw her paper on my desk right before our test and made it look like I wrote cheat notes for my test, even though I didn’t and Mrs. Wilson misunderstood the whole situation.Please help me Mr.Khan.”, Lakshi said. Mr. Khan was sympathetic towards Lakshi, infact Lakshi and her friends did save the school, but did not know what to do. “Listen Lakshi, I know you’re not the type of person who would do such a thing, however, I can’t just bring Harini in and inquire her about the problem. I can not take action unless you have proof.”, Mr. Khan said, and Lakshi looked hopeless. “Thanks anyways…”, Lakshi said as she sat down for detention as Mrs. Wilson wanted her to. Mr. Khan then said, “Wait… I trust you. I’ll let you go now, but I’ll give you one week time to find proof that… what’s her name…?”, he asked. “Harini”, Lakshi answered. “Yes, I’ll give you one week time to prove that Harini was the one who did it, because this is a big issue.”, he said. “Thank you so much Mr. Khan! I will find proof as soon as possible!”, Lakshi said happily as she walked towards the door. “Wait Lakshi”, Mr. Khan said as Lakshi stopped right at the door. “If you don’t find proof in one week, you will have to come here for detention, because it would still be your fault.”, he said. Lakshi didn’t turn around to look at him, and she knew what he said was not fair, but she had no choice. “Yes Mr. Khan”, she said with a nod, and with that, she left.
By the time Lakshi came upstairs, the period was over and everyone was at their lockers. Lakshi approached me. “How was your test?”, I asked Lakshi and she started crying. “Woah, was it that hard?”, I asked her, and I was starting to get scared. “No… I studied so hard, but I didn’t even get to write the test.”, Lakshi sobbed. I couldn’t understand what she was saying. “What do you mean you didn’t write the test?”, I asked her as I put a hand on her shoulder. That’s when she explained the whole story to me, and I was infuriated as soon as I heard Harini was the reason for my sister’s humiliation. I was fed up, and I knew revenge wasn’t the right way to go, but we need to prove that Lakshi didn’t do it, and quick. That’s when Maya came by. “Lakshi… we know you didn’t do anything”, Maya said. “Thanks Maya… but the teacher will never believe me. I’m going home, I need to go tell Niru everything… and I don’t think I can deal with the rest of the day like this.”, Maya and I nodded, and Lakshi left. Maya and I looked at each other. “I’m gonna go get my lunch from my locker, meet me in the cafeteria, we need to talk about this”, Maya said, and I nodded as she left. Maya was always there for us, that was the whole reason why she was our best friend.
As I grabbed my lunch and closed my locker, Ashwin approached me. “Lakshi!”, he yelled. “I’m not Lakshi Ashwin… I’m Abi”, I said with a smile across my face. Aadhi was walking right behind him. “Hey”, Aadhi said. “Hi”, I said as I smiled at him. “Pay up Aadhi”, Ashwin said. “For what?”, I asked him, and Ashwin laughed. We bet ten bucks, Aadhi said you were Lakshi, and I knew you were Abi. So we bet on it”, Ashwin said. I glared at Aadhi. “Wow… “, I said. and Aadhi looked guilty.”Like you never get mixed up between Ashwin and me”, Aadhi said sarcastically. “Actually… she never messed us up before”, Ashwin said. “Ya, I never did”, I said, and Aadhi rolled his eyes. “I know both of you pretty well”, I said. “Where’s Lakshi?”, Aadhi asked.”What happened? I knew she wouldn’t take cheat notes but how were they on her desk?”, Ashwin asked me. “Harini did it.”, I said, and Aadhi and Ashwin looked at each other. “Okay Abi… we noticed something. You and Lakshi don’t seem to like Harini too much..”, Aadhi said. “That’s true”, I told him as I looked at him in the eye. “What’s your point?”, I asked him. “You guys shouldn’t blame her for everything”, Ashwin said, and Aadhi nodded. “Oh my god, you guys think we’re seriously lying to you and that we are just blaming her?!”, I asked them, I was astonishingly upset. “Well… “, Aadhi started to say. “She hates us, Harini is out to get us! How could you not see that?!”, I asked them angrily. “Okay… you’re over reacting…”, Ashwin said. “So you think Lakshi cheated, don’t you?”, I asked them in a serious voice. They were both quiet and I felt my heart beat faster. “Fine. Believe what you want. You choose to trust Harini more, you’re setting yourselves up for problems. And yes I get Lakshi isn’t the nicest person but she studied so much for that test.”, I said. I was so angry I turned and started walking away but then I stopped. “Wait Abi…” Ashwin started to say. I turned around. “Ashwin I’m done. Tell me, how many times have you hurt Lakshi already?” I asked Ashwin. He didn’t respond. “Watch, in one week…” I said pointing my finger at him, “we will show you what happened..” I said as I snapped my fingers. Then I walked away. I heard Aadhi’s voice calling my name, but I ignored him. That’s when I realized, we weren’t suppose to talk to the boys. It was going to be hard to not let Niru know that Lakshi and I were still talking to Ashwin and Aadhi but.. maybe Niru was right when he said we shouldn’t talk to the boys again.
I walked downstairs to the cafeteria and I kept thinking about how Lakshi felt and what Ashwin and Aadhi said. “How could they say that?”, I wondered, and thinking about the boys angered me even more. Lakshi has dealt with too much already because of the boys, I had to do something to prove to them. I walked in and saw Maya and Sayohn talking to each other so I joined them. “Guys…I don’t know what to do. Lakshi only has one week to prove everything was Harini’s fault”. “Harini, you mean that annoying girl who’s always around Aadhi and Ashwin and has that big weird ring?”, Sayohn asked. I nodded. “Oh my god yeah! I thought I was the only one who noticed that ring!”, I said. “No one can miss that ugly thing”, Sayohn said and we all laughed. Sayohn gently grabbed my hand and asked, “What did she do?”, and Maya explained the whole story to him. “WOAH, that girl is a freak.”, he said. “I know”, Maya said. “Guys, do you think you can help me find some evidence?”, I asked them hopefully. “Yes! Criminal catching, I’m in!”, Sayohn said excitedly. “For sure”, Maya said. “Aww I love you guys!”, I said to them, I have the best friends ever. “Love you too”, Maya said, and we all smiled and laughed together, but in the back of my mind, I was thinking about what Lakshi was doing.
Niru picked me up, and Maya and Sayohn followed me to his car. Niru looked at me with a confused expression on his face. “Did Lakshi tell you?”, I asked him, and he nodded. “Can they come home with us? We have a plan.”, I told Niru, and Niru smiled. “Hop in guys, and thanks for your help”, Niru said to Sayohn and Maya. Sayohn and Maya smiled and got into the car. “Lakshi’s a good friend of ours and she always stands up for us so, this is our turn”, Maya said. “That’s very nice of you guys, but do your parents know?”, Niru asked as he turned the wheel.”We both told our parents we had an assignment to work on at Abi’s house, they’ll pick us up later”, Sayohn said. “Okay, because we don’t want them to get worried.”, Niru said, and Maya and Sayohn nodded. “How’s Lakshi?”, I asked Niru. “We talked about it, It’ll take her some time because it’s never happened to her before Abi”, Niru said. I nodded and Niru knew I was upset. “Everything will be fine, justice always wins”, Niru said. I hoped to god that he was right, but according to a lot of serials and dramas, justice does not always wins.
We entered the house and I took Maya and Sayohn’s jackets and put them in the closet. That’s when Krish walked in. “These are my friends, Maya and Sayohn”, I said to Krish, hoping that he wouldn’t embarrass me. “Awwww he’s so cute!”, Maya said as she pinched his cheeks. “Sure…”, I muttered. “Hey big man, what’s up?”, Sayohn asked Krish as he knelt down in front of Krish and messed up his hair. “Just watching soccer”, Krish replied. “I love soccer too!”, Sayohn said, and Krish smiled. “Let’s go to the basement”, I said, and they followed me down to our basement. Lakshi was sitting on one of the couches in our basement and was wrapped in a soft green blanket, watching a movie. “Hey”, Maya said to her as she sat beside her and hugged Lakshi tightly. “Hey, didn’t know you guys were coming!”, she said as she hugged Maya back. Lakshi unwrapped herself from the blanket and quickly folded it. Then she picked it up and put it in the storage drawer. “So how’s everything?”, Sayohn asked Lakshi as he sat beside her. “Honestly, I don’t know… I keep thinking about what happened and I don’t get the point of studying for anything anymore”, Lakshi said wistfully. Sayohn put his hand on Lakshi’s shoulder. “We know you didn’t do anything wrong, and we’re gonna help you out of this.”, Sayohn said calmly. “Thanks guys, but I don’t think that’s possible.”, Lakshi said. “Don’t be so negative, we can do this”, Maya said confidently. “But what’s our plan?”, I asked them. “We need to get into the classroom somehow by ourselves.”, Sayohn said. “What are you talking about? How are we supposed to do that?”, Lakshi asked him. Niru came downstairs. “I think Sayohn is right.”,Niru said as he bought chips and dip downstairs. “Thank you”, Maya and Sayohn said as Niru put down the chips. “No problem”, Niru said as he smiled. “How are we supposed to get into the classrooms though without a teacher figuring it out?”,I asked. “Lakshi, you know your teacher the best, what can we do?”, Niru asked Lakshi. “She never leaves the classroom….wait.”, Lakshi said. “What?”, Maya asked. “We could distract her, well… I shouldn’t because she knows me… but you guys should. And NOT Abi because Abi looks too much like me.”, Lakshi said. We looked at each other. “I got it!”,I said excitedly, and they all leaned in to listen to my idea. I told them my idea and then they slowly smiled. “Brilliant!”, Sayohn said as he gave me a tight hug. “OK.. a bit too tight Sayohn..” I coughed as everyone laughed. “Oh ya.. sorry!” Sayohn said as he awkwardly smiled. “Nice job Abi!”, Niru said as he high-fived me. “This will definitely work”.
We all met at school one hour before school started. We all stood where we were told to and were ready for action. We waited for Mrs. Wilson to approach her classroom. “What time exactly does she come at?”, Sayohn asked Lakshi. Lakshi and Sayohn stood at our lockers, as Maya stood at the corner of the girls’ bathroom exit, and I stood inside the bathroom. We finally heard some footsteps. “She’s here”, Sayohn whispered to Lakshi. “Okay, good luck”, Lakshi said. “It’ll be fine”, Sayohn said as he winked at Lakshi, and then he left.
“She’s here!”, Maya yelled. “Really?!”, I asked her, and she nodded. ”I hope everything will be okay”, Maya said. “It will be, everything will be fine.”, I said to her, and we hugged each other tightly.
Sayohn slowly tip-toed behind Mrs. Wilson. He put his hand out and “BAM!”, he did it! “He did it!”, I told Maya. “Oh no…”, Maya said.

Mrs. Wilson unlocked the classroom and that’s when Sayohn snatched Mrs. Wilson’s purse and ran downstairs. Luckily he was wearing a black hat on his head with two eye holes that Niru gave him. Mrs. Wilson screamed and started running after him. Maya and I were laughing so hard. Lakshi closed her eyes and put her hands together, praying that Sayohn wouldn’t get caught. As Mrs. Wilson and Sayohn disappeared, Lakshi, Maya and I ran into the classroom that Mrs. Wilson unlocked. “So this is where I sat”, Lakshi said as she pointed to her desk. We looked around and we couldn’t find anything. That’s when I found something shining under Lakshi’s desk. “Oh my god”, I said. “What?”, Maya asked. That’s when I asked,“Isn’t that Harini’s ring?”
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