Promise of love- Episode 4

Hlo friends. I am up with another part of my FF. I am really really sorry. I know i am really but i think you can understand that i am busy at presnt. Thank you soo much all of you for waiting. And a big solllllyyyyy for not replying to your comments. I really wanted to reply to that beautiful comments but again time shortage??. I hope you will understand.
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Recap- Last day at college…… shivika talks( or i can say fight for they usually fight only)………… accident.

Present (3 years later after)
Anika is the head of the leading food products company in the country- Dominoes. (I like it??).(i know in real she is not. Just think it fictionally.) She is quiet arrogant and strict as a boss from outside but is sweet as choclate from inside. Strict at her decisions.
And shivay is there searching for a job.

Shivay’s house
Shivay(to himself while getting ready)- What are you doing shivay? You will again get late for the job interview. Get ready fast. You have to get this job.

After an hour
Shivay was standing outside a tall building.
Shivay(to himself)- I have to get this job. Its really important for me. Uff why am i soo nervous? Shivay you will surely get it (Seeing his watch) O shit!! I am late.

Inside the building
Shivay(to the receptionist)- I am shivay(giving some papers). Came for the interview. Can i know where it is held?

Receptionist(seeing the papers)- Sir you are late. If you had been 5 minutes earlier you would have got the job. Boss has given the job to someone else.

Shivay(angrily)- How can your boss give my job to someone else?
Receptionist- We are really sorry, sir. But its their decision. And boss doesnt like late comers.

Shivay(angrily)- Can i know the way to your boss’s cabin?
Receptionist(scared)- Its that way sir.

Shivay goes away angrily towards the cabin.
Shivay(entering the cabin)- How can you give my job to someone else?
Shivay could see a desk in front of him, forward to which was a chair in opposite direction (i.e., facing the wall not the desk) and there was someone sitting on it.

Someone- You were late. Its not my problem. I hate late comers. You can go.
By the voice shivay could estimate that it was a girl.
Shivay(angrily)- I want my job back.

The girl stands up and turns towards shivay and says
The girl- Dont you……..
She stops in between on seeing him

Both of them- Shiv/Ani
(I know you all are too much intelligent you knew that it was her?)

Anika- Shiv, you here? You know how much i missed you. You didnt a second think about me in these 3 years. No call. No message. You didnt even pick any of my call. Where were you? Why didnt you call me? Why werent you answering my calls? Shivay say something.
{Anika said this all in a go)

Shivay- Ani, ani. Just calm down. Let me speak. Actually i was soo busy in work that i didnt get time to call you. And i changed my mobile number soo i was unable to receive your call. Moreover i didnt remember your number.

Anika just came towards him and hugged him. Shivay was shocked. He was unable to reciprocate.
Anika(still hugging him)- Shivay you dont know how much i missed you.

To this shivay happily reciprocated the hug. He felt happy. (Obviously he would. He is long long dream got fulfilled na?)
Shivay(breaking the hug)- I missed you too Anika.
Shivay gets sad.
Anika- What happened shivay? Are you ok?
Shivay- No no Nothing. How you come here?
Anika- Ohh. Actually shiv i am the CEO of this company.
Shivay- Ohh great. So Ani is Anika Rathore. Annhh??
Anika- Yeah. But please call me just ani. I like it very much. Especially when said my you.

Shivay- Ok as you wish. But ani i came here for the job interview and you gave it to someone else.
Anika- Ohh. I am really sorry shivay. Actually you were late and so i got angry and kept someone else.
Shivay- But what now? Please ani can you help me get a job. I need it urgently.

Anika- Let me check shivay.
And she calls someone.
After two mins
Anika(ending the call)- Shivay you can there be as my PA for my PA has gone for a month’s holiday. Till then i will arrange you with an another job.

Shivay(hugging her)- Oh thank you so much ani.
Anika(breaking the hug)- I hope you whats a PA(remembering the SRK moment and laughing)

Shivay(angrily but cutely)- You will never change.
Anika(attitudely but sweetly)- Why shloud I?
Shivay- So boss what shloud i do?
Anika- First of all the works…… dont call me boss my dear PA(putting hands around his shoulders). Call me what you call me as a friend.

Shivay(putting hands around her shoulders)- What a sweet boss i have got. May god such a boss to everyone.
Anika- Oh but i am only one piece in this world.
Shivay- So ani what shloud i do?
Anika- Take me out for lunch.
Shivay(withdrawing his hands)- Are you asking for a date.

Anika(hesitatingly)- No. Why should i ask for a date? And that too with you. It was just that i was feeling hungry so i asked.
Someone opens and door and showing a box say- Mam, your lunch.
Anika(in mind)- Uff. Now this lunch had to come at this time only.

Anika sees towards shivay who was laughing quietly and silently. She gives a deadly look to him.

The man- Mam, your lunch.
Anika- Yeah put it on the table.
Shivay(after the man goes away)- See Ani god listened to your prayer. You were feeling hungry and see he gave lunch to you. And that too soo fast. Your prayer travels in the speed of light. (Laughing quietly)

Anika gets angry. She takes a bundle of file and puts it on shivay’s hand.
Anika- Dont want to go for lunch na. Then check these files. And let me eat my food (she says it in an angry but friendly way)
She goes and sits on her and starts eating.
Shivay(sitting opposite to her)- It is not fair na ani.
Anika- Oh really? You only asked for work na? So take it. And also you didnt want to go for lunch na so let me have it.

Shivay gives an angry look and start checking the files. Anika stares at him. He was looking soo cute. Suddenly Anika coughs. Shivay takes water and makes her drink it and at the same time pats her back.

Shivay- Anika are you fine? Where is your attention? You can never take care of yourself.
Anika stares towards shivay.
Anika- Sorry shiv.
Shivay looks at her.
Cold breeze enters the room. Anika’s hair start playing with the breeze. Shivay looks in her eyes. There eyes play with each other looking deep into them trying to search some hidden unknown feelings.

There eyelock breaks when Anika feels a cold shiver on her body. She sees that shivay has split water on her. She stands up.
Anika- Shivay what have you done? Where is your attention?
Shivay(slowly)- On you
Anika- Hh??
Shivay- What?
Anika- You said something??
Shivay- No. When?
Anika- Ohk. But what have you done? I am all wet.
Shivay(cutely)- Sorry.
Both of them see each other and laugh.

Precap- Shivika moments.

IB and DBO:-(if you are not liking it please do say i will stop it)
Yesterday’s episode was fine. But i dont understand that why are they making IB a typical saas-bahu drama. I dont know why people like such saas-bahu drama shows. Actually i liked the starting of IB(when DBO was not there). They showed the story of all thre of them soo beautifully and like super fast express. They didnt let a mystery last fir more than four days. And in a single episode they would show soo much of improvement in the track. And now they drag a track fir atleast 3-5 months. I dont know why. Do you all like that? I love shivika fights and shivika scenes. And they still portray it beautifully but they are extending it to much like a rubber band. And i dont know when will this naintara track end. But i beg IB(if i can) to please do it fast.
And why is shivay not telling Anika about sahil’s kidnapping? Just because Anika will get angry and again shout at naintara and then she can do anything. As far as i know Anika i think she is quite intelligent to undestand all this. And she will act quiet intelligently to this. But shivay who loves her couldnot understand her till now. I think he better tells her.

Yesterday’s DBO was worth watching. First i missed ishkara but now i am in love with gaurika. I am haply that they are revealing swetlana’s truth. And i hope she soon gets out of the house. I dont know for whom the hell she is staying over there. All her plans have backfired her. So what the hell is she planing now? I love the cute gaurila scenes and fights. And dabangg gauri?? is awesome. And today’s episode will also be worth watching. Swetlana ki chutti. Yeahhhh….

I think it was enough long. I am really sollyy if it was not. Actually i wrote this episode a second time because what i wrote first time got deleted. And i had to writ the whole episode a second time. So sollyyy for both being late and if its a short update for that too.

And i am reallyy solly for not replying to your comments in the previous episode. I really wanted to reply to your beautiful comments but as i was busy i couldn’t. I am really sollyyy.

And yeah if you dont like anything in my FF then please please do tell. I beg you. Please. I will not end my FF. Rather i will try to improve it. For here all of you are my friends(according to me you all are) so write only good comments. Because of which i cannot know my weakness point in writing. If there is any, any weakness then please please please do tell. I just beg you??.

I will show the accident in a flashback style. So please wait for it and comment. I love all your comments.

Love you all,

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    Nice update

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    Deepu dr…..superb dr…… . always……

  7. Superb update.. Waiting for the next update..n about analysis of ib I’m totally agree with u… missing old ib.. obro moment.. their kitchen bromance.. omru teasing shivay.. anihil convo.. shivika n rumya’s cute fights n ishkara.. hope this naintara track end soon n we will get more obro moment in upcoming mahasangam episodes of ib n dbo…

  8. Akriti

    no dear you write it very well that’s why every one is posting good comments…..
    it was just awwww….ekdam khidkitod…

    and about current track of IB I am also fed up of this naintara darama…and pinky drama….they are making it typical saas bahu darama……I am missing old ib yaar…oberos…anishivomru together….happy moments……

    commenting on your ff for the first time but it was amazing……
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    Beautifully wriiten!..the story has moved with pace of wind still maintaining its roots to integrity. I hope Tia is out of Shivaay’s life now. So that Ani/ Shiv can unite. Loved the sweet moments between them.
    And, as you said this-But i dont understand that why are they making IB a typical saas-bahu drama. I dont know why people like such saas-bahu drama shows.
    Gul, has replied in one of her interviews on India forum that the story started fresh with male as lead. Audience were crazy but due to digital medium the TRP was low.
    hence, she was forecd to put this saas-bahu crap. Beacuse, of Aunties..vo yahe dekhte hai.

    Even, I want something fresh like starting. DBO is going great and surely Gaukara has made an entry to the fan’s heart.

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    let see what happns..
    bye tke cre
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