Promises To Keep Chapter 3 (Part 1)

Part 1: Glorious Game
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I sat on Niru’s bed with my hand over my head. Lakshi glanced at me. “Niru might be right, he knows the best for us”, I said to Lakshi. I was already frustrated with Aadhi because he was supporting Harini and her acts. “I know”, Lakshi said guiltily as she lied down on the bed beside me. “I feel bad for Niru, he thinks about us 24/7. He was just making us aware of it, I shouldn’t have yelled at him.”, Lakshi said. “Ya well I’m not surprised that you made a stupid decision again”, I said, as Lakshi glared at me. “Niru must be so hurt… I don’t know why I would think he didn’t trust us”, Lakshi said as she lied on her side with her hands under her head. “Maybe use your brain next time”, I said to her. Lakshi sighed. “Man, there’s nothing that hurts me more than Niru being upset at us”, I said to Lakshi, and she nodded.
Standing right beside the slightly opened door, Niru listened to Abi and Lakshi’s entire conversation. His eyes started to water, but he forced himself to hold his tears back. He smiled and then entered the room. The girls were unaware of his presence, so Niru tip-toed closer to them, jumped on the bed as he wrapped his arms around both of them and yelled. “BOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!” Abi screamed, and Lakshi grabbed the pillow beside her and started hitting Niru in the face. “You’re not funny ok?! You evil evil evil person!!!” Lakshi screamed as she kept hitting Niru with pillows. I was laughing so hard, my stomach was starting to hurt. Niru put his arms around our shoulders and gave us a tight squeeze. “We promise to not talk to Aadhi and Ashwin anymore.” I said, as I looked at Lakshi. “Right Lakshi?” Lakshi looked at me, then at the floor. “…Ya.” Lakshi said. Niru smiled, “I know. I trust you girls.” Niru was the one who took care of us, as if he was our parents. He watched us grow, and he was our best friend. We should be respecting him and his rules more than anything else… Right?
I headed towards my locker after first period. I shoved my books in my locker and slammed the door. “Well well.. Someone is having a great day!” Lakshi teased as she leaned against her locker beside mine. “Good luck in your next class, Harini did the same thing again! And guess what?! Aadhi didn’t even notice that I wasn’t talking to him because he was too busy flirting with Harini!” I yelled as I rolled my eyes. “The boys are stupid, they’ll just fall for any new, beautiful girl they see, let them screw themselves.”, Lakshi said. I nodded and then we paused and thought about it. “Wait…..”, I said. “Are we ugly?!”, Lakshi asked. “No!”, I said to her. “I don’t think so… but that’s not the point! Didn’t Harini say something about… a game?”, I asked her. Lakshi nodded and leaned against her locker. “Tell me about it, I can’t stop wondering about what that devil is gonna do”, she said and then sighed. “It’ll be fine”, I said as I closed my locker door. “Okay, I gotta go write a test, thankfully. That means I wouldn’t have to deal with Ashwin or Harini for today.”, Lakshi said. “Good luck”, I said. Lakshi turned around and smiled, and then I watched her walk to class. I turned around so I could go to my next class until I saw him. He was back… and my eyes were twitching. As soon as I saw him, I quickly turned myself towards my locker and unlocked my locker door. I hid my face and looked through the mirror in my locker to see if he passed by. As soon as he passed by I slammed my locker, and I felt my heart beating fast. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen Ethan.
Lakshi walked into her classroom, as she noticed Harini was already sitting at a desk, and she watched Lakshi as she entered. Lakshi hated it when people made it so obvious that they were looking at them, so Lakshi acted like she didn’t notice. Maya sat at a desk away from Harini so she called Lakshi and told her to sit right between them. Even though Lakshi did not want to sit beside Harini, she sat there for Maya. Harini smiled at Lakshi and Lakshi tried to pull off a fake smile back at her. “Ashwin didn’t come with you?”, Lakshi asked as kindly as possible. Harini’s facial expressions suddenly changed. “Why do you care?”, she said in a deep voice as she raised her eyebrows and made a ‘don’t you dare’ face. “Um… just asking…”, Lakshi said, trying not to create drama, but then Lakshi realized Harini already started it. Lakshi spun around and started talking to Maya, and while Lakshi was talking, Harini picked up Lakshi’s sharpener, opened it, and dropped the shavings on the floor. Then she put the pencil sharpener back on Lakshi’s desk. Lakshi turned around after talking to Maya and glanced at Harini and said, “very mature.”, and then bent down to pick up the pencil shavings. That’s when Harini put a small piece of paper on Lakshi’s desk. Lakshi didn’t notice the paper. Lakshi rose and sat on her chair as she saw Ashwin walking in. Ashwin smiled and sat beside Harini. This irritated Lakshi, but she acted like she didn’t care, as she could see Ashwin glancing at her from the corner of her eye. “Okay class, everyone is here, so we should get started. Your tests are two pages, double-sided. Good luck!”, the teacher said, and she started handing out the tests. “Did you study?”, Ashwin asked Lakshi. Lakshi was about to answer until she remembered what Niru had told her. Lakshi paused as she looked at Ashwin, until Harini jumped in and said, “No… I was too busy last night”. Lakshi looked at Ashwin and then looked away. Ashwin noticed Lakshi’s mood change, as he tried to smile at Harini. Then he turned around, waiting for the teacher to give him the test. The teacher finally got to Lakshi’s desk. As she put the test paper down on Lakshi’s desk, she noticed the small piece of paper. “Ummm Lakshi? What is that?”, Mrs. Wilson asked doubtfully. Lakshi looked down at what the teacher was pointing at and looked at the paper. Lakshi was very confused. “I don’t know Mrs. Wilson.”, Lakshi said. “What do you mean you don’t know… it’s on your desk”, Mrs. Wilson said as she picked up the crumpled piece of paper. Then she opened it, and everyone was watching. Lakshi looked at Maya and she made a ‘everything will be fine’ face. “Oh my, go to the principal’s office right now young lady!”, the teacher yelled aggravatingly. Lakshi was shocked. Her blood was pumping fast, and she felt her face steam up, and she knew her cheeks were turning red. “What… Mrs. Wilson… I didn’t do anything!”, Lakshi said as her voice shivered. “You brought cheat notes to class!”, Mrs.Wilson exclaimed. Everyone gasped, including Lakshi, and she could feel a big lump in her throat. “Mrs. Wilson… I would never do that! I studied very hard for this test!”, Lakshi said to her pleadingly. “Leave my classroom.”, Mrs. Wilson yelled as she pointed to the door. Lakshi got out of her chair, held her head down and walked to the door. She glanced back at Mrs. Wilson and noticed that everyone was watching her. That’s when she also noticed the smirk on Harini’s face. That’s when Lakshi understood what was going on, and a tear slid down her face. Ashwin stared at Lakshi, and Lakshi knew Ashwin could not believe what was going on. Ashwin opened his mouth to talk to Mrs. Wilson, but as Ashwin glanced at Lakshi, Lakshi shook her head at him. “Don’t.” Lakshi mouthed to Ashwin. Then Lakshi wiped the tear on her face. “Mrs. Wilson, I will prove to you this isn’t mine, and I will show you who really did it.”, Lakshi said as she looked at Mrs. Wilson straight in the eye. Harini straightened herself in her chair. “Leave”, Mrs. Wilson said one last time. Lakshi looked at everyone and then closed the door behind her as she left. “What is going on…?”, Ashwin thought.
As Lakshi walked down the hallway she kept wishing that Abi was there with her. “We usually share our problems god, where is my sister when I need her?”, Lakshi wondered. She felt tears fall down her face and she wiped them again. “Well if this is how Harini wants to play her game, then I’ll show her how I play”, Lakshi thought. That’s when she felt a vain strengthen in her body, and she walked confidently into the main office where the principal’s office was. The principal, Mr. Khan was talking to another staff member. “Some people don’t know the rules of the game.”, Lakshi said loudly, and that grabbed everyone’s attention.
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