Promise of love- Intro

Hey friends. Here i am with a FF. Just an idea stricked my mind. Actually this idea is there in my mind from many months.

I wanted a FF with shivay as a middle class person and Anika as a high class person. I hope you will like it?

Anika is the daughter of Pinky and Shakti Rathore (actually i wanted it to be oberoi only but i also wanted Anika to be Anika Shivay Singh Oberoi. Unluckily both cant happen at a time). Om, Rudra and Priyanka are bros and sis of Anika and sons and daughter of Janvi and Tej Rathore. Dadi is the mother of Tej and Shakti. They all love each other. Anika never lets anyone hurt her family. She does have tadi but she is doesn’t believe in name, blood,lineage and all. She clearly beleives in equality

First i will show the story of a few years before because it is hard to show all that in flashback style.

A few years ago
Shivay and Anika studied in the same college, the number one college of India, St. Stephen’s College. Shivay is the only son of his parents and so his parents provide him with all the happiness thay can or can not afford. Shivay is a quite chubby and spendthrift person. He loves his parents but is not contended with what all he gets and wills for more to become equal to his friends. Nevertheless he is admired my everyone in the college, especially the girls

Shivay- Hey whats up rahul?
Rahul- You know what shivay a new item has entered the college.

Shivay- Item?
Rahul-Ohh shivay i mean a girl.
Shivay- Oh so what?
Rahul- So what, what shivay? You never flirt anyone. Just try this one.
Shivay-Oh rahul plz dont start again. You know what girls are so stubborn, irritating, dramebaaz and…

Shivay- No….. mad!
Rahul-Cant you ever be romantic?
Shivay- Rahul plz
Rahul- Ok. Ok. Just see her once. She is soo beautifullll..
Shivay- I dont want to see anyone. I m just fed up with the girls always roaming around me.
And he turns around in irritation.

A beautiful girl was there standing admist some two-three girls. Her hair were flying in the air. She was continuously speaking nonstop, her mouth movement, expressions were beautiful. She again and again tried to put her hairs away from her face, putting them behind her ears, but her soft hairs were not ready to stop to trouble her (She is none other than our Anika)

Shivay was mermerised by her beauty. He kept on staring her. His friend patted him from behind. But he was lost in someone’s eternal beauty.
Rahul was quite shocked that shivay, the great shivay (whatever may be he is too egoistic) was for the first time with his kanji aankhen staring towards a girl like this.

Rahul- Is it really shivay?

Rahul(more loudly)- AHMMMMM! AHMMMMM!
Rahul- SHIVAYYYYY!!!!!!

It has been five minutes and shivay is still staring at her. Rahul has called him a hundred times but he is too busy seeing her love.

Rahul(shouting too loudly)- Shivayyyyyyy!!!!!
He shouted loud enough to not only wake up shivay from his dreamland but also loud enough to be audible to everyone in the college.

Hearing the loud noise shivay came out from his dreamland and gave rahul a deadly look, for everyone who was passing by and who was standing there, i.e., in the college campus started staring at rahul (actually at both of them).

Anika too hearing the great noise faced towards them. Shivay again started staring at her for she was also facing her now. He was so busy staring at her that he couldn’t even realise when she reached near him. She waved her hands in front of his eyes. But shivay was just staring at her, the cute way in which she did that. She was much irritated now and she stamped on his legs.

Shivay- Ahh!! Ouch! Ouch! Ouchhhh!
Anika- Hmm. Good. Now stop staring at me or else you will see what i can do. And you (pointing her fingers towards rahul) this is college campus not your house that you can scream and shout like anything over here. And if you want to conduct a shouting competition than i think there are many places reserved for idiots like you for shouting. And so you are welcome to get lost from here and shout outside as much as you want (pointing towards the main gate)

And she leaves in her full on tadi.
Shivay- Oye hello
Anika stops and turns around.
Shivay comes towards her.
Shivay- What do you think of yourself. Is this your college?

Anika- No, but……..
Shivay- But what? This is not your college so you have no right to shout at my friend like this in front of everyone for he have just shouted.

Anika- And what about you Mr. Cheap? Staring at me like that in front of everyone. Do you have any respect for girls or not?
Shivay- Hey dont call me cheap. I have a name, shivay. And you are lucky that such a handsome person like me was staring you.

Anika- Hwwwww. What do you think of yourself? First doing cheap things and then praising yourself. Are you SRK that you will stare at me and I will think myself as lucky?

Shivay- Who the hell is this SRK?
Anika jaws fall down in astonishment.
Anika(shouting with astonishment)- You dont know SRK?

Shivay( shouting angrily)- Who is this SRK?
Anika(putting both her hands on her mouth)- You dont know SRK? Are you a human being?

Shivay(angrily)- Cant you see i am a human being? And whats so shocking in it.
Anika(still shocked)- Oh god!! I think you dont see movies. I think you have never seen a movie.

Shivay- Oh hello. I do see movies.
Anika- See movies? And dont know who is SRK? Ok ok have seen the movie Om shanti Om.

Shivay- Yeah, but there is no SRK in it. As far as i remember the main actor was Shah Rukh Khan and not any SRK. Right?

Anika(putting both her hands on her head)- You are mad! Shah Rukh Khan is SRK. S for Shah, R for Rukh and K for Khan.
And Anika goes away laughning loudly.

Rahul came from behind laughing.
Rahul- Shivay you seriously didnt knew that SRK means Shah Rukh Khan?
And he again starts laughing.
Shivay- I will not leave that stupid girl.
Rahul- Not stupid girl. She has a name, Anika.
And he keeps on laughing.
Shivay- You will surely regret for this, Anika.

If you did liked it please do comment. For they mean a lot to me. Even a word is enough if you liked it. I know i m not that good at writing?

Love you all,

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  1. Very interesting dear plz post the next part soon.

    1. Deepika12

      Thank u shooo muchhh diii. I will post the next part asap

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  2. Interesting dear plz post the next part soon.

  3. Kanfi

    Heyy deeepu,,,,it was amazinghhh
    Soooo nice
    Just loved it,,..n like the concept of role reversall
    N u mention SRK that was like cherry on cke..l
    Love uuuu dear

    1. Deepika12

      Awwwwww!! Thank u shooo muchhh diii. I m happy that u loved it
      And cherrry on cke????. Thank u shoo much dii. Love u diii????

  4. Ruksy

    Loved it update ASAP

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  6. Supt…interesting story…????

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  7. Thedreamsoul

    Awesome dear , haha seriously our Shivaye don’t know SRK ! Interesting one Deepu ( can I call you like that ) . I m looking forward to read it , update ASAP ! Yeah , Anika Shivaye Singh Oberio suits ! 😛

    1. Deepika12

      Thank u soo much diiii. And our shivu is too weak in movies????. And you can surely call me deepu. Everyone calls me that. I love that. I knw Anika shivay sigh oberoi suits thats why i changed the sur name. I dont want them to brother-sister?? or else everyone will throw chamelis at me????

  8. Savera

    Hey deepika it is just amazing loved it post soon plz yr i m requesting

    1. Deepika12

      Thank u shoo much dii. And no need to request??. I will post it asap

  9. Hi dear! That was such an amazing episode ?.
    Both the tadibaaz started their tadi at the college campus itself????…
    And the SRK part was too good ????…
    Post asap!

    1. Deepika12

      Thank u shooo much diii. ????yess agar ek din tadi nhi dikhayenge toh jaan na chali jaye inki?????. SRK?? thank u shoo much dii. I will post asap

  10. Somya

    Interesting story

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    Awesome…interesting waiting for next part update soon

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    Interesting dr.. and seriously srk was good and shivay was superb……

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  15. Haha! Amazing one!!
    Was smiling throughout reading this…Loved it!!
    Update nxt one asap!!

  16. It was a good change from the original story.


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    bas itna mast he mast hi kehna padega

  19. Awesomeeee I find shivaay good only in this ff As they make him always say the NKK dialogue.kiska bhai vo rufina ki bhai Na.mera bhai doesn’t know srk??????? but I like my bhai more than anika.finally u posted it.keep writing

  20. Ashwathy

    It was really amazing loved it to the core……. Waiting for next part…….

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  26. Great start.. loved it..

  27. Chandini

    Omg this is new and wonderful I loved annika showing attitude poor Shivaay doesn’t know Shah rukh Khan in SRk ??how I missed this …you have started it wonderfully well deepu???

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