Promises To Keep Chapter 2 (Part 10)

Part 10: Melting Me (CHAPTER FINALE!)

Hey guys! Sorry for the wait! As you can see, it is the CHAPTER FINALE! We hope you like the drama and stay tuned for Chapter 3! We also hope you all enjoyed Chapter 2! Love you all soo much and thank you to the people who comment and make our story better! 😀
We walked to class altogether and it was way more awkward than I thought, mainly because it felt like they were ignoring me… or maybe I was just being jealous. I glanced at them laughing and talking one more time, and then I realized, they were ignoring me. “Hey guys”, I tried to include myself in the conversation, but then Aadhi said, “Wait! We are talking about Nach from elementary school!”, and then they continued talking. I felt so out of place, have you ever felt that way? Niru would tell me this all the time, he said if you ever felt that way, then maybe you’re around the wrong people. I thought about it, but then I convinced myself. “They’re my friends, they’re just a little distracted, but it’ll be okay by tomorrow”, I thought. I looked at them one more time, and then we finally got to class.

“That felt longer than our usual walks to class”, I thought. We sat in our chairs, and then Harini sat right beside Aadhi. “Oh Harini, Sarah sits there, you might wanna ask her first”, I said, just so she was aware. “It’s fine, she’ll understand”, Harini said as she smiled. I looked at her confused, and then I opened my binder. “Alright, I want you all to get into groups of 2 or 3 and work on questions 3, 4, and 5 on page 210. Please write it on chart paper because you will be presenting your answers to the class as a group.”, Mrs. Smith said. I looked at Aadhi and Harini. “Let’s do this together”, I said, and I took out a marker as Aadhi opened his textbook. “OMG, Nach doesn’t even talk anymore”, Harini said. “Really? I haven’t seen him in a while.”, Aadhi responded. “Guys, do you wanna split up the three questions?”, I asked them. “We have a lot of time, we can do it later”, Harini said. I looked at Aadhi, and he shrugged. They kept talking as I finished the first question. “Guys, there’s 20 minutes left, help me finish the next two”, I said. I was frustrated because they weren’t helping, and I hate it when people get credit for work they didn’t even do. “Okay, you start the next one, and we’ll help you.”, Harini said. I stared at her, and I felt my face getting red hot. “We should stop fooling around”, Aadhi said. “Good idea”, I said to him. So he started to read the next question until Harini interrupted again. I was so irritated because they weren’t even helping, and Aadhi usually helps me a lot when we have group work. I noticed there were only 10 minutes left, so I picked up the light blue marker and finished the next two questions. I was so upset, they weren’t even listening to me. It was like I wasn’t even there. “Okay everyone, class is done, you guys will be presenting your answers tomorrow.”, Mrs. Smith said. Aadhi and Harini turned around to look at the paper. “Woah, are you done?”, Aadhi asked. I looked at both of them with an aggravated expression on my face, closed my binder, put my backpack on, and walked out of the classroom without even responding. I was so angry, it felt like Harini was changing Aadhi… but Aadhi was letting her do it. I opened my locker door and put my binders in. Aadhi approached me. “Sorry, we got distracted”, he said. “No kidding,” I said, as I rolled my eyes. “Why are you even wasting your time here, go talk to Harini”, I said. After I realized what I said, I looked at him. “Look, this only happened today because it was her first day, it won’t happen again”, he said calmly. I gently closed my locker. “Prove to me that you can do work when she’s around, then come talk to me”, I said looking at him, and then I walked away.
Lakshi entered her second period classroom. When she looked ahead, she noticed Harini sitting beside Ashwin, and they seemed like they were having an important conversation. She walked in and sat beside Harini, as she put her books down on her desk. “Hey”, Lakshi said. “Hey”, Ashwin and Harini said at the same time, and they continued talking. “What were they talking about…?”, Lakshi wondered. “Continue your assignment from yesterday”, the teacher said. Lakshi looked at Maya because she was part of their group. She walked up to Lakshi and Ashwin. “Lakshi, Ashwin, ready to finish up?”, she asked. “Oh, now I’m part of your group too!”, Harini said with a big smile on her face.

Lakshi looked at Maya, and she looked at Lakshi. “Sure… the more the merrier”, Maya said, trying to pull of a fake smile. Maya,and Lakshi were best friends, so they understood each other very well. The girls just found it weird how Harini would personally invite herself to everything they did, but they went along with it. “Maya laid the presentation board on two desks as Lakshi grabbed markers out of her pencil case. “Harini can you get that pen for me?” Maya asked. Of course, Harini didn’t respond. Lakshi looked up at Harini, as she was wrestling Ashwin with her hands. They both laughed as they held each other’s hands and kept playing like there was nothing in the world but them. Lakshi felt a cold chill run through her body as she looked at their hands touch. Lakshi felt her heart thump faster than the speed of lightning. Lakshi looked around, until she looked down at her backpack. Lakshi slowly bent down and picked up her water bottle from under the desk. She slowly opened the lid and put the pink water bottle on her table. Lakshi smirked. She put the water bottle near her elbow and ‘accidently’ knocked it over. “Oh my god!” Harini yelled as she arose from her seat. Lakshi put her hands to her mouth, acting as if she was shocked. “Harini I’m sooo sorry I spilled water on your dress!” Lakshi said. “Come with me.” Harini said as she grabbed Lakshi’s arm and pulled her out into the hall. “How dare you?” Harini asked, looking straight into Lakshi’s eyes. “Ok you need to calm down..” Lakshi started to say as Harini held up her finger at Lakshi. “Trust me girl friend. I’m just starting to play the game. Wait until I start rolling my dices. You’ll be there, crying at the finish line.” Harini said. Lakshi felt like she was able to see fire in Harini’s eyes. Harini flipped her hair and walked off to the washroom to clean up. Lakshi was shocked. Lakshi harshly leaned back against the wall, mouth wide opened. Ashwin came out of the classroom and looked at Lakshi. “Where’s Harini?” Ashwin asked. Lakshi pointed her finger towards the bathroom. “…Woahh are you ok Lakshi?” Ashwin asked worriedly. Lakshi nodded, as she looked at Ashwin and said, “Apparently I’m in a game.”
After school I went to my locker and grabbed the books I needed, and carefully slipped them into my bag. “Ughhhh…” I heard someone say. I turned myself to face Lakshi. “Harini problems?” I asked her. “What is wrong with that girl?!” Lakshi screamed. “Shhh! We’re in a school Lakshi!” I looked around to make sure Harini wasn’t around. “Well… obviously you had the same problems in your class with her,” Lakshi says as she opens her locker. “Oh my god, yessss!” I respond, “I’ll tell you about it once we get home.” Lakshi nodded at me as she swung her bag onto her back, closed her locker and put her jacket on. “Let’s go.”
Lakshi and I stepped into our house, as Niru shut the door behind us. He put his keys in the drawer beside the closet and walked upstairs. Niru hasn’t said much since Anjali’s wedding, it did worry me. “We’re home!” Lakshi yelled. “Snack is ready! Go get changed. Oh and wash your hands, Krish has the flu.” Grandma told us. Lakshi glanced at Krish. “Well what did he think was going to happen? Stuffing your face and making yourself look like a chipmunk at a wedding isn’t the smartest idea.” Lakshi said as she ran upstairs to our room. Krish was lying on the couch in the living room, with a blanket wrapped around him. “You ok?” I asked him. Krish growled. “Ok then.” I said, as I followed Lakshi upstairs.

I quickly changed my clothes and headed to the bathroom. I splashed my face in cold water, relieving myself from all the stress Harini and Aadhi has caused me to go through. I wiped my face with my purple towel, and I headed towards the stairs. I then stopped, and looked straight ahead. “…Lakshi?” I said. “Shhh! Come here!” Lakshi whispered. Lakshi was peering through Niru’s room door. I tiptoed up to Lakshi and looked into Niru’s room. “He’s literally doing work before 10 pm.” Lakshi pointed out. “Uhh.. So?”, I asked her. “That’s not normal! Niru always does last minute work! What’s his deal?” Lakshi looked at me. I shrugged at her. “Let’s ask him.” I said as I pushed the door open. “Niru, why are you working?” I asked him, as Lakshi and I walked in. “Girls, I have a lot of work to do. Please leave.” Niru said with no hesitation. “Don’t you want to hear about our day at school?” Lakshi asked him, as she jumped onto his bed and lied down. “Ok, tell me. How was school?” Niru asked, still typing away on his laptop. “Well…” I began to say, as I told Niru everything about what happened with Aadhi and Harini, and how he was changing and wasn’t helping me out anymore. Soon, Lakshi joined in and started complaining about how Harini came in and ruined her day too. Niru was suddenly interested and turned himself to face us. “Abi… I need to tell you something.” Niru started. “Sure, tell me.” I said leaning forward, as if Niru was going to tell us a huge secret. “During the wedding.. I saw Aadhi stare at you. I don’t think he’s the type of guy who we think he is. He’s dangerous and he might be another guy like Ethan. I wasn’t gonna say anything, but it’s going too far.” Niru said. I was shocked and still. My hands were shivering after I heard Niru say this and my head started to spin. “Aadhi..? Another Ethan?”, I thought to myself. “I only want what’s good for you girls. You know that.” Niru continued. I slowly nodded at him. “To be on the safe side, I don’t want you guys talking to Aadhi or Ashwin again.” Niru ended off. That’s when Lakshi stood up. “Niru stop. They’re our friends. They’re not like that…” Lakshi started to say. “Lakshi it’s all fake. Do you not remember what your best friend Ethan did to you?” Niru said calmly, looking away. Lakshi was shocked. Lakshi never talked to anyone about Ethan after the day the principal took him away. Even when I was telling Aadhi, Ashwin, Maya and Sayohn about it, Lakshi didn’t bother to listen and left. “Ashwin and Aadhi aren’t like Ethan, Niru! Do NOT compare them to him. Niru this is honestly too much. Even if you don’t trust them, don’t you trust us??!! We know who to surround ourselves with!” Lakshi yelled. Lakshi was so angry, her face was as red as the sun during sunset. “ENOUGH LAKSHI! IF I SEE ANY OF THE BOYS TALKING TO YOU AGAIN, YOU BOTH WILL BE MOVING SCHOOLS.” Niru stormed. He started heading to the door. “I trust you girls, but I DON’T trust your age.” Niru lastly said, as he slammed the door behind him. We were silent. Through the corner of my eye I could see Lakshi fall onto the bed. A tear fell from my eye, as I stared at the door. Lakshi looked down at the floor with tears running down her face and softly spoke, “The game has started.”
Next Part: The Game (Chapter 3, Part 1)

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