Promise me..You won’t Fall in Love with me (Chapter 7)~Shreya

[The ff will be in Kunj’s voice or in narrator’s voice..when I’d need to show both of their perspectives..I am using Kunj’s perspective below]

Chapter 7#Will You…..?
I woke up ..And realized that it’s 4 a.m…my eyes fell on my angel..she was sleeping peacefully.. I could sense her breathe..and lightened up!
I sat was sitting beside her adoring my love..just then…I got a call..fortunately I’d kept it on vibration mode so that my love can sleep nicely…i picked it up..
“Great Job Mehra..”..I ended the conversation with this ..and looked at my twinkle… “I’ll fulfill my promise my Love”..I whispered.

“But you’ve broken it”… I heard…oh shit!…I woke her up!
“ Good Morning Sweetheart “..I kissed her forehead.. She smiled..
“ You broke your promise Kunj “..she said..
I looked at her with a ‘??’ mark on my face…
“You promised me ..that you’ll never fall in love with me Kunj…and you broke that..”..she said a bit upset and turned her face to the other side…
Ahh! pains when she looks away from me…I love to be in her eyes.. I made her face me..

“what could have I done?…I had only two options… Ya toh main apna promise todta ya phir dil tod deta..and I am so selfish you know…I don’t want any heartbreak.. “…I said ..
“ dikh raha h tum kitne selfish ho..”..she pulled my nose..
“Hey…”..I Pouted and she laughed… she looks so adorable when she laughs..
“You don’t know…I am very selfish.. See I am here with you ..coz I wanted to be with my Love… I am selfish.. “..I said resting on my back chair.
“Ohh…I see ..”.. She said..
“ see I am doing so much for you..aaj pata mere favorite.. Aalu k paraanthe banati…but I am missing them for you..socho main itna kuch kar raha hoon…toh tum kya karogi ..mere liye??”….I talked resting my face on my palm..
“Main tumhaare liya kyakar paungi Kunj…”…she said..I saw her eyes turning glassy…
“Chup..baar baar kyu roti ho?..(I cupped her face).. Bolo yaar.. Kuch nahi karogi kya kabhi mere liye?”..I said with a puppy face..

.”haan haan…tum..”
“Main tumhaare liye…Haan…nahi Nahi..nahi..nahi..Haan..haan..nhi..”
“Kya twinkle… Haan nahi haan nahi …tumhe mere liye kuch nahi karna??”…
“Karna hai Kunj…but..agar mujhe vo mauka hi nahi mila toh ?…”
“Bas han ya na bolo…”…She nodded in a YES at my words…
“Then..Twinkle… Will you…Marry Me?? “…I said…she looked at me widening her eyes..
“ Kunj “..she breathed

“Answer me..Twinkle.. Will you marry me..will you make me the luckiest guy on this planet who’s this most gorgeous girl in the whole whole Universe is…?…Just say YES Twinkle… Plz…”…I requested her with the whole of my heart.
“Kunj”… I heard Mr.Taneja’s angry voice…
“Sir…”..I said..
“You’ll not marry her…”…he said going away…
“Sir plz..”.. I said getting up…Twinkle was holding my hand…I looked at her..she was looking at me with an innocence , hope and love in her eyes… I caressed her forehead and walked to Mr.Taneja.

“Why are doing this Sir.. I Love twinkle.. Plz …”.. I said when I found him standing in a room facing his back to me..

“Kunj..why do you want to?…I can’t spoil your life..I didn’t stopped you from meeting Twinkle because I wanted to see smile on her face..but Marriage!!???…don’t your care for your life?..…”..he said..
“Sir plz…My life is Twinkle.. I want to marry her
..plz sir…I want to fulfill her wishes.. And you can’t stop me from loving her and taking care of her…allow me to marry her sir … was her wish to get married some day..Please sir…I want to fulfill each and every wish of hers..”..I said..he turned and was may be shocked to see me…I was sitting on my knees with my hands joined…had tears in my eyes.. ..I was literally begging him for his daughter’s hand…I think people take it lightly when a lover says that he can do anything for his love d.. But they don’t know..that there’s nothing more important than love when you are in Love…

He made me get up..patted my shoulder… And said…
“Go…you are too stubborn to be dealt with..”..
“ Do you trust me sir?”..I asked…I had to…I was standing in front of him ..asking for his daughter’s hand..
“…I trust you…I know you’ll take care of my daughter.. “
“We’ll get married today itself..we can’t know that..all the preps..I’ll Handel them…”..I told..
“Bohot ziddi ho..but…you’re a nice boy ”…… He patted my shoulder


Hope u liked it…
Sorry for I made many of u cry the day before and made u all emotional…

Do comment …

Love youuuu ?

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  1. Purvi128

    Shreyoooo… My baby.. My darling…
    What an epi… just mindblowing… loved it.. too awesome.. amazing.superb.. fantabulous.. ?????
    Loved the way kunj makes her laugh nd ask for marriage… ufff just loved it.. ?????? nd crying too cuz mere twinj… plsss twinkle ko mat maarna… i beg you…
    I was crying when Kunj was pleading her father.. just too good.. he was in so much pain.. thank god he agreed…
    That’s true that there is nothing more imp than love when u r in love., ❤ sachii mein…
    Now waitimg for the next…. hope u post soon…
    Aur haan plsss ab toh angry nhi hai na mera bachhaa mujhse?? Plsss sorryyyy.. I LOVE YOU ❤?
    Plss don’t be angry wid me.. ?❤❤❤??
    LOVE U LOADS ND LOADS ❤???❤❤❤❤??

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Di ho toh maaf kiya …..
      Thanks for commenting..????

      And mummy ne nahi sikhaya kya..badi behn choti se maangto nahi…hak se leti h..??
      ..See Twinkle maregi ya nahi.. Next to next part main shayad pata chal jaayega…so chill..???

      1. Purvi128

        Awww meri sweetie … .. love you my bachaa…❤❤??

    2. Jiya_Ani

      Love you toooooo..

  2. Sohi

    Oh my God what a episode yaar
    How innocent twinkle is
    Liked kunjs passion for twinkle
    Waiting for their marriage
    Do continue and post soon

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thank you soooooooooo much my sohu didu..I’ll post asap..???????????????????????

  3. Presha

    Hey shreyuuuu…
    This was just awesome yaar.. ??
    Loved it to core… ??
    Kunj is so stubborn to be dealt loved this line… ??
    Love u.. ❤?❤
    Post soon..

  4. Ritzi

    Zabbbbaaaaarrrrrdast! Blast! Wht not? Kya epi likha hai yaar…bahut mast epi…ab next epi mei unka romance dikhana!

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Haan Haan kyu nahi..leukemia patient ko bed se utha kar romance karaun naa….pagal…yahaan uske baithne ki haalat nahi aur aap keh rahi h romance karau…
      Had h ..?..main bhi kisi pagal ko dost bana k baithi hoon..
      ??..thanks for comment my jaan..???

      1. Ritzi

        Arre pagal…ab unki shaadi karva rhi hai toh honeymoon dikhane mei kya Harz hai terko…bhul mat…ye ff hai, real life Nhi hai …ffs mei toh kuch bhi ho sakta hai…accha ek kaam karna …twinkle ko calcium ki tablet dilva dena toh energy aa jayegi??

  5. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome fabulous

  6. Baby

    Ohhhhh….god m in love wid dis kunj…….he is sooo caring sooo lovely sooo cute….awwww….babaji shreyoooo lovely it is going I mean srsly sch an emotional episode…..kunj will fulfil all her wishes he begged for her…..awwwww…..its jst like a fairytale… which is d moat beautiful feeling in dis whole world in whole universe…. 🙂
    Jst wow…m speechless m spell bound n shame on d prsn who uses love….n u know who jst its wow….adorable m crying ryt now…..burrii tarike se…..
    Well love u…. 🙂
    Post soon…. 🙂

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thanks a lotttttt Suzen ???..ab aadat si daal lo…I am glad that u are loving this and am sad that u r crying coz of me…u know naa I love my suji ka halwa (I call Suzen this?)

      1. Baby

        Achaaa bt tu mujhe yahan toh vhi bula naa jo bulati thi….kunki I ll miss dat name luvi…suzi ka halwa…hhehee…cute though…

    2. Jiya_Ani

      Ohhkaayyyy ??????

  7. RUTU.....

    Hey Jiya
    Today after many days opened Tu and read your this ss I loved it to the core today only I readed all the parts you are the wonderful writer I ever seen I have no words to describe for your appreciation you write like a professional writer your words describe whole scenario with emotions ,You know I have very busy schedule so I don’t able to open tu and today I got some time so I opened & you forced me to read all parts and comment but I am very glad that I commented, u are not like you are professional writer for me
    And at last after my so much bukbuk
    Sorry for not commenting on previous episodes reason to u know I told you earlier hope u will understand
    Love you so much ?????????

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Hiiii RUTU di…was quite missing u..thanks a ton for liking my work and appreciating in such a way that my lips turned into a wideeeeee smile ???

      Thanks a billion times more for taking out time to read this ss though u were busy..
      Its k 4 me that u weren’t able to comment before.. Coz what matters is that though u read late but loved my story…
      Thank you ??

      And yup..Jiya is my bff..I am Ani..??

  8. SidMin23

    Nice and emotional as how kunj was pleading twinkle dad for marrrying her and don’t kill twinkle or gvr double surprise in coming part.

  9. Ramya

    Shreya awesome amazing bohat hi pyaara that kunn ka request karna mr. Taneja was really adorable
    Ab bas unki shadi kara do nn unhe hamesha sath rakhina plssssssssss
    Love u keep smiling

  10. SidMin

    Aww yaar just awesome … Loved it … I have now it’s to describe how much I loved the episode…. it was just too good …
    Love you post soon .❤

  11. Superb episode dear
    Post next one soon
    Can’t wait

  12. Simiyy

    It was good yet emotional
    post soon

  13. Oooo???????kya kahu ???….accha chalo keh deti hoon kuch warna khali comment accha nahi lagega????Awsome yet emotional ??aur haa romance toh banta hai …bahle hi calcium ki golliyaan deni padee??post next soon??

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