A promise for life time (SWASAN OS)

A promise for life time…
It was a blissful evening….., Were a couple was sitting on bench…with girl leaning on his arms and closing her eyes with a satisfactory smile lingering on her lips. Which is evident she was damn happy and on the other side the boy who was seeing her without blinking his eyes looked like he would want to capture those moments for his lifetime…he thought off something ….

“Swara, why didn’t you tell me about your feelings before?”he questioned her

“Oh, then Sanskar…you would even have said about you’re feeling but no you didn’t. So, how could I even opening up about my feeling” she said turning towards him and giving a mischievous smile..

“Ahaa, This doesn’t imply on me as I thought you never had a feeling on me and moreover you didn’t even show a single sign of your feelings…I thought you always friend zoned me” saying this he put his point in front of her to make her understand his situation

“Han, what did you say …I never gave a sign but the fact is it was you didn’t or say never observed me giving hints” she dismissed it giving whatever look

“What, would I dream about that in this three years of friendship …I expressed that I had a strong crush on you …but you said that you were not interested in this kinda relations and stated it clearly” he said his feelings honestly…

“Huhh.okay I was at fault but after sometime I got attached to you …you’re caring nature and the way you give the attention .The way you be with me …I loved those things and will love this things always…and you dumb you didn’t even notice me giving me hints” she said in short she complained

To which he just laughed at her…

“Okay…then you know I am an introvert it isn’t easy for me to express my feeling and you being extrovert would have easily said out loudly you’re feelings but you didn’t but fate has something stored in our future”he said pushing her sideways and winking at her..

“Haww,So what if I was a extrovert am a girl after all and girls would never express those feelings out ..though when I thought to tell you about my feelings a year back you were the one who said… ‘YOU’RE ONLY MY FRIEND…’….if it was not yesterdays that dare you would have never confessed you’re feelings ” she complained him making whatever faces…
To which he just laughed at her childishness and said…

“See, as I told you’re an extrovert girl and you had a gang of friends doing masthi and I always thought you friend zoned me ..soo never had guts to face rejection and loose you …you gave little hint giving me a biggest shock of my life saying that I was you’re crush ? you never knew how happy I was and blushing like cherry tomatoes ….then I thought I would give my feelings a chance and then meet you occasionally and tell you my feelings but yesterdays dare had given me blow and I couldn’t stop myself from telling you my feelings” he said to her intertwining their hands and looking at her for her reactions

“Han, that was damn unexpected I seriously thought you would not ask me reverse question about who is my present love and crush but you did …”she smiled at him saying this
Then she just leaned on his shoulder again and this time he was just holding her by her waist and were feeling their presence and comfortable around each other with this newly emerged feelings …and living in the moment…

“But, I don’t think this would work out as my mother will have the main problem with our marriage and I can’t see her upset “she said worried..

“No problem dear, as long as we are together we will convince everyone and then get married …as long you believe and be with me ..I will handle everything” he said kissing her forehead as he is assuring her that he would do it..

“Hmm, okay”this was she said hugging himback….


The laughed at their silliness and reminded each other why didn’t they tell their feelings to each other is that they didn’t want to lose their friendship but never imagined they would have this immense feeling on each other and then they spent rest of time being together of that afternoon in each other arm and enjoying in the silence which spoke a lot that day…

That day they promised for being there for each other as a companion, guide and good friend and this promise was for the lifetime…

this is an one shot a small one …

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    Just fabulous very beautiful????
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  3. after reading the first para I get to know that it is none other than my Diduli…..

    it was so cute …

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    It was soooooooooooo cute os..
    I loved it…
    Do write more on our heavenly couple?????

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