PROMISE- A RagLak OS by Saanvi

Hi guys..I’m Saanvi and this is my 2nd OS on RagLak..
I know I’m very late and sorry for that ?
I have observed that Raglak OS gets less comments compared to Swasan..
Hope it doesn’t happen to my OS because I choose characters based on my storyline 😀

Laksh Maheshwari: A young and handsome boy who is of age 22years doing his MBA..
Sanskar Kapoor: Best friend of Laksh who is also his classmate in degree and even in MBA..
Ragini Gadodia: A young and bubbly girl of age 20years pursuing bachelor degree in computer science..
Abhimanyu,Karan, Siddharth,Raunak are friends of Sanskar and Laksh.
This gang of six friends were famous for their friendship during their college days..

Even though there are many restrictions to a person in name of religion,caste,country,race,etc but when the right person comes into life no one can control themselves from falling in love…
Rules are broken, sacrifices are made but at the end love is conquered..they end up into success or failure love stories that’s a different aspect…
Even our protagonist Laksh Maheshwari had a limitation from falling in love but what happened later is a matter of interest here…So no more suspense..Read the story to know what was the limitation and how love conquered his heart..

Coming to the story:
Laksh knocks on a door..No one opens it..he keeps ringing the door bell now but no response..
He feels something strange and is about to break the door..just then a girl opens the door..
Laksh who tried breaking the door eventually falls on the girl who opened the door because of the force he applied thinking the door is locked.. ?
Laksh is above the girl and is just lost in her eyes.. ?
Just then he listens to a voice..
“Excuse me..will you get up? It’s hurting..” says that girl..
Laksh realizes his position and tries to get up but again falls on the girl..
“If you try this way then the whole day we will remain this way” saying this that girl pushes him aside and gets up…
Laksh is still staring at her and thinks what a beauty..
Girl says “Who are you? Can’t you wait till I open the door?”
Laksh stammeringly says I’m La..k..shh..
Girl- “So what?”
Laksh: I thought it was my friend’s house..I’m sorry..
Girl: What is your friend’s flat no.??
Laksh: 305
Girl: This is 305 only..
Laksh: May be I came to the wrong apartment..
Girl: Oh hello..are you in your senses or you are playing some cheap trick?

Just then a person enters from the main door and says
“Arey Lucky when did you come?”
Laksh looks at the person and gets happy and says “Just now Sanky.”
Girl : Do you know him?? (Asks Sanskar about Laksh)
Sanskar: Yes he is my best friend..
Girl: Bhai your friend is really weird..he thought of breaking our door..crazy person!!
Sanskar: (angrily) Ragini
Laksh feels very bad listening to the word bhai..he felt like someone has just pulled the land beneath his foot..

{ Why did Laksh feel bad..the girl didn’t call him bhai..she called Sanky na..In fact Laksh should be happy but why is he people will laugh after knowing the reason..keep reading ?}

Sanskar: Laksh don’t mind her words..She has a habit of making fun of everything..
Laksh: Who is she?
Sanskar: She is my sister..
Laksh: Don’t lie..You only have a elder brother..from where did this sister come from??
Laughs at Laksh’s statement and says
Sanskar: She is my maasi’s cousin..but her relation with me is sister only na..
Laksh nods in a yes sadly…
Sanskar continues: She never comes here fearing mom’s lecture of girls should know cooking, be traditional, etc..
You know na Mom went to USA to meet Adarsh bhai..So she came here now..And that’s the reason you never saw her in these many years of our friendship…
Laksh: Hmmm..

The girl forwards her hand towards Laksh and says Ragini..Laksh gives her a handshake but it is evident that he is really depressed..
Laksh drives home..storms into his room and throws all things on floor..He thinks why this should happen to me..why god.. why me..My first love has turned into my sister..I hate this life..

{Oh my god..Laksh said ‘Sister’…Why ???}

A flashback is shown..
2years ago
Karan hits Raunak very badly..
Raunak is bleeding..
Sanskar tries controlling them but Karan doesn’t stop beating Raunak…
Laksh comes and says “First tell me what happened?”
Karan says “He eloped with my sister.”
All are shocked listening to it..
Laksh asks Raunak why he did this?
Raunak says “Because I knew he would never agree for our relation.”
Karan angrily shouts “Why should I agree..You moron..You drink everyday..I brought up my sister with so much of love and care then how will I give her to a drunkard.”
Sanskar objects and says “He is your friend can’t ignore his good qualities.”
Karan says “I always consider friends as brothers/ sisters..I let my sister develop friendly bond with him thinking he will treat her like a sister..but this stupid loved my sister smashing meaning of brother and sister relation.”
Raunak says “Arey yaar Karan you thought like that..but I never think my friends as brothers..friends are friends only.”
I can’t back off now and I will marry her..Saying this Raunak leaves from there..
Laksh says “It is a misunderstanding..Now we can’t do anything by breaking his bones or breaking your sister’s heart..leave it Karan.”
Karan says “You will say so because it didn’t happen with you.” Looks towards the gang of friends and says “You all will know my pain if you will experience such situation.”
Abhimanyu says “Guys I have a idea.”
Sanskar says “What?”
Abhi says “We will take a oath that from now onwards no one in our group will love friend’s sister…
We will consider friend’s sister also like our sister.”
Laksh promises first followed by Abhi,Sanskar,Karan,Siddharth…

Back to present
Laksh POV:
No..I can’t break my promise..If I continue to love Ragini then Sanskar will also hate me like Karan hates Raunak..
No no I can’t let that happen..I have to forget Ragini..

The whole night Laksh was unable to sleep thinking of Ragini..When he closes his eyes Ragini’s cute cheeks, shivering lips, mesmerizing eyes were coming in front of Laksh making him fall more deeply in love with her..

Next day:
Sanskar calls Laksh to his home..
Laksh thinks I have to face Ragini at his home but I can’t..what to do?? If I deny going to his house everyone in our gang will suspect me..
I will go and somehow escape by not looking at her..

Laksh reaches Sanskar’s home..His eyes are automatically searching for Ragini..
Laksh thinks I guess she isn’t home..
Sanskar says “Laksh I need your help dude.”
Laksh: Tell me yaar..
Sanskar: Ragini doesn’t know how to ride a bike and she is forcing me to make her learn…
You know na I have to go to meet Swara daily in the evening.

{Swara is their MBA classmate and love interest of Sanskar..and she isn’t sister of anyone in their gang..So Sanky didn’t break the promise ??}

Laksh: So what should I do??
Sanskar: Teach Ragini how to ride a bike…
Laksh: Are you crazy?? No way!!
Sanskar: Why are showing so much attitude..You don’t have any work in evening na…
Laksh: I have so many works..I’m not like you who is always free..
Sanskar gets sad by his statement and says okay..
Laksh realizes what he said and says I’m sorry yaar..I didn’t mean that way..forgive me!!
Sanskar says “On one condition..teach Ragini!!”
Laksh hesitantly agrees to it as Sanskar’s happiness is important to him but at the same time he is afraid of getting close to Ragini..

Soon he starts training her in evening but Ragini falls down from bike multiple times and injures herself badly..Laksh feels bad seeing her like this but Ragini is adamant in learning it..
One day Ragini asks for his phone number but he denies giving..
She says “I know you look good but don’t show me attitude..i asked your phone number so that I can contact you in case if I may become late to the ground or when you are late.”
Laksh understands and gives his mobile number and feels bad for being rude to Ragini..
Laksh has no other option left as he can’t see Ragini in pain due to injuries daily so he decides to train her but siting at the back seat…
Ragini holds the handle while Laksh places his hand on hers..he does so to balance the bike when Ragini takes a wrong move..
He although maintains a distance between becomes little difficult for him to stop the bike by his legs touching the ground..Ragini notices this and says “I don’t have any skin disease that you are siting far from me..come close otherwise both of us will fall.”
Laksh comes close to her and Ragini starts the bike by autostart…
She keeps driving the vehicle while he controls the balance..Laksh hand touch her waist and her entire right side after sometime..Ragini feels a magical touch and senses a strange feeling within herself so she leaves the handle..Laksh controls the bike and says “I’m sorry it was by mistake.”
{Really also Laksh doesn’t do it happens as the situation is like that ??}
They get tired and leave for their respective houses..
Laksh keeps thinking about his moments with Ragini just then he gets a message from her.. “Hey handsome.. what are you doing?”
Laksh gets shocked looking at the message..
Laksh replies “Why did you message?”
Ragini replies “Can’t I message you?”
Laksh- Not like that..but I wanted to know if you need help??
Ragini- Help or reason is not required to message a friend…
Laksh- I’m sorry…
Ragini- Why you always behave strangely towards me..
Don’t you feel comfortable with me?
Laksh looks at the message at thinks I get the most comfortable feeling with you only Ragini but I can’t come closer to you..I have my restriction…
He messages her nothing like that I’m sleepy..goodnight!!

Like this for few days Laksh makes her learn bike by sitting behind her and she succeeds in it now without getting injured and at a point of time she drives it without his help..
She feels so excited that she shouts “Yupiee… I learnt driving.”
Laksh adores her childishness and suddenly Ragini comes and hugs Laksh and says “Thank you so much Laksh..because of you this happened.”
Laksh was happy in fact he was on cloud9 by her move but reality of his promise stuck him and he jerked her off..
Ragini was upset with his behaviour but brushes it off thinking she behaved more than required…
Next day Ragini calls Laksh and calls him to Surabhi restaurant saying Sanskar is also with her…
Laksh goes thinking nothing is wrong in meeting her when Sanskar is present there..
But to his surprise no one will be there except Ragini..
Ragini asks him to sit..
Laksh angrily says “Did you lie?”
Ragini says No no…I mean yes..but what to do..otherwise you won’t come..
Laksh starts leaving but Ragini holds his hand and says “Please stay..I promise I wont trouble you”
Some people come there..
Ragini introduce them as her friends to Laksh..
Laksh greets everyone cordially..
Ragini makes Laksh sit beside her and says “Because of you I won the bet…They challenged me that I cant learn bike driving but you made it possible.”

Laksh understands why Ragini hugged him yesterday and relaxes thinking she doesn’t feel for him..
But the very next second Ragini takes Laksh arm into hers and says “I can do anything if you are with me Laksh.”
Laksh is crying silently thinking what type of game destiny is playing with him…
After the dinner Ragini says “I get afraid to go in a cab..Please drop me home.”
Laksh agrees..
Ragini holds him tightly by wrapping her hands around his waist when speed breaker comes and he feels her intense touch on him..
Laksh says “Ragini please don’t hold me like that.”
Ragini says “Laksh otherwise I’ll fall down.”
Laksh doesn’t say anything but continues driving…after some time Ragini places her head on his back..
Laksh applies sudden break and stops the bike with jerk..
Laksh: What were you doing?? You are crossing your limits..
Ragini: Mind your words Laksh..I like you..and I always wanted to express you my feelings but you never let me come close to you..
Now also I was feeling safe with you..trying to pause the moment forever but you don’t react to any of my act positively..
Laksh: This is all rubbish…
Ragini: Really?? Then look into my eyes and say the same..
Laksh looks away..Ragini holds his hand and places it on her head and says “Tell me you don’t like me then I won’t disturb you again.”
Laksh pulls his hand and shouts I don’t like you Ragini..
Ragini is hurt by these words but soon listens Laksh continuing his words…
I don’t like you Ragini because I love you..I love you so much but this love cant happen..
Ragini doesn’t understand anything..Laksh explains her his oath..
Ragini laughs and says “I will convince Sanskar bhai..moreover it is just a promise so break it.”
Laksh says “I can’t”
Ragini: Is that promise important to you or I’m important to you?
Laksh: For me Sanskar is important..
Ragini: If you have to choose between both of us?
Laksh: I’ll choose Sanskar..
Ragini breaks down..
Laksh: Ragini I know this is hurting you but believe me I didn’t want such a situation..That’s why I stayed away from you..I didn’t want to give you false hopes about this relation..and yes I have to choose Sanskar because it is just a month interaction for us which is difficult for us to forget..then how will Sanskar forget our 5years friendship..

Whenever he will remember you or me he will remember my betrayal..the promise I never kept..he will lose faith in friendship.. He trusted me so much that he gave his sister’s responsibility to establishing a relation with you should I break his trust?? Will he be able to trust someone again in his life?
Trust is more powerful than love Ragini..once it is cannot regain it back..
And no relationship should be started on regret of losing a friend and your regret of losing your brother..

Laksh takes a deep breath and says “Love can happen again may be with some other person who is perfect for you and not a coward like me..
Hate me Ragini..forget me..You can move on thinking I never loved you..”
He later dropped Ragini home…All the way Ragini was weeping while Laksh controlled his feelings..

For almost 2weeks Laksh didn’t meet Sanskar..He even broke his sim card so that Ragini will not contact him..He thought the story was over but…
One day Sanskar came to Laksh’s house and gave him a tight slap
{Guys..Don’t worry Sanskar is a sweet guy..wondering why a sweet person slaps so hard then scroll down ?}

Sanskar: How dare you do that to my sister
Laksh: Trust me Sanky I loved her before knowing the truth that Ragini is your sister..I even broke her love saying this relation can’t happen..I didn’t break my promise or your trust..
Sanskar: I slapped you for this only..for the sake of that stupid promise you broke my sister’s heart.. How dare you Laksh??
Laksh doesn’t understand anything..He is staring at Sanskar with clueless facial expression…
Sanskar: Karan misunderstood Raunak..but why will I misunderstand you..
You are a gem of a person..I know you from 5years..even if I try I can’t bring a person like you for Ragini..
Laksh is surprised yet happy with the turn of events…
He hugs Sanskar and says “You are not testing me na?”
Sanskar: Idiot I am not EDP professor to test you hundred times (winks at him)
Just then Ragini enters and claps
Laksh : Ragini I hurt you but.
Ragini: But what Laksh since your friend you will say okay for me (angrily)
Laksh starts crying..tears flow down his eyes…
Ragini comes closer and kisses on his eyes and says
“ I’m proud to have you in my life..a person who thinks about others feelings can never hurt me..a person who values his friend so much then imagine how much he will love his wife”
Laksh: Thanks for understanding me Ragini…
Ragini: I am so lucky to have you ‘Lucky’ (she grins)
Laksh holds her tightly and takes her into a bone crushing hug..both of them smile while happy tears flow down their eyes…
Sanskar comes and cough.. “ I’m still here!!”
RagLak get embarrassed while Sanskar smiles..

After few years Sanskar convinces his maasi agree for Raglak relation while Laksh introduces his family to Ragini and tells about his love to his family…
RagLak get married..Laksh is very excited and happy throughout his marriage while Ragini is blushing..
Laksh’s gang attend the marriage but the irony is except for Sanskar and Laksh, their gang (Abhi,Raunak,Karan,Siddharath) don’t know that Ragini is Sanskar’s sister..
How will they know?? How can someone guess that Ragini Gadodia is Sanskar Kapoor’s sister {different surnames}
After all our hero Laksh also didn’t guess it in the beginning ?

I know you people may think no one in the world is so understanding..but believe me 1 out of 1000 love stories happen this way also..Now don’t worry about 999 failure stories? and don’t let negativity creep inside you ?
Comment down ?and have a good day ?

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  1. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic Amazing Fabulous Wonderful Outstanding OS
    Loved it to the core DEAR?????
    Thanks for this OS???
    Hatsoff DEAR
    U nailed it…………

    1. Saanvi

      I wasn’t getting interest to write that RagSan OS after it got crashed twice 🙁
      but i promised you a OS long back..So I thought of a new idea and spent entire day on shaping this OS..
      I was so busy in this that I didn’t write my ff episode also 🙂
      Thank you so much Dear 😀 That’s a huge complement to me :-$

  2. Mindblowing awesome 🙂 i love this os and pls tell me your other raglak os

  3. aww so cute I don’t know swasan ff more than raglak but I am raglak fan so guys plz write raglak ff is more waiting for new

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you Nikky ?
      I’ll definitely write if you promise to read 😉 😛

  4. Aawww this was such a cute os …a beautiful os and indeed fabulously written
    Even this cute os brought tears in my eyes … Omg they both are so so so cuteee…and yes dear I dont agree with u on this point raglak ffs too have equal comments yes (may be there r some) but this is what I have observed

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you so much ??
      Everyone have different point of view dear..I just said what I felt ?

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you Sindhura ?

  5. Megha123

    Aww……..very interesting os.

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you Megha ??

  6. Varsha

    It was so sweet OS dear, i luvd it, d way lucky respected d promise n our rags confession of luv. Hope u write more OS dear

    1. Saanvi

      Thanks a lot Varsha ?
      I’ll surely write if you have interest to read a RagLak story ?

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you ?

  7. Pavani

    Ha ha ha nice friendship bonding but u made my fav pairs as siblings that’s not fair

    1. Saanvi

      Haha sorry akka ? but what to do RagLak pairing would bring in more feeling to this story..
      As i promised i would definitely write RagSan story also but i need little time…
      By the way did you like it or not???

      1. Pavani

        It is awsome soo sweet nd funny

    2. Saanvi

      Thank you so much akka 😀

  8. Lata


    1. Saanvi

      I don’t like sad endings dear..That’s why I won’t write any story like that ?
      Thank you so much ?
      I wrote OS on raglak..Here is the link:

  9. Superb os dear

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you so much dear ?

  10. Hmmm valuing friendship mre tan love…ur inbetween comments so nice such a cute OS loved it….

    1. Saanvi

      Haha ? Thank you so much Priya ?

  11. Cute story

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you Lovely 😀

  12. Super and totally different os…

    1. Saanvi

      Thanks a lot 🙂 It’s a huge complement to me 😀

  13. Nami

    Awww it was Awesome. Loved it

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you so much ?

  14. awesome dude..!! loved the story..!! You are right..!! I thought you will show some caste and all in story when I read starting..!! But.. you showed in a unexpected way..!! Friendship and a simple promise..!!

    1. Saanvi

      I wanted to write a different story for RagLak..and by seeing your comment I feel I have succeeded in it 😀
      Thanks for the lovely complement 🙂

  15. Shana98

    Great ❤️??

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you so much Shana 🙂

  16. di what to say its just awesome the way u write it is just…. no words the words in brackets just love them i even request u di to add this brackets in ur ff di i love that the most and what to say about the story it is difficult to tell about the story as it have different emotions with different point of view like true friendship, brotherhood, trust, love, respect, funny, understanding it is really very beautiful story and about the last lines i must say that everyone is understanding but when time come to use their understanding philosphy they use misunderstanding philosphy instead ???? and di what type of story u want for urself?? loved it

    1. Saanvi

      Thanks a lot dear for such a lovely comment 😀
      Those bracket narration suits only certain stories Radhu.. It won’t be good in a ff..
      Hehe you analyzed what message I wanted to convey 😀

  17. Akshata

    outstanding, this is really a different story. laksh is the first lover who chose frndship over his true love, even ragini tried hard to convinced him. Laksh is indeed a great frnd. sanskar is so understanding. and then your msg at bottom of the story is outstanding yet funny. loved it 😀

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you so much Akshata 😀
      You are such a sweet read all my One shots and even comment on them 🙂
      I’m glad you loved my story 🙂

  18. Ragz_teju


    1. Saanvi

      Thank you 😀

  19. Hey superb Dr…loved …am aslo a swasan and raglak fan….its rarely happens a good Raglak OS…
    Recently Ashu’s secret admirer was best..
    I loved this one….Laksh character is also lovely….haha I laughed wen I read through this….if u write a ragsan OS I can’t read it yaar its hard to digest…for me they r bro and sis just like in serial.
    Can I ask u one thing…do u following any other fan fiction?

    1. Saanvi

      Thanks a lot 😀
      I read secret admirer..even I loved it 🙂
      Haha..I have to write RagSan OS for few fans 😀
      Yes..I don’t follow any but read everything related to SwaRagini whenever I get time..
      why did you ask me such question??

  20. Outstanding yaar I love raglak a lot

    1. Saanvi

      Thanks a lot Anjali 😀

  21. IshaJain3006

    di how matlab kaise how u always manage to write so beautiful stories 🙂

    1. Saanvi

      Hehe..itna bhi complement math karro Isha..
      I’m blushing here 😛
      Thank you so much for liking my OS 😀

  22. Tash

    Yaaaaarrrrrr….u writeeeee sooooooooooooooooo good…I mean how do u manage to think so good n portray each and every thing…I mean..I loveeeee all ur os…..n it was cute…out of the world..funny.. N the message which this story gives is soo very thoughtful…yaa..keep it up..u r doing a grrrrr888888 job….n I was not a sawaragini serial watcher BT jst n jst bcoz of ur os..I started to watch swaragini thinking it would be good….so Tq for forcing me to watch that show jst by ur os..I m seriously liking it….n as always I lovveeeeeeeee ur os to the moon n back❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Saanvi

      Really Tash?? I write because I love writing..but your complement makes me feel like I’m a good writer 🙂
      Your comment made my day..seriously..I feel so happy reading your comment on my every OS but this one is so much special..I’m feeling like I’m on top of the world…hehehe ?
      Thank you so much Tash for such a lovely comment 🙂

      1. Tash

        Aweeee…..plzz no thanku…u write have to compliment u!!!????

  23. Saanvi

    Really Tash?? I write because I love writing..but your complement makes me feel like I’m a good writer 🙂
    Your comment made my day..seriously..I feel so happy reading your comment on my every OS but this one is so much special..I’m feeling like I’m on top of the world…hehehe 😀
    Thank you so much Tash for such a lovely comment 🙂

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