Promise me..You won’t Fall in Love with me (Chapter 8)~Shreya

[I am reintroducing Narrative voice

{I apologize in advance if I show the rituals different from real..I couldn’t show all the rituals below..}

Chapter 8# The Big Day!
{Music- Koi shor, single-Shirley Setia
…do listen…it beautifully fits twinkle’s emotions}

Oh koi shor
Khinche mujhe teri aor
Main toh challi)
Twinkle was sitting in her wedding gown…looking the most gorgeous bride on the planet.. She was weak..but still her face was glowing because she was going to marry her Kunj..The glow of Love shining on her face..

(Na jaane kis aor
Tune isharon mein
Chupke se kuch keh diya)

Usha put the kala teeka behind her nape….Twinkle looked at her with her twinkling eyes and a smile..Usha kissed her forehead..

(Main hoon uljhano mein
Kaise kahu alvida)

Twinkle’s father came…she slowly went to him and hugged him tight..

(Oh koi shor
Khinche mujhe teri aor
Main toh challi
Na jaane kis aor)

Twinkle was made to wear the viel..

(Kainaat se kyun
Roothi khwahishein)

Twinkle entered the beautifully decorated wedding hall with guests standing with glasses of drinks for the raise of toast for the marriage …she walked down the aisle with white lillies in her hand with her father

(Kar rahan khuda
Yeh kaisi saazishein)

..she looked at Kunj who was mesmerized to see her…Step-step-step..Twinkle was a bit dizzy.. her legs were shaking… She swung a bit …Rt held her shoulder…

(Meri raahon ka hota jo tu rehnuma
Adhuri na rehti teri meri dastaan)

Kunj came a step down from the stage…RT gave her hand to him…Kunj held her hand and lifted her in bridal style…as he noticed that it was difficult for her to stand…

(Oh koi shor
Khinche mujhe teri aor
Main toh challi
Na jaane kis aor
Kis aor, kis aor, kis aor (x2)
Teri aor..)

Twinkle eyed him lovingly.
He carried her to the stage in front of father…”…you look so beautiful wifey..”…he said making it audible only to her..Twinkle blushed..

Sia was a bit upset watching her so-called boyfriend getting married …coz she really felt for him…?

“Groom..Mr.Kunj Sarna….Do you accept Miss. Twinkle as your you promise to always love her and take care of her? ..”…the father said..
Kunj looked at Twinkle …”Yes…I do”…he said to the father.
“..Bride..Miss. Twinkle… Do you accept Kunj Sarna as your Husband…?”…

Twinkle looked at Kunj who was looking at her with a curious expression having her in his arms… He arched his eyebrow twice in manner of asking…
She closed her eyes…
“Yes”.. She said…

You are married … may kiss the bride now…Twinkle was looking at kunj with her big-big eyes… He gently lifted her closer and kissed her forehead with all of his love making her feel butterflies in her stomach..
What could be more beautiful than Love…its what love that all matters..?

Kunj was still having Twinkle in his arms…all were enjoying the party…and he was standing in the church..
Mehra (security in-charge) came and said something in his ears.
Kunj at that very moment motioned towards the exit with Twinkle ..telling mehra to inform Mr. Taneja and his parents.

..Kunj was talking to Dr. rishabh Bose on mobile..
Dr.R: Try to understand Mr. Sarna…we don’t have any doctor here who can handle leukemia case…
K:…what about Dr.Yuvraj Luthra?…
Dr.R: …Dr…Yuv…Yuvraj!…he’d be perfect Mr.Sarna… But how’ll u fix Twinkle’s operation ???…he rarely has time…
K:..that I’ll take care of..


He made Twinkle sit in his Car’s passenger.. He hurried to the other side and sat…the driver drove towards hospital..
Twinkle held his arm..
“Kunj…Thank you”… She said in a sweet voice with love ..before planting a gentle kiss on his cheek and then rested her head on his shoulder..
Kunj cupped her face.


Twinkle was in OT…Kunj was walking here and there tensed.
Suddenly He knelt down …his eyes were filled with tears..he went weak on his knees..
“Kunj”.. He heard his mom’s voice… He saw their parents and Samar with Mehra..
Usha made Kunj sit..he didn’t said anything.. Usha is his mother she doesn’t need words to know what Kunj is feeling.. She can feel that how much Kunj is tensed and crying in his heart..but will not show his ailments…she knows him very well..
She caressed his head…he looked at her with glassy eyes.. And hugged her ..

After sometime he parted..and sat resting his head on the wall, with closed eyes.
Twinkle flashed again in front of his eyes.. He reminisced how she went in the dew..her big eyes.. Her smile..her voice..her innocence… Everything of hers was making his lips curve..
He felt someone’s palm on his shoulder..he turned and found Twinkle in her wedding gown..she was smiling and sat beside him…he was looking at her with surprise!!
“Aise kyu dekh rahe ho??”.. She asked..he nodded in ‘No’
“ Thank you Kunj…”..

“Kyu?”.. he asked..
“ Meri life main aane k liye..mujhe ehsaas dilane k liye ki pyaar kitna khoobsurat ehsaas h…tum mere liye jeene ki vajah ban gye ho Kunj.. Lekin agar ab agar main mar bhi gyi toh koi gam nahi..Ek baat kahu?..agar mujhe kuch ho jaaye toh plz kisi aur ko apna Lena…plz mujhe bhool jaana Kunj…”…she said smiling… Kunj’s eyes filled with tears.. He tried to touch her but she vanished.

Ohkay…so ..I know so many emotions… Its a really emotional ff…
So the story line doesn’t require any romance..
Ab chahe calcium do ya vitamins.. I can’t change the story.. Sorry..

Drop down ur veiws …?

Love you ???

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  1. Sohi

    Yaar episode was very beautiful and emotional
    Sad for kunj
    But I’m happy for twinj
    Do continue and post soon

  2. Ritzi

    Khatam ho gyi ff? Ki baki hai! Dekh…pehla wala option bola haina tune toh usse waqt terko block marungi what’s app pe.. So better u post next soon…kitna rulati hai yaar tu…it was so emotional

  3. Simiyy

    Beautiful yet emotional
    Post soon

  4. SidMin23

    Nice and emotional moment also and kunj imagine twinkle ?? twinkle last dialogue was ????? accept someone else if she die ???

  5. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing emotional epi…..sad for kunj…

  6. Presha

    Hey shreya …
    Its awesome but full of emotions …
    By seeing ur talks ..
    I can it to be a sad ending…
    But plz let it be a happy one..
    Loved it…

  7. Mia12

    Areh my lovely baby… U can’t change the storyline…toh kya sach mai twinkle mar jayegi…or ab agar yeh hua toh…I can’t tolerate this yrrr… I can’t see sad ending I just hate sad ending… M soo sorry but I can’t.. But all overall it was just Amazing,, I really love it very much…
    “With love ur”..
    “Priya dii”..

  8. Baat to Sahi calcium ya vitamins..,..?? storyline cannot be changed ???….. Emotional yet beautuuuuuuuutifuuullll…???post next soon ???

  9. SidMin

    Aww Yaar the episode was really emotional .. you are right this story does not need any romance ..
    Love you 🙂 Post soon 🙂

  10. Episode was awesome and emotional tooo
    Feeling sad for kunj
    And don’t separate twinj plzzz
    Post soon

  11. Ramya

    Awesome shreya
    But I’m feeling very bad cor kunj
    But hw is so nice
    I loved it
    I hope everything sets well
    Love u keep smiling

  12. Baby

    Loved it…emotional n cute jst crying….
    Love u…. 🙂

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