Promise me..You won’t Fall in Love with me (Chapter 9)~Shreya

Chapter 9# You and Me..❤

The bulb of OT went off… Kunj stood up as Dr.Yuvraj came out of the OT..
“Yuvraj… Yuvraj Twinkle… Is she…she fine??..”..Yuvraj hugged Kunj…
“Bhabhi …bilkul theek h”.. He said..”can I meet her?.. “..Kunj asked parting..
“umm…not now…she’s unconscious.. we’ll first shift her to the VIP could meet her after an hour…understand.. She needs then her reports will come too so that I can give proper prescriptions and rest of recovery treatment.. “..Yuvraj told him..
“..Okay…well ..Thanks a lot UV”…
“Teri vajah se ek anath baccha aaj India ke best surgeons main se ek h…tere liye main ek khoobsurat si ladki ka .operation nahi kar sakta kya??”..
“Oye..”.. Kunj raised a punch..” Bhabhi h Teri..”…
“Jaanta hoon..chance miss ho gya mera…”..Yuvraj laughed..and went..Kunj wiped his tear.

(Yuvraj and Kunj are school friends…)


Kunj was standing outside Twinkle’s wardroom..trying to peep and seek her glance from the glass window… Yuvraj came…”i’ve seen the reports… Cancer is completely out of her body…Bhabhi is no more a leukemia patient.. But she needs to remain admitted to be under observation for some days…”
“Can I meet her?”
“Yeah…but make sure she takes proper rest “…Kunj nodded and entered..

He found Twinkle lying with closed eyes…he sat beside her..Twinkle slowly opened her eyes ..her eyes turned glassy with happiness on seeing him…
“Main jaa raha hoon..”..Kunj turned..
“Kyu..?..Kunj”.. She stopped him..
“ aur kya karu..mere aate hi Rone lag jaati ho..toh main aata hi nahi..tum ro mat OK..”..he said folding his arms.
Twinkle looked at him with a cute pout.

“Haye ab biwi itne pyaar se bulaye toh pati kaise naa aaye” kunj sat beside her… held her hands and kissed them.
“Tum theek ho??”.. kunj asked..
“ hmm…and u??”..Twinkle looked at him…
“Me!!?..mujhe kya hua??”.. Kunj asked her surprised..
“ kunj…ab toh wife hoon tumhari..apni feelings tum mujhse toh share kar sakte ho na..”..She cupped his face..tears got their way to come out of his eyes…
“Main..main bohot darr gya tha twinkle..”.. He hugged her crying.. “..thank God you are save”..he kissed her temple as she too hugged him back ..with both tears in her eyes.

(After 10days)

Kunj and Twinkle were standing at the entrance door of The Sarna Mansion.. Kunj was holding her hand.
Usha did their aarti.
“Twinkle you rest now.. We’ll do all the Punjabi rituals tommorow..” She said.
“Usha..finally ab ghar main koi aaya Jo Teri baatein sunega..manega aur apne is jhalle bete ko seedha rakhega”..Manohar said..
“Dad…”..Kunj sighed
Usha laughed …Twinkle too giggled.
“Chalo ab jao”..Usha said to Kunj..
“Okay”.. kunj started to motion towards interior.
“ are..jaise shaadi ki thi vaise leke jao Kunj”..Manohar teased.
“Main itna besharam bhi nahi dad..”.. kunj said..Manohar laughed and Twinkle blushed [*if u guys 4got then ..Kunj married twinkle with her in his arms all the time in a bridal style*]

Twinj went upstairs.. As Kunj turned towards his room [*that means out of his parent’s sight*]..
He stopped and looked at Twinkle ..she gave him a questioning look…he suddenly lifted her..
“Yaar bas control nahi hua”.. He pulled her closer and walked to his lavish room…Twinkle smiled.

He entered the room and put her down…she looked at the room..”kaisa h??..bohot mehnat karne saaf kiya h..”..Kunj whispered
Twinkle walked inside ..and he shut the door.
“Kiya h???”.. She asked.
“..fine..karaya tha..saara time tumhaare paas tha naa”..he said.
“Isiliye aap office bhi nahi gaye Pati Dev”..she said.
“Galti bhi toh aapki h …” …Kunj came and slowly back hugged her…
“Kunj..”.. Twinkle breathed.. He caressed his face in her soft hair..Twinkle slid her quivering hands on his hands..
“Haan Twinkle.. Bolo”.. Kunj teased kissing her nape..he very well know how his touch effects her..[*if u remember how Twinkle told about feeling snowfall In her stomach in his b’day party*]
“Ku..nj…”..she breathed again heavily.. as he started to make circles on her belly rubbing his lips on her shoulder..
He slowly came in front of her..and turned her towards a wall..”open your eyes “ he whispered lovingly.. She opened and found the wall completely filled with her pics..
Her eyes widened in surprise..she covered her mouth with her one palm…

Just then door at the was a knock at the door..
“Yeah.. Come in”.. Kunj said..a servent came..
“Vo..Dr.Yuvtaaj aaye hain..milna chate h”..he said..
“ohkay”..Kunj said..he went Twinkle looked at him a bit tensed.
“Yuvi kyu aaya h…??”..they both looked at each other tensed.


So how was that?????…I know guys don’t trust me and my stories..all said that they don’t want a sad ending.. Y did u all forgot that I’ll never give such sad ending..
Aur ritzu…tujhe toh ab main block karungi..???????

Waiting for ur views…next will be last…

Do comment down..??

Love you ??

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