Promise of love- Episode 3

Hi friends. I am up with another part of the FF. Thank you all for your support. It means a lot to me. Thank you shoo muchhhh. Here is the link for the previous episode Click Here

Recap- Shivika friendship……… one year later………..shitia……. shivika prank on tia…

Two years later
It had been three years of shivay being with Anika. Anika started feeling some special, unknown feelings for shivay. And she knew that it was not just friendship anymore for when shivay was near her she felt comfortable and special. She felt an attraction towards him. But both shivay and anika neither accepted it nor wanted to express it (o god their EGO…). Shivay kept roaming behind tia which made anika quiet jealous but as she respected their friendship she never said anything. But shivay could see it clearly.

Both of them never cared asking their blood and lineage for Anika didnt care and shivay didnt want to tell.

The last day at college
Anika, Anika’s friends, shivay and shivay’s friends(except tia) were talking.

Anika- Shivay,tia told me that she will be doing home science after college. Will you go behind her over there too??

All start laughing
Shivay- Oh if someone is soo beautiful then how can one refuse such an offer.
Everyone(except Anika, who is fuming with jealousy) – Awwwww shivay you are soo sweet……..

Anika(in mind)- Huh. Beautiful. What a friend he is. Never ever praised me like that. And praising that lady baba. When she is in front he tries to run away from her and now he is praising her- she is beautiful……. huh… i will never save you now from that cheapde. But today is the last day in the college and……… i am again fighting with him.

Shivay- Ani, what are you thinking? (Raising his eyebrows)
Anika- Ummmmm… nothing shiv..
(Ani and shiv are the short names given by both of them to each other, and it us easy to type too??)

Anika(continuing)- Was just thinking that today we all are gonna depart.
Everyone gets sad. Especially shivay, who never thought such a day would come.

Shivay(in mind)- Are we gonna depart. No. I cant go away from ani. But why? Why cant i stay without her? Why am i reacting like this? Both of us knew that this day would surely come. But i dont want this one day to end. I want the time to stop. I want to be her. Fight with her, talk with her, hear her cute talks, be with her. I just want to be with her.

Anika- Shivay are you ok?
Shivay- Yeah, i am. Just was thinking that we have depart. I never thought that this day would come.
Anika- Me too.

Their friends were staring at them.
Shivika(seeing them)- What?
Their friends- You are not fighting? You are talking sweetly?
Shivika(angrily)- Cant we speak sweetly?
Their friends- No, no carry on.

All of them start laughing.
Their friends- Talk sweetly doesn’t suit you, so please dont try.
Shivay- Anika got senti
Anika- What? I got senti. Yeah, but you became more senti.
Shivay- Actually….
Anika- Shivay lady baba

Shivay turns around everywhere.
Shivay- Where?
Anika(laughing)- In your stupid brain.
Everyone laughs.
Shivay- Youuu…..
Anika(raising her eyebrows)- Yeah me what?
Shivay- You are crazy, mad can never understand.
Anika- Understand what?(questioning look)
Shivay- Actually i and tia decided not to tell anyone.
Anika(jealously)- What??
Shivay- I said na i cant tell.
Anika(fuming)- Just say me shivay(almost shouting)

Shivay- Anika calm dowm. Actually………..
Anika- I am hearing shivay. Say forward
Shivay- That……
Anika- Hmm
Shivay- That….
Anika- Shivay will you say anything after that?
Shivay- That today is the last day of college.

Shivay laughs. Everyone too laugh.
Anika was fuming.
Anika- I will not leave you shivay
Shivay(running)- First catch me.

Shivay runs away and Anika runs behind him.
Shivay reaches the main gate and get out of it to the road. Anika too comes out.
As soon as shivay crosses the road he hears some noise from behind.
Seeing back he finds a truck has hit someone. Shivay shouts and goes there.

Precap- Some years later……..

I am really really really very sorry(holding my ears). From next monday my holidays are starting and so i am getting much work. So i could not write much. I am trying my leavel best to make each episode big. But i know this one was really short.

Soo this is the end of some years back. Now the next episode will start with the present.

IB and DBO:-
I didnt like yesterday’s Precap. DNA matched. Really? I wanna kill that pinky. Enough is enough. But i dont think shivay will believe in those reports. Or maybe it is shivay’s plan. BTW i am loving this SSO (sweet singh oberoi). Ans loving shivika scenes too???.

Sorry could not write about DBO because i am much tired. Really sorry(kan pakadkar). Solllyyyyyy!!

And if you liked it please do comment. I love every comment given by you.

Love you all,

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  1. Awesome di. You made me speechless. Loved it. ? please post next ASAP.

  2. It was awesome.

  3. okk
    abhi jaane dia,bt plz update a bit longer
    its nice

  4. Awesome dear… waiting for the next episode… post it soon

  5. Haridhra

    Hey it was nice but plz don’t make us wait for long .. Post the next Asap.. N I too love tis version of Shivaay ( sweet Singh Oberoi).. It was a short n sweet epi..? N the last part is shocking yaar..

  6. Kanfi

    Hey drepu,,,,,
    Zbardast epi……
    Khi anika to ni tkrai truck ss….
    Omg sooo much suspense,,..!!!
    Ya i can understand ur problem dear….
    Take ur time,..
    Ur ff is very intersting,….
    Will wait for next part….

    *IB–i m also thinking its trap ,,,,shivvay will not believe that dna report,,,,i m also loving this swweeett singh oberoi….
    Now mny more thing is yet to come..
    Nainthara ‘s diseas,sahil kidnapping,….?!!!!

    I want a khidkitod humiliation of pinky by shivaay,…

    *dbo—-yesterday’s dbo wasvworth watching… dbo is showimg some sense….svetlana’s truth will soon come out,,,,n then omri’s romance,,,yeahh

    All the best for next updtes,,

    N do watch my vm on insta,,,like,n commnt,its on rumya…

  7. Wow, Awesome one dear!! Loved it!!!
    Post nxt one asap!!

  8. Gayathri.visu

    Excellent…. I loved it! Waiting for next part dear…

    IB – I think that report fake. And Shivaay is the one who exchanges the report. Some spoilers says NT kidnappens Sahil n threatens Shivaay. So Shivaay turns NT’s puppet. Bcz of that Shivaay changes the report. But let’s see…

    DBO – After a long time I m watching dbo. Now a days it is worth watching.

  9. Amazingly beautiful…yeah I think that it’s shiv’s plan hope so n waiting for the next one dear post soon

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    Superb updt

  12. Amazing update dipu…

  13. Superb update..

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    Good one?

  17. Neha_Pheonix

    Amazing! Ohh ANika has become Jealous kumari..haha! The epiosode was wonderful..Enjoyed it. Sry for late comments.
    DNA matched but apna Shivu hai na..sab thek kar dega.
    Today watched the combo of DBO and IB epiosde loved the pairs..!

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