Promise me..You won’t Fall in Love with me (Chapter 6)~Shreya

[The ff will be in Kunj’s voice or in narrator’s voice..when I’d need to show both of their perspectives…I am reintroducing Kunj’s Voice]

Chapter 6# With Love
I woke up and found myself on the hospital bed…with an IV…I pulled that IV off and got up the bed…the nurse came to stop me…the doctor too…
“I need to go to my Twinkle… Let me go”.. I said
“.. Mr.Sarna…You aren’t better take rest..”.. The doctor insisted
” No..I am fine…I just need to be with My twinkle..”..I said & rushed out of the room.

I was at her house…the maid stopped me from entering… But A middle aged man..probably Twinkle’s father let me in..
I went up to Twinkle’s Room..

I stood at the door …my heart cried on seeing her lying on the bed..with closed eyes with machines around her bed…she opened her eyes
“..Kunj…”.. She breathed ..a tear escaped from her eye..I rushed to her and..gently wiped her tears..sitting on a chair beside..
” sshush..don’t cry..I hate tears in your eyes.. “.I said..

” that’s why you keep them in your eyes? “..she said looking at me faintly.
” I told you to go away naa..why did you came here Kunj..why? “..She cried.
“.. And I told you..that you can never lie to me…and you don’t cry okay ..I know everything.. You don’t need to hide anything”… I said cupping her face ..
She tried to sit..

” twinkle.. Be careful “..I made her sit properly and keeping the pillow behind her..
” Kunj..Kyu aaye ho yahaan?..kyu…kyu mere liye sab chod ke jaana mushkil bana rahe ho…jao naa…main tumhe nahi chodna chahti…kyu aaye ho meri life main jeene ki vajah BANKE kyu…kyu …”..she started to beat me lightly on my chest…
“Twinkle..”… I hugged her if there’s no tommorow.. She wrapped her arms around my chest..and rested her head on my chest…
We were lost in each other’s embrace… I felt my shirt getting a bit wet…I parted and cupped her face.

“I told you na..don’t cry…pls…”…I wiped her tears
” I want to live Kunj…I want to live for you..I want to live because of you Kunj…I want to live with you…Kunj..I don’t want to die..I want to be with you…”..she cried..
“I..won’t.. Let you die …”.. I hugged her again.

The house maid came with soup for Twinkle..
“Its your time to take meds ..let me make you have this and then your meds”.. She said.
“.. May I?..”.. I asked forwarding my hand towards the tray…she smiled and gave it to me before going out.

“Come..let me feed you…I know..bohot tasty nahi..but still..khana toh padega..varna takat kahaan se aayegi?”.. I said trying to lighten her mood…she smiled a bit and said..” Tum saath ho na…aur kisi baat se fark nahi padta sivaye ki jald hi main tumhe…”..I stuffed that spoon of soup into her mouth not letting her comeplete..

“Kya kar rahe ho…?”
“Faltu baton ko ignore..”… I said making her drink the soup..I can feel a continuous gaze on me..

” ohkay…ab main itna hot bhi nahi ki tum mujhe is haalat main bhi loot lo…”
She smiled a bit..”tumhe aisi situations main bhi mazaak soojhte hain?”..she said..
“Tumhari smile se zyaada kuch important ho sakta hai kya?”… I said..” have your medicine “..I gave her meds…she slowly lied on my arm..I cupped her face..she dosed off soon…I made her lie on bed properly.. And covered her with the blanket… I tried to get up…but she was holding my hand in sleep too…a tear rolled down my cheek..I wiped it off before kissing her forehead..I held her hand with both of my hands..just then I saw Twinkle’s father entering silently into the room…
I looked at him in a thankful manner..he came to me…patted my shoulder with love and went..I was happy!…

I looked at Twinkle.. Its true that why had God created gaps between fingers is because so that Someone who is special for you can fill those gaps and hold your hands forever… I’ll never leave you nor will let you leave me..

I saw twinkle being disturbed a bit by the light.. I switched the lamp off…and didn’t realized when I too slept looking at her sleeping peacefully.. I just prayed that she wakes up tomorrow ?.


That’s all I have strength to write…I myself started crying writing this part..I’ve lost my Akku- someone really close to me..because of this same disease..and I wasn’t able to meet her the last time too…
Aah…??..I shouldn’t talk so Emotional …sorry…!

I hope that I was able to potray the emotions.. Coz I know that I am really very bad at writing sad parts… But still I am trying…

Do give your views below…
Thanks to alllll to all those who have read and commented..?

This ff is approaching towards end…let’s pray that Kunj’s prayer gets fulfilled…

Will Twinkle wake?..

With Love❤

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  1. Sohi

    Yaar this episode made me emotional
    Even coz of this I lost someone close to me
    Twinj scenes were sweet but very emotional
    Do continue and post soon

  2. Hey.. beautifully penned .. loved it .. I am really sorry for your loss.. sometimes something’s are not in our hands we can’t help it rather to accept the bitter truth.. anyways your ff us just awesome. One request please don’t let kunj lose his own twinkle..please dear..

  3. Baby

    Shreyooo….my luvi…m jst crying…yrr….wat can I say twinkle hv a disease….n she ohhhh it was sooo cute sooo emotional jst luvd it….n jst crying……it was beautiful…..kunj was really amazing…was in pain….cant say more…speechless…n jst cried more wen u said u u know leave dat do t cry jst try to smile…….really love u d one u hv lost wuld surely b smiling at u n blessing u ryt now….. 🙂
    Love u luvi…. 🙂
    Post soon…. 🙂

  4. Presha

    Hey shreya..
    Its awesome…
    Just loved it yaar .
    Too good..
    Its so emotional.

  5. Very emotional

  6. It was awesome yet emotional episode

  7. Simiyy

    Glad you posted
    It was really sad
    Liked twinj bonding
    Post soon

  8. Ramya

    Awesome shreya
    Rula diya
    But awesome amazing
    Kunn twinkle saatn hai na I hope everything will become fine
    Love u keep smiling

  9. SidMin

    The episode was just beyond words … I really have no words to explain how I felt reading it …
    Love you and post soon … ❤

  10. Twinjfan.tamanna

    awesome se bi zyada awesome shreya! sacchi! I m crying now! its so beautifully written! I just loved it to the core! don’t make kunj loose.his Twinkle plz!

    with love,
    Urs Tamanna

  11. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing emotional

  12. SidMin23

    Emotion and twinj conversations was damn emotional ? and the ways twinkle said I don’t want to die made my cry ? hope twinkle woke up and don’t separate twinj make them tother. Dooost soon.

  13. Yaa …’s true ….the pain of losing someone you love cannot be imagined……..I had also lost two precious gems from my life in same way.?i wish I could have met them before they left mee …….but I hope they live in peace??hufffff emotional …..???? kar diyaaa…….well coming to the ff
    ……brilliant ?????…..hope twinkle lives ???

  14. Purvi128

    The episode was literally just beyond words… I just can’t write how felt reading it. ? It was so emotional yarr… Twonk’s talks were too cute., I m seriously crying.. and u portray the emotions very well. U knw what? When u r able to portray the feelings and made ir readers cry then u r truely an amazing writer… Nd u made me cry by this amazing piece… Seriously I m crying.. plssss don’t let her die.., maarna mat twinkle ko… suchhi when she said she don’t want to die .. my heart sinks in… i was just ???? I hope kunj’s prayers got answered…
    Wesy ek baat kitna pyaar kerta hai kunj twinkle se … even when he is in this state seeing her like dat.. he is so depressed even in that condition he is able to make her smile.., her smile matters most to him.. Loved their talks ??? Was crying while reading the episode.. I request u plss twinkle ko kuch mat hone dena….. i know pyaar me bht taakat hoti hai… he will made her live… nd she will fight with death for her kunj… ???
    Jaldi post ker next.. i can’t wait..
    Love you ??????

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Vaise toh main soch k baithi thi k baat nahi karni h aapse..but ur comment is making me reply…coz I am glad that you noticed Kunj’s efforts towards Twinkle’s smile though he’s depressed…?

      Twinkle ki life expectancy is less than death probabilities…haan pyaar main taakat hoti h..pyaar umeed deta h…him at deta h…but jisko jaana h vo jayega aur jise jeena h vo jeeyega..we can never change that…moreover leukemia is very deadly…
      Thanks for ur love and complement…. And…
      Mat quit karo naaaaaaa ??????

      Main gussa rehne wali hoon….? till u decide not to quit completely

      1. Purvi128

        Oyeeee mera buchaaa…. tu ne meri post nhi dekhi kal ki.. I mean mera ff.. jaa jaaker dekh.., i have mentioned that I was making u all april fool…. Achaa sorrrryyyyy meri darling… i m not quitting and that’s pakkaa promise… pinky promise .. I m not quitting…. but meri ek request accept ker le darling… maarna mat twinkle ko… bechare kunj ka kya hogaa…? Nhiiiiiiiiiii me ro ro ker pagal hojaun gi.. Noooooooooooooòoooooooooooo…. ??????????????????
        Plssssssss… its my sincere request aagay teri marzi….
        Maaf ker diya na or gussa toh nhi???
        Love you ????

    2. Jiya_Ani

      Don’t talk to me…aur Twinkle se saath jo hoga..vo hoga…but apne meri jaan nikaal li thi yaar…????

      I am not at all in mood to talk to u..??….

      1. Purvi128

        Awww meri baby.., my darling… shollyyyyy ????? Maak ker do .. plsssshhhh
        Ab tum maaf nhi kero gi toh I will be sad all the day nd night.. plssssssss ??? I LOVE YOU ?❤?

  15. Jiya it was awesome
    Feeling sad for twinkle

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