Promises To Keep Chapter 2 (Part 7)


Part 7: Magical Marriage
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“I’m sorry”, Ashwin repeated. Lakshi turned around and looked at him. “Sometimes you gotta learn to not jump to conclusions”, she said calmly. We were shocked. We thought she would forgive him, but then again…. we can’t blame her, Ashwin embarrassed her in front of everyone. “I understand”, Ashwin said. “I forgive you”, Lakshi said. We all smiled at each other, and so did Ashwin. “…Wait seriously?” Ashwin asked. Lakshi smiled. “I need some idiot to talk to.” Lakshi winked at Ashwin. We all laughed. I was glad they were ok. But then Lakshi said, “But… you didn’t have to tell them Abi…”, Lakshi said. I looked at Aadhi, and he had the same expression on his face as I did. Lakshi seemed kind of hurt, as she turned back to Ashwin and said, “I got to go now, but I’ll see you later.” I looked at Ashwin and he looked back at me. Lakshi walked away. “You did all you could do, thank you so much Abi”, he said with a smile across his face. “This isn’t over”, I said, and he smiled at me. Maya and Sayohn then left in a little while, and Ashwin left to go see if their drive was waiting for them outside. Aadhi and I walked in the hallways as we looked for Lakshi, and we were silent for a long time. My heart was racing, faster than a train can ever go. I didn’t know why, and I didn’t know what to say. “Thanks”, he said to me. “Why?”, I asked him, and he smiled. “You helped my bro… well… because he’s my bro right?”, he said with a smirk across his face. I smiled at him. “I did it cuz I know he cares”, I said as I smiled back. He thought about what I said. “Ethan seems pretty dangerous”, he said. “Very dangerous”, I said to him. He nodded. “Hey, there’s Lakshi!”, he said, startling me. I looked at where his hand was pointing. “Lakshi!”, I yelled, and she turned around. “He’s here, lets go”, she said, and then she turned around. I looked at Aadhi, and he motioned me to leave. I nodded and then I followed Lakshi out to the parking lot. I turned around, and Aadhi was standing there, watching.

“How did the bio project go?”, Niru asked as he was driving. Lakshi shot a glare at me. “G… good”, I mumbled. “Doesn’t sound good”, he said. “Oh trust us, it was good alright”, Lakshi said. I looked at her. “Thank you”, I mouthed, and she rolled her eyes at me. We got home, ate our dinner and went up to our room. I sat on our bed and Lakshi walked in. Then she sat on the bed, leaned her head against the wall, and crossed her arms in front of her. Then she stretched out her legs. “Am I supposed to say something?”, I asked her. “Nope”, she replied. “I’m not talkin to you anymore”, she said. I giggled. “Listen sister, both you and I know that’s impossible.” She glared at me, and then she grabbed her pillow aggressively. I turned my head to look at her quickly. “Oh no”, I thought. Then she started hitting me with the pillow. “Hey!”, I yelled, and then I grabbed a pillow and hit her. “Oh no you didn’t!”, she yelled. “Oh yes I did!”, I yelled back, and we kept hitting each other. Then we started laughing. We kept laughing until we fell to the floor. It’s been about four days since we had a good laugh together, and trust me, that’s a long time for us since we laugh easily. Then we paused and we smiled at each other. Suddenly, we heard the door open. We sat on the floor and glanced at the tall figure near the door. It was Niru. We hid the pillows behind our backs. He made an awkward face at us. “What are you girls doing….?”, he asked. Lakshi and I looked at each other. Then we showed him our pillows at the same time. He glared at us, and then he slowly smiled. He picked up a pillow on the ground and then he threw it at us. “I’m the best at this”, he said, and he laughed. “Me too!”, Krish said as he ran into the room. We all looked at each other and then the room got chaotic. At the end, we all fell to the floor laughing, as we lied down in exhaustion. It was a lot of fun for sure.

That day every kid waits for. Yup, it was finally Saturday, which meant there was no school. Krish, Lakshi and I ran downstairs in our pyjamas, made our breakfast and watched T.V. “And Rannvijay saves his sister Veera again!”, Krish yelled in excitement. “If only all dramas were real”, I thought. Niru and grandma came downstairs. “Guys, turn off the T.V, you won’t have time for this today”, she said. Niru walked in behind her. “What, whyyyy?!”, Lakshi whined. “Noooo”, Krish moaned. “Today is Anjali’s wedding.”, Niru said. “WHAT?! How did we not know this before time?!”, I asked him shockingly. Anjali is our other cousin, who is exactly ten years older than us. We have been so close, and as a kid, she did our makeup for everything, and she would tell us her stories. She was like our older sister. “They were having trouble with the dates because they are in a rush, and we only found out three days ago.”, Grandma said. “Now go get ready!”, she winked at us. “Go get ready?”, Niru asked. “There’s still seven hours.” Niru said. We smiled at grandma. “Girls have so many things to do you know?”, Grandma said with a smile, and Niru looked at her confused. Lakshi and I scurried upstairs. “We need to paint our nails, and put out our makeup and choose a hairstyle..”, I said.

“Maybe we should be simple, didn’t grandma say we look better like that?”, Lakshi said. “Yes, we will be unique and simple”, I said. “What are we even wearing though?”, I asked Lakshi. She looked at me. “Dude, I follow your style, and you’re asking me?”, she said with a smirk on her face. As we stared into our closets, Niru walked in. He carried two hangers with sheets over them. Then he laid them on the bed. “Take a look”, he said with a smile on his face. We took off the sheet and Lakshi and I gasped and looked at each other. Then we looked at Niru. We gave him a tight hug, and he wrapped his arms around us. “You didn’t have to..”, I said to him. “It’s your cousin’s wedding! Of course I had to!” He was more than a big brother, he was our parents. “Guys… you’re hugging me a bit tooo tight..” he struggled to speak. “Oh oops!” We said as we released him. “Jeez.. it’s so easy to make women happy…” he mumbled as he left the room and then I looked at Lakshi. “Wow…”, we said at the same time. Then we started painting our nails dark purple. The purple looked vibrant and was shining. We took out our makeup and clothes, and then Lakshi went to take a bath, then Krish, then Grandma, then me, and lastly Niru.

Lakshi and I just stood there, examining the dress. “I don’t know if I’m worth wearing this beauty”, I said. “I know I am”, Lakshi said. I rolled my eyes at her as she chuckled. “We’re twins… so that means I am too”, I said, and I took a deep breath. The top piece was a beautiful dark purple, and the net sleeves was stunning. The sparkles glittered as we stared at the clothes in front of us. The skirt was long and was covered with laced net, on top of a dark purple skirt, with a rich green, sparkly border. The shaul (silky scarf) piece of the suit was rich green and was made of net, and the border was the same dark purple as the skirt and top. It was a dream. We put on the top and skirt, and got grandma’s help to drape the shawl on ourselves.It was the best half sari I have ever seen. After she helped us drape it, she looked at us. Then she stood back and put her hands over her mouth. “Oh my dears, you look ravishing!”, she said as she hugged us. Then she took some black ink from her eyes and put it behind our ears so no evil eye would fall on us. “Thank you grandma”,we said as we hugged her.

“Grandma! I need your help!”, Krish yelled from the other room, so grandma quickly left the room. “Okay, let’s do this”, Lakshi said, and I nodded. We stood in front of the mirror. “GO!”, Lakshi yelled. We started curling our hair. Then we pulled our hair back into a perfect bump, braided two pieces of our hair, and attached the two pieces at the back. Then we put a jewel that looked like a peacock right where our hair attached. Then we put a mini purple flower garland right under our hair in a U-shape, so it wrapped around the hair. I looked at Lakshi, and she looked at me and for the first time, we both got the hairstyle right on the first try. Then I put some foundation and powder under my eyes and lightly around the rest of my face. I blended bronze and purple eyeshadow on my eyelids and put on some eyeliner and mascara on my top and bottom lashes. I smiled as I put peachy-pink blush on my cheeks, and I placed a purple bindi between my eyebrows. Then I used the pinky-red lipstick to spread across my lips.

I looked in the mirror and smiled. “Not bad”, I thought. I looked at Lakshi. Then we both looked in the mirror. We looked identical. And I mean EXACTLY identical. “We did pretty well this time”, Lakshi said. “We did”, I said, as I focused on her face. Then we stepped outside. We heard Niru and Krish laughing together, so I pulled Lakshi’s arm. Then I put my finger at my lip, motioning her to be quiet, and we both hid behind the corner, laying our backs against the wall. As Niru and Krish got closer to the corner I motioned Lakshi with my fingers. “3, 2, 1,BOO!”, We yelled. Niru stepped back and Krish screamed and had his hands around Niru. “What was that for?!”, Niru asked us. “The pillow fight”, Lakshi said casually. That’s when he examined us. “Wow my two baby sisters, you guys look amazing!”, he said, as he put his arms around our shoulders. “You do too!”, I said. That’s when Krish let out a fake cough. “What about me?”, he asked with his hands crossed in front of him as he posed. Lakshi and I glanced at Niru, and we smiled at each other. “You look the best”, I said as I kneeled down infront of Krish and pinched his cheeks. “Okay! Let’s go!”, Grandma said from downstairs. So we finally got into the car and grandma and Niru kept telling us to not make any trouble at the wedding as we drove to the banquet hall.

We walked in and Anjali’s mom grabbed us. We hugged her and she had a huge smile on her face. “Girls, I need you to stand in front of Anjali because you girls are twins, and it would look good if you two stood in front of the bride.”, she said. Lakshi and I looked at each other and shared the same expression. We were used to this. All the aunties thought we were so cute because we were twins, so they would always put us in front of the bride as flower girls, no matter how old we were. We nodded and smiled. She led us to Anjali’s room. When we saw her, we were shocked. She looked totally different, like every bride with pounds of makeup and the most beautiful red saree and matching jewellery. She had flowers coming down her braid, with a net cloth over her head. She hugged us. “My dearies”, she said. “You two look beautiful!”, she said. She seemed nervous for her wedding, but she also seemed very happy.

Her mom told her that she had to get ready to walk into the hall, so we stood beside her and talked to her. Then we saw a family walk in. We saw the backs of two boys standing near the entrance in identical dark blue and black sherwanees. “Look”, Anjali pointed. “They’re twins like you. They’re on the groom’s side, and they’re good kids.”, she said. She seemed very proud to be a part of their family too. We looked at the boys and then I felt a hand on my shoulder. I spun around and saw Lakshi’s face, and she looked very incredulous. Then the boys turned around and we saw the boys’ faces. Lakshi and I looked at each other with astonished expressions on our face, and we both ducked quickly at the same time. “ “WHAT THE BEEP?!” Lakshi said. Oh and by the way, the beep replaces a bad word she said. “Aadhi and Ashwin?!”, we whispered shockingly at each other.

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