Promises To Keep Chapter 2 (Part 8)


Part 8: That Feeling
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“Why are they here?!”, I asked Lakshi in a loud whisper. “Probably because they wanna ruin our lives!”, Lakshi said with panic in her voice. “Ughhh… we can’t let them see us”, I said to Lakshi hopefully. She nodded, and then we looked at each other wide eyed. “THEY’RE GONNA SEE US WALK DOWN THE AISLE WITH ANJALI!”, Lakshi whispered loudly and angrily. “Girls, we gotta go!”, Anjali said. We looked up at her, gave her a miserable smile, stiffened ourselves up, and walked towards the door to the entrance of the hall.
Aadhi and Ashwin sat down, and they looked around. Niru sat down beside grandma with Krish in his lap at their table. That’s when he saw Ashwin and Aadhi. “Hey…it’s the twin boys from Abi and Lakshi’s school…”, he said to grandma. “They’re probably on the groom’s side”, grandma said back to Niru, and Niru nodded.
We stood at the door and I felt goosebumps all over my arms and back. My hands were shaking, and butterflies were fluttering in my stomach. I looked at Lakshi and just by judging the expression on her face, I could see she felt the same way. I don’t know why it bothered me that Ashwin and Aadhi were here, I mean they’re just my friends… Then why are we so nervous? The video camera guy finally pointed at us, and motioned us to step forward. He had a huge smile across his face and seemed like a charitable man. Lakshi and I glanced at each other one last time, as we slowly took a step forward with warming candles in our hands. The warmth in my hands made me relax. We walked very slowly, and I could see the guests’ eyes laying on us from the corner of my eye. We tried to keep our faces down, but the cameraman told us to look up and smile, so we did. “Beautiful!”, he said, and he told Anjali to do the same. The groom was sitting down about 10 metres in front of us on the stage, waiting for his bride. I did not know where Aadhi and Ashwin were, but I was praying that they did not see us.
Aadhi and Ashwin were talking to their friend Shyaam until he pointed to the aisle. “Here comes the bride”, he said. Aadhi and Ashwin’s eyes followed Shyaam’s pointing arm, and that’s when they saw Abi and Lakshi. They looked at each other, and then looked back at the aisle. “What? Who..? When?!”, Ashwin asked. “How does this stuff even happen…”, Aadhi said looking at him, and then they looked back at the aisle.
The cameraman told us to kneel down with the bride on the aisle with the red carpet, so we did. Then they let out this airy smoke with a small machine. He told us to point the candle in our hands toward the bride so we did. Then he told us to look at the bride. When I glanced at my candle, I saw something straight ahead. Through the light of the fire, I could see Aadhi. I could see him looking at me, and I felt like I could see my reflection in his eyes. Then I quickly looked at the bride, pretending to not have seen him, and I tried not to look back in that direction. Then we slowly got up, and walked the bride to her seat beside her husband. We stood there smiling for the cameras, and posed in whatever way the cameraman wanted us to pose in. I slowly started forgetting about Aadhi being there, as I smiled confidently. Lakshi seemed pretty calm herself, as I saw a twinkle in her eye. At last the cameraman looked towards me and Lakshi and said, “thank you girls, that was perfect!” We nodded at the cameraman and blew out our candles.
Lakshi left to the bathroom as I joined Krish, Niru and grandma at their table. Niru and grandma were smiling at me, as Krish was stuffing his face full of drinks. “Would you like anything Abi?”, grandma asked me. “No, I’m fine for now, thanks.” I responded. I felt my eyes looking around for someone. Was I looking for Aadhi? But why would I care about him? No, I probably wasn’t looking for him.. right?
Lakshi walked out of the banquet hall and was now walking down the main hall. As she was heading to the bathroom, she noticed a familiar figure. “Oh my god, is that Ashwin..? Or Aadhi?” Lakshi wondered. The figure was talking to a slim beautiful girl, who wore an orange and maroon half sari. “Talking to a girl, definitely Ashwin.” Lakshi thought as she rolled her eyes. Lakshi quickly ducked behind a table in the hallway, that was holding some sweets. She peered by the side of the table, and noticed that Ashwin was heading towards her. “Oh my god, this can not be happening.” Lakshi’s heart raced a thousand miles per hour. Ashwin and the beautiful girl both grabbed a piece of sweet from the table and were laughing happily together. Soon the beautiful girl left, and Ashwin was standing alone beside the table. “Hmm.. maybe I’ll take that farther one…”, Ashwin murmured while examining the sweets. He slowly walked around the table, looking for different sweets. Hearing his footsteps, Lakshi crawled around the table in the opposite direction. “What the heck is wrong with this kid?! How many sweets does a twig like him need?!” Lakshi mumbled to herself. Ashwin kept walking around the table as Lakshi kept crawling in the opposite direction. At last, Ashwin seemed to be gone, and Lakshi couldn’t hear anymore footsteps.Lakshi sighed in relief. She slowly stood up until “BOO!” Ashwin yelled. “Oh my god you little..!” Lakshi put her hand to her chest. “Why would you do that?! And why does a weird guy like you need so many sweets?!” Lakshi asked him. “Hmm… maybe because this weird guy found a beautiful girl who was hiding behind a table… with SEE THROUGH table cloth on it. You’re lucky no one else noticed you.” Lakshi stared at him blankly, with no expressions. Ashwin looked at Lakshi and smiled, “I’m glad you have forgotten.”

Ashwin said, looking into Lakshi’s eyes. Lakshi quickly looked down and thought about what Ashwin had just said. She felt her face heat up, as she looked back up at Ashwin. She smiled shyly at Ashwin, as she tried to hide her embarrassment.. “I.. better get going!” Lakshi said as she spun around and quickly started walking towards the bathroom, and as she got closer she ran in. She quickly got into a stall and shut the door behind her. She leaned her body against the door and took a deep breath. She put her hand on her head and smiled in embarrassment. Then she thought, “what had just happened?”
“Where is this idiot twin sister of mine?!”, I thought, as I took a bite out of my sweet. It had been about fifteen minutes since Lakshi had left to the bathroom. “Abi, where’s Lakshi?”, Niru asked. “That’s what I’m wondering, she said she was going to the bathroom.” I quickly glanced around the banquet. “Ok well, I’m just going to go walk around and make sure Lakshi isn’t yelling at any guys in the main hall…” Niru said, as he quickly exited the banquet. Just then, I felt a quick tap on my left shoulder. I spun around on my chair to see Anjali’s mom. “Sweetie, more guests are coming in and we need to hand out more sweets. Do you mind walking around and handing out these napkins?” She asked kindly. I nodded at her and smiled innocently until she handed the napkins to me and left.

“You’ll be okay Abi, just skip Aadhi’s table.”, I thought to myself. I walked around, and I saw familiar faces as they thanked me for the napkins. I turned around to head to the next table until I bumped into a metal plate. I accidently dropped all my napkins to the ground, terrified. “You have got to be kidding me!!! Who the..” My voice trailed off. It was Aadhi. I should’ve known. At this point, it seemed like he was born to ruin my life. “Sorry! Didn’t think I would scare you like that.” Aadhi said casually. “Well you did!”, I said to him. He looked different to me. He didn’t seem like the Aadhi he was at school. Was it the clothes? He stood there looking at me as if he couldn’t recognize who I was. Was I wearing too much makeup that he couldn’t recognize me? “What are you doing here anyways?” I asked him as I knelt down, gathering the napkins off the floor. “Gotta hand out these sweets,” he said as he looked down at his big, colourful filled plate he was holding. Then he bent down and helped me pick up the napkins. “Are you related to the bride?” Aadhi asked me. “Ya, she’s my cousin.”

I said as I picked up the last napkin. I slowly stood up and brushed off my clothes. “Really? The groom is my cousin too.” I looked up at Aadhi’s eyes, only to realize we were going to be related once this wedding was officially over. “Well… that’s interesting.” I said. I felt my heart beat faster again, as I quickly turned away. “I should go hand out the rest of these napkins!” I said to him. “Ya same here.” I heard him say. I quickly walked off to the next table and handed out some more napkins. I smiled at the people I was handing the napkins to as they asked me how I was. But my attention kept trailing off. My eyes lead to Aadhi, and I tried not to look at him… but I couldn’t help but keep glancing over at him. I slowly walked around each and every table. “Was he looking at me too?” I asked myself. Our eyes met and I lost myself as I looked at him, and he looked at me as we walked around the room. Then I forced myself to keep smiling and pay attention to the people I was handing napkins out to. I saw him smiling and talking to people jubilantly, a smile that I don’t see that often at school. He was definitely very different.

“Lakshi where were you?” Niru asked as Lakshi was coming out of the bathroom. “Is that a serious question?” Lakshi reversed herself and walked back up towards the bathroom entry door and pointed at the sign on the door. “Women’s bathroom.” Lakshi read out to Niru. “Well.. ya ok I see what you mean.” Niru said. Lakshi smirked, and they both walked back into the banquet. As soon as Lakshi and Niru entered the banquet, Anjali’s father suddenly approached Niru and started talking to him. Lakshi stood there, listening to their conversation until she felt somebody touch her hand. The fingers were warm, but Lakshi felt a nerve – wracking chill go through her body. Lakshi turned around to face Ashwin. “Lakshi come with me.” Ashwin whispered to her. “What why..?” Lakshi asked insecurely and in confusion. “Shh! Just come,”

Ashwin said as he starting walking in the opposite direction. Confused, Lakshi followed Ashwin. After Niru was done talking to Anjali’s father, he turned around to face Lakshi. “…Where did she go?” He wondered, until he saw Aadhi. “Maybe Aadhi has seen her…” Niru thought. Niru headed towards Aadhi until he stopped in his tracks. Aadhi was standing near a table, handing out sweets, but he wasn’t looking at the people he was handing them to. Niru turned to see what Aadhi was looking at, until he realized Abi there in the direction of Aadhi’s eyes, handing out napkins. “What is going on..?” Niru thought to himself.
“Ashwin why are we standing here..?” Lakshi asked in confusion. “You need to dance.” Ashwin says in complete seriousness. “HA! Okay enough with the jokes, what do you want?” Lakshi crossed her arms over her chest. “I’m serious, they asked me to do it but no. I don’t do dance.” Ashwin responded. “Uhh me neither! I only sing! I don’t dance Ashwin. Now, you deal with this problem of yours on your own and do not drag me into this.” Lakshi said as she prepared to leave. “No Lakshi, you can’t leave. Have you forgotten? You still owe me, I saved you from Ethan.” Ashwin smirked. Lakshi turned around, surprised. “Now are you going to do this with me or not?” Ashwin asked, looking into Lakshi’s eyes. “With HIM?!” Lakshi screamed inside her head. Lakshi looked at Ashwin with wide eyes and did not know how to react.
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