Promise me..You won’t Fall in Love with me (Chapter 10)~Last Chapter by shreya

[I am reintroducing Kunj’s voice]
Chapter 10#I LOVE YOU (Us together)….Last Chapter

Twinkle was lying on bed..and Yuvraj was doing her check up…
“What happened?… The thing I amn’t able to understand is why r you here all of sudden??… Reply yuvi”.. I blurted being impatient.
“Kunj …there’s no need to worry..I was just doing her normal routine check up..bas ek baat”…He said making me more tensed..
“Stay away from her”..he said…
“Kya bola”.. I punched him on his mid riff..
“ Abe…uff..maar kyu raha hoon yaar main Teri wife ka..”..he said.
“Uper se…be kis chakki ka aata khata h….ahh!…bohot zor ki lagi yaar”..he continued..
“Doctor hai toh bakwas mat kar.. Kaam ki baat kar”.. I said..
“ bhai..I mean..thoda door reh Abhi Bhabhi se..she is a bit weak for…you know…Samajh toh raha h na tu..”..he said making me understand..
Ab yaar had h ye..chalo kuch din kya main apni Twinkle k liye wait nahi kar sakta … ab itna control toh hona hi chahiye tumme Kunj Sarna..For your Twinkle.. Thinking I looked at her she was looking at both of us with wide eyes like a cute baby who wants ice-cream but the vendor is asking to wait…okay Kunj stop your assumptions.. But if this girl is going to be like this only then how’d I control??..
“Thanks for such a good advice.. Chal main tujhe bahar tak chod k aaun..”..I said holding his nape and dragging him out of my room..
“ kunj…just don’t kill me..I have a date today….”..he said trying to move out of my grip..
“Acha beta..meri life k romance ki vaat laga k date pe jaa raha h…tujhe toh main dekh lunga…”..I left..
He patted my shoulder and went away laughing..huh!..I returned to my Twinkle shutting the door.

I sat beside her on the bed..she sat straight and smiled looking at me..
“Tum dono bohot ache dost ho na?”.. She said..
“ haan..jab se hum chaddiyon main hain….hum tab se chuddy buddies h”..I said..
“Seriously Kunj..”.. She gave me an unbelievable look…ya fine I agree mera illustration dosti ka..weird tha..I showed her my shining white 32 teeth..
“..hum best friends hain..Jo uska vo mera aur Jo mera h..uspar uska bhi poora hak h..sirf tumhe chod ke..kyunki tum sirf meri ho..”..I made her cheeks go pink ????
“Dosti kitni awesome hoti h naa Kunj..bas mere paas hi kabhi koi dost nahi tha..”..she said a bit upset..I cupped her face..
“Main kabhi tumhara dost nahi tha kya??”.. I asked..
She nodded in a Yes..with a smile..
“Jab him dost hain toh kaise kabhi tumhe koi dost nahi mila?..ab hum saath hain ek doosre ke…aur ab hamari lives main kuch ahoora nahi hoga..kuch kam nahi hoga..”..I entwined my hands with hers and kissed her forehead..
“ Kunj…tumne suna nahi kya..Doctor ne kya bola tha…tum mujhse door raho..”..she said innocently removing my hand…
So cute..I just love her..?
“Twinkle.. Uska matlab yeh nahi tha..”..I said moving a bit closer to my innocent wife..
“Then??”… She said confused..
“ Aise kaise batau…bad thoda sa wait..phir bohot ache se samjha dunga..don’t worry..”..I slightly dug my face in her neck and pecked her there..
“No need…”..she pushed me laughing..

There was a knock at the door so I opened the door and found mom and dad..
“I know Twinkle is weak toh main aagyi apni beti k paad…chal side ho “ said entering my room I smiled..

“Maa”.. Twinkle got up
“ are are ..baithi reh puttar..baith..chal ab apna soup Peelo phir aaram kar lena” made her sit and fed her soup…I stood there smiling.

“Sahi h..bahu kya aa gyi bete ko bhool gyi aap..”.. I faked tears ?
“ Alle mela chota sa puttar…aaja”..
“Mom..ab main koi chota sa baccha nahi hoon..I am 27 yaar..”.. I said sitting beside her.
“ Teri nautankiyon ke samne toh 5 saal ka bacha bhi surrender kar de..”..she held my ears..
“Mom..Atleast Twinkle k saamne nahi ..meri wife kya sochegi..”.. I said..
“ kuch nahi..kyunki meri nu badi samajhdaar h..haina”..she pulled Twinkle’s cheeks and Twinkle gave me a ‘haha..bechra mera pati’ type expression to me..

I was sitting on sofa..thinking .. when Twinkle came out after bathing..
“Kya hua Kunj?”.. She asked
I went to her..
“ twinkle.. Mujhe tumse kuch poochna h…its very important.. Sab kuch itna jaldi jaldi main is baat par dhyaan bhi nahi de paya..”..I said..
“..what Kunj?..ask”.. She said..
“ Twinkle.. “..I held her shoulders with firmness on my face..” Do you ..Love me?”..I saw her smile fainting.. She looked at me apparently.. I was completely blank..she bowed her head a bit down..
My eyes turned glassy…I married her and didn’t even bothered to know if she loves me or not! can I be so selfish.. And look at her..she didn’t uttered a hands slid off her shoulders..

Suddenly I heard her laughing… She was laughing looking at me..
I looked at her with a puppy frown..
“..Are you mad?..”..she said trying to stop her laughs..”I do love you Kunj..”

What!!..what did she just said..I excitedly made her sit on the bed and sat in front of her..
“What did you said.. Say that again”.. She held my hand..” I said I LOVE YOU patidev…bilkul pagal h mera pati”..she pulled my nose my excitement had no bounds..I hugged her so quickly and tight that we both fell on the bed..
“Kitna??”.. I asked parting but still being on top of her..
“.. Kunj..tum sach main buddhu ho..aise sawal kahaan se laate ho??..meri life ho tum…meri duniya ..meri zindagi..mera pyaar..mera sab kuch tum hi ho..aaj main zinda hoon..toh sirf tumhari vajah se..
Main tumhaare liye apne pyaar ko shabdon main kaise kahun?..”..saying she kissed my cute my wife looks when she blushes…
But right now..I donno anything.. I just want to hug I did..
“I love you” we breathed together..

~Happy start for a happy married life~


So here my SS comes to an end..but this isn’t the end of Twinj Love..?We know..there wouldn’t be any too..

Maha, Chandra, Amaya,Misha,Sidmin23,Sidmin di,Purnima di,Simyy,Sohi di, Cp,Presha Ritzu, Ramya di & Kiya…..thanks a lotttttt for commenting.. I am happy that my silent readers opened up and you all are happy with a happy end ?

Simyy di..I’ll soon post an article.. Do read that..???

Drop down your comments below..

I wish silent readers (if any) to open up today…and yeah..Anayali..are u here????

Love you ??

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