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Promise me..You won’t Fall in Love with me (Chapter 5)~Shreya


[The ff will be in Kunj’s voice or in narrator’s voice..when I’d need to show both of their perspectives…today I am using Narrative voice..hope you aren’t getting confused]

Chapter 5# The Day of Truth!
Three days…since three days..Kunj hadn’t seen Twinkle… Daily… The watchman of her house denies to tell where Twinkle and her father is…But Kunj is more stubborn that you can think..that too when it comes to Twinkle….once again he is requesting the watchman to tell about Twinkle’s whereabouts..
“Please…tell na..where she is…aap plz bata do kahaan hai…aap jante ho agar apne nahi bataya.. Toh main kal phir aaunga…”…He kept on requesting
“Beta…main jaanta hoon..tu cookie bitia ko bohot chata h…par main majboor hoon”..he said..
“ aap plz bata do…main mar jaunga uske bina..”
After thinking for sometime..”mujhe hospital ka naam toh theek se nahi pata..par dono kuch dino se kisi hospital main hi hai..”…the watchman melted on seeing Kunj’s pleads..
“Hospital!… Matlab..Twinkle ke papa… He isn’t well…and usne mujhe kuch nahi bataya.. “…he thanked him and went off with his car.

~Narrative voice ends
Kunj’s Voice~
All way Long…I don’t know why..I had some weird kind of feeling was hitting my heart…I’ve asked my family & business security in charge to get me information of a Taneja named patient ..
I was just having Twinkle’s pictures flashing down my mind…


Once in a walk…
“ you have any wish”..I asked and she looked at me with a small curve… I just hope someday I’ll succeed in making her smile brightly..
“Yah..I do”.. She replied in her sweet voice
“ what’s that??”…I asked looking at her with curiosity..
“Kunj…I want to walk down the aisle with my father…I wish that some day he gives my hand in the hands of a boy who will always love me…I wish..someday..that could happen”…I smiled…though I felt strange.. She wishes to get married some day…but Why?

Doesn’t she knows that every girl passes a stage of her life when her father who always kept her as a princess gives her hand in the hands of the guy who’ll always take care of her..will love her…will keep his princess as a queen…every girl gets married one day..then why such wish?”…But I PROMISE TO BE YOUR MAN TWINKLE…
What I just did!???…I promised my heart to be her Man…Why?…Am I …in Love with ..Twinkle?..
I was lost in thoughts.



I reached the City Hospital’s reception…
“Yes may I help you sir”
“Where’s the patient… I mean…what’s the name of her father?.. I don’t know..”.. I said breathing a bit faster…”um..yeah…Taneja..any patient with surname Taneja?”…I told as I realized that it isn’t hard to search for a Punjabi in Darjeeling’s hospital!..
“Let me check sir”… The receptionist checked.
I was just so restless till the receptionist checked!..I don’t know why…My concise is somewhere tensed!…
“Yes sir…we had a patient admitted.. But she had been discharged an hour back”…
I then realized that I spent more than an hour in searching the exact name of the hospital!…
“..the name is Twinkle Taneja sir…”…her further words made the earth swipe down my feet….”Twi..Twinkle Taneja!…check that again plz..”…
“Yes sir..that’s Miss.Taneja… She has been discharged.. “..the receptionist confirmed… I was in a complete shock..
My Twinkle… My Angel was admitted.. She wasn’t well..I …I wasn’t with her…I felt like killing myself….
‘How…can you do this Kunj….You promised that you aren’t going to leave her….and you weren’t with her….shame on you Kunj…what on earth are you doing if you cannot be with your Twinkle at the times when she needed you…’..I slapped my consciousness..

“can..Can you tell me who was the Doctor In charge of her case?”
“Umm..yes. Sir…the doctor in charge of Miss.Taneja’s case is Dr. Rishabh Bose”…. …She replied checking her screen
“Thanks a lot…Can I meet him?..”..I asked being on the edge.
“He has just returned….Yeah..I can fix your appointment for now..”..she said.

I was in Doctor’s cabin..
“Sir..what has happened to Twinkle?”..
“ I am treating Twinkle since childhood… But..”
“But what?..why has happened to her damn it?…Say..”… I said a bit angry..why isn’t anyone ready to tell the truth??

“..Mr.Sarna…Twinkle is a …Leukemia patient.. She is breathing her last breathes..we cannot treat leukemia now…I have been treating since the initial stage… We need much professional doctor.. But she doesn’t have that time….there are only 25% chanches for her survival..but Mr.Taneja has already lost whatever he owned …for Twinkle’s treatment..he can’t afford the last operation..moreover..we cant handel this case now..she needs a much better doctor…she wanted to die at her home ..she we have shifted her there..”…he kept on telling…but I was sitting there numb…Tears were gushing down my eyes continuously… My world shattered.. I was shattered into pieces.. But didn’t had any strength to pick those pieces.. I felt like even my heart was crying out..I felt it wanted to come out ……
I felt my vision becoming blurr…and ….Dark!…I fell down …I don’t know what happened after.. I wasn’t in my senses..I saw Twinkle in front of eyes in that darkness…!


Phew!…can’t write longer…my session has started.. Now I am a 10thie…that to with a board pattern…I am hell busy guys..

I am extremely sorry for being late…to compensate.. I’d post Part6 today only..

Till then…give down ur comments..😍😍😍

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  1. Jiya u made me to cry really it was too emotional nd awesome to
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  3. Purvi128

    Shreyooo baby… Rula Diya.. 😭😭😭😭😭😭 Itna rona aaraha hai… Twinkle.. Huhh… I knew it.. Ke twinkle ko koi disease hogi… But what will happen now…?? I m dying out if curiosity.. Plsss jaldi post kerna..
    Uff kunj’s pov was solo awesome.. I was crying reading this episode…
    Jaldi post kerna next..
    Love you Shreyoo 😘😘😘😘

  4. Sohi

    Episode was amazing yet emotional
    Felt bad for twinkle but more for kunj
    Congrats and all the best for going in tenth
    Post whenever you get time
    Do continue

  5. Baby

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    Sooo emotional sooo emotional luvi m jst crying……beautiful jst luvd It vry vry vry mch…….
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  6. Baby

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    Rula diya yaar shreya sacchi I loved it so much! I somewhere knew it would happen! I really loved it

    With love,
    Urs Tamanna

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    Yaar you made me so emotional…. the part was just too good beyond words …
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