I Promise You – a ViDha OS-


Hey sweet IKRS family pellows! First of all thanks to open the page and be set to read.
Here is one ViDha OS that popped in my mind when trying to find one very good. It is inspired from the original storyline, and it’s just an imagination of a different ViDha reunion after Dhaani saw Viplav crying on Kamini’s shoulder.
Hopefully it will be satisfyingly good.


I wouldn’t have believed I would see her again, in such a situation.
She’s there, laid on her room bed beautifully, like the Sleeping Beauty in the Wood, who waits with impatience for her prince charming to wake her up, the lips on hers as an alarm ringtone.
It would have been perfect if the actual situation really meant the same.
I look at her masked face, and her lips that made me feel she was calling me, her breath steam leaving its trace on her oxygen mask each time she breathes in, breathes out. She was in need of my presence, and all these weeks spent, me in our Banaras, and her somewhere far from me, far from my gaze that only needs to admire her grace, I felt her soul in quest of her husband’s warmness. I was staring at her immobile figure through the transparent portion on the door, and slowly my hand, in the wish of touching her, feeling her skin into mine, faced against the wooden door.
Tears started rolling down my cheeks when one hand took its place on my shoulder.
– Don’t cry son. She will be fine, the motherly voice said.
– If only that day never came into our lives, I cried looking at Dhaani.
– It had to happen bachwaji, she convinces me.
– I can’t believe Dhaani felt I could cheat on her.
– She could never feel it. Pain and innocence made her believe what she saw at that instant, she replied looking at me with pain.
– Khakhi, no girl can never attract me except my Dhaani, she is everything to me. I have never needed any other company since she is in my life. However I used to be before, or she might think I used to be, I can never think to cheat on my wife, I said worried.
– I believe you son, but today you have to make her think the same of you. You have to make her believe in life, because what she has lost now will burn her entire heart for the rest of her life.
– I can lose anything, but not the smile on her face, I promised her.
– The patient has opened her eyes. You may see her. And please make sure you don’t disturb her a lot. She just gained consciousness after the operation, the nurse came to us and said.

(Dulaari enters in the room while Viplav stays outside) She left me alone in our beautiful world while she came to see me to celebrate the happiness of (Viplav sees Dulaari caressing Dhaani’s head in tears) stepping in to the next stage in our marriage life. She was too excited that she lost her senses and came to see me at home discretely. (Viplav is seen shedding tears looking at Dhaani and reminding the past in his mind) However, that would have been the worst coincidence she found me crying my pain, half drunk, on the shoulder of our life vamp Kamini.
Yes, I finally came to know she was behind all those silly misunderstandings between my Dhaani and me, but it was too late. And, (Dulaari comes out of the room and lets Viplav meet Dhaani) if Dhaani got to leave me, then it’s totally my own fault, (the door of the room gets closed behind Viplav who came into the room while Dhaani was crying so much, her face hidden into her hands) as I didn’t believe her honesty at that moment. If I had had, nothing like this would have happened. (Viplav walking towards Dhaani) We would have been living our happy life together; we would have lived the happiness of becoming parents, of having our own child.
(he sits besides Dhaani on the bed) Today, (he thinks of himself taking her hand into his…) because of my own stupidity, (… and lovably caresses her hair) I made her suffer so much.
When I got that call of that police officer revealing that bomb blast that happened to be the biggest loss in my life, I sacrificed my happiness. When I found her mangalsutra in between the covered bodies of those women, my heart told millions. It brought that “ehsaas” my Dhaani was still alive. And that one positive thought made my soul stop wiping tears. How many ? How many nights would I have been laid on the bed, feeling she was there with me, close to my heart, looking the prettiest sleeping like a little baby, yet not really? My family thought I was going crazy waiting for her but I knew she will be somewhere in this world with hopes I will come to her.
(the feeling of his skin on hers made the pretty woman open her eyes again and look at him. She gets shocked seeing the man while tears told how much she was impatient to see him again.
Suddenly her expressions changed towards me and she faced the window.
– Why are you hiding your face from your husband?, I asked terribly hurt of her hide-and-seek game.
– I… Go away from here Viplav.
– Why? Can’t you even face me for what happened?
(she tries hard to lean her back on the headboard and when he tries to help her, she gets frozen into emotions of feeling him again. He understood her thinking and he kissed a smile on his lips when she was looking down)
– You must worry to face me for what happened, she said with confidence.
– What did I do?
– (turns her head to look at him) You… don’t you know what happened?
– I do, but what did (stressing on “you”) you do ?
– You threw me out of the house Viplav. First I thought you were really angry at me. And I couldn’t bear you didn’t believe me. But then God made it possible to know the reality.
– Which reality?
– I can’t even mention it the way I..
– You might not even ask me about not believing you.
– I believed you Viplav. I believed you the most in this world, more than my mother. But what did you do in return?
– (got closer to her talking) I believe you more than how much belief you have in me. And if you would have listened the entire conversation, then you might not be thinking the same.
– I don’t care anymore.
(She hits on his arm, which makes him laugh, letting her get curious.)

– Why are you laughing?
– If you think that I will believe you hate me doing this, then (he holds her by her waist and pulls her towards him, making her hands fall on his chest) it is not won my dear.
(Viplav looks into her innocent eyes while she was lost into his grip) How long I have been waiting to have her in my embrace. Her romantic-red-rose-flavoured talc smell, I have missed it for weeks. And she enjoyed my breath blowing on her soft skin, showing again and again her true feelings towards me. She was unable to maintain her mind and, her heart taking over the rule of her conscience, she fell into my arms and hugged tightly my body. That’s what I was waiting for, and I softly caressed her back.
– I am sorry Viplav. Neither I could have saved our marriage, nor our only to-be-happiness, she cried her pain out. I am really sorry.
– Don’t be Dhaani, what had to happen, happened as per His wishes, I convinced her. I just feared I would lose you forever. But He fulfilled that one wish of mine, I said to my crying wife, hiding my own tears in me.
– If only that day never came in our life…
– Shhhhh, I stopped her caressing her back. Let’s not talk about that. Believe it as the test of destiny that we can never live separately.
She loosens my grip and raises her head facing me tired and teary-eyed.
– I promise you, I will never ever leave you alone. This is a promise on (he takes her one hand) my true love for you. (he kisses on her moistened palm)
– And I promise you, to never disbelieve my true love for you, she breathes relieved, on our lost child.
I bent down my head and reaching her soft cheek, I dropped an intense lip-mark, taking away her worries. Kissing, I felt her soft hands sliding on my back under my opened shirt seeking for warmness and she tightly caught my t-shirt in her fingers. Me then covering with my arms her shoulders, we got lost into our own world for, what they usually mean, an eternity, promising each other of being his Dhaani and her Viplav, hamesha & forever.


Thanks for reading. Keep commenting and telling your views.
Alright. This was my first try of an one shot story, as I am very bad on limiting myself. xD
Hopefully you liked it. It was a small idea that came into my mind about a different reunion sadder and less longer than what I made in IKRS – AIFF.
Thanks again.
With lots of love!

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  1. hmm u r right shruthy… If real ikrs is like this.. I am one of the happiest person in ikrs world… And thanks for updating one shot ff… 🙂

    1. Shruthy

      Right? I didn’t understand.
      Awww thank you so much sweetie <3 Glad you liked it.

  2. Angel20

    Woah!! It was amazing! Just loved to read it. Seriously it was awesome! Keep writing such stories.

    Love you❤

    1. Shruthy

      Aww thank you Mariiiiiia <3 Hopefully I get more ideas but this was just a trial. Glad you liked it by the way

  3. Sujie

    Where ws this EPIC creation of yours yarrr….. superb….. amazing Shruthy…. though ViDhaani hd to face the traumatic phase of losing their child…their reunion of this type…. AMAZING….. FANTASTIC….. perfect Os yarr…. loved it…. love you for this

    1. Shruthy

      HAHA stored in my mind and just had the chance to come out.
      Just kidding. Glad you liked it <3
      Haan that was a sad phase, but I found it quite perfect to make Viplav meet her again.
      Thanks for liking. <3

  4. Maha_Aijaz

    Hey Shruthy!
    Well this was a surprise at least for me because when I opened this page I thought it’s Maria as nowadays she is posting one shots but gradually after reading, my guess changed that’s because of your writing style!
    So it was an excellent one shot story, filled with true emotions and love though conversation between ViDha was less but somehow it was beautiful. You made me speechless yaar! Waiting for more shots from your side hopefully we’ll get them soon.

    P.S: sorry for not commenting on AIFF actually I’m having very tough schedule so just capturing all fictions through screen shots and comment once after reading, IF I GET TIME. Just now I got free and quickly opened this page for sharing the views!
    Keep rocking my dear❤
    Take care!

    1. Shruthy

      Hey chellam! <3
      HAHA that was a nice one. But I am quite flattered that you found out my writing. Well, after all, it is not that dificult. Mine is the worst. xD
      Thank you for liking sweetie. :*
      Yeah sorry about the short conversation of ViDha. Lekin kya kare, if I made it longer, then I would have made the shot too long. And I would have spoilt what I wanted to do.
      Anyways… thank you so much for reading and commenting.
      No problme, I can understand. I was indeed worried that you didn't comment to be honest. But then I remembered that you have exams in January.

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Oh please I’ll give you a tight one if you’ll say something to your writing, God has given you such a nice talent so don’t say like that.
      No its OK I can understand, as it’s too difficult for you to shrink your idea? but seriously it was so good at its own place ?
      Oh sorry for making you worried, I had commented on my story. Sorry actually but was busy in studies, papers ka tou pata nahe but has to prepare 100% so just solving some sums!

  5. Meghs

    A cool cute story. Tick tick sry shru time limit. Bye see you soon.

    Love you❤

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