Promise of love- Episode 1

Hello friends. I m up with the next part of my FF. I hope you liked the intro. Thank you to everyone who have commented on it. It means a lot to me. I never expected all that comments. Thank you very much for it.
Here the link for the intro if you didnt read it
I hope you will like this part too. And please dont throw chamelis at me after reading this??

Enough of my bak-bak. So here goes the episode.

Next day
Shivay- Have they come rahul, she is coming?
Rahul- Yes shivay. But this is wrong na you dont know SRK and taking revenge from her(laughing)

Shivay- Youuuu
Rahul- See she is coming(pointing towards shivay’s back)

Shivay turns quickly and asks- Where?
Rahul laughs out loudly.
Rahul- Shivay you are too desperate to see her. She has not come yet(laughing)

Shivay- I will not leave you
A voice- Hmmm hmmm hmm hmmahmma…..( hyming of a song)

Shivay- See she has come
Rahul- Yeahh! Yeah! I can see her. Dont be that desperate.

Some time later
Shivay- How dare you throw water on me?
Anika- Ohh really Mr. Cheap and what did you do?
Shivay- What did i do?

Again splash
Shivay- How dare you again throw water on me?
Anika- Dont react like you dont know anything.

Some time before
Anika- Hmmmm hmmmm hmmmammmammm ( hyming a song)

Some boys come over there
One of them- Hlo janeman. All alone! Do you want some company?
Other one- No not company, i think she wants us
And they start laughing

Anika- Get off my way.
Shivay is seeing all this
Shivay’s POV
Joking on me, right? Now see what i can do? I never wanted to do this. But i am not that bad too. Just a joke foe you,for you love jokes na. Tit for Tat.

Rahul- Shivay i think its wrong.
Shivay- Just chill rahul! Its just a joke. They will leave her once she gets much troubled.

One of the boys- No. Not your way our way baby.
Anika- Oye hello! Will you yourselfget off my way or i have to to make you go off.

One of them- Bro, she has much tadi in her lets take out that tadi from her today.
All of them start torturing her.
Anika- Just leave me

And anika pushes them.
But they get even more angry and hold her tightly.
Anika screams in pain.

Shivay cant just see this anymore.
Shivay- I told them to leave her after troubling her. What the hell are they doing?
Rahul- Shivay stop them. this wasnot a part of our plan.

Shivay runs to saves Anika.
Anika was there too much nervous and scared. Shivay felt guilty for what he did. He beated up the goons. And as soon as it was finished he found two hands around his chest. They were ofcourse of our fearful Anika back hugging her. Shivay gets astonished but enjoys it. Realising her position she releases the hug.

Anika- Thank u.
Shivay turns around and sees that she has ran away.
Shivay’s POV
What did i do? It was ofcourse wrong. I shouldn’t have done this. It was all my mistake. And i will make it up. But how? Should i say her sorry. No i will never. And how will she ever know that i did this? It is better that i end it right now.

After some time
Shivay was talking with his friends when suddenly Anika came and

Then “some time later” as mentioned above.

Precap- Shivika friendship

Okk please dont chamelis at me for showing shivay cheap??. I hope you liked it. I will try to post it regularly ,i.e., leaving one day as it would not be possible for me to post everyday. Please do comment if you liked it. It means a lot to me. A word will also work.

And yeah wanted to ask one think from my ff readers would you like me to ask some questions or say something about the current going track of IB and DBO at the end of each of the episode of my ff??

And yeah i am really sorry for not being able to reply to the comments of some of my readers. I m really sorry(holding my ears). Actually i am not well. So i was not able to reply. I hope you will forgive me.

Thank u to all who commented in intro, i.e., Rhea di, kanfi di, ruksy di, rufi di, neha di, thedreamsoul, candy di, anu, arwa qubuddin, arya, savera, sofiya, somya, lilly, arthi, niriha, anu, crazygirls, bhavna, purva, mani, asthwathy, alhekikha and banita(i hope i mentioned all). Thank u soo much.

Love you all,

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