Promise….. Kumkum Bhagya OS


No I can’t, I can’t marry! I promised him, I promised him maa, He promised me, it’s been 10 years maa, you know I loved him then why am I wearing this bridal wear maa, ……

I can’t marry her Dadi, she is stranger to me, I can’t marry her, I promised her 10 years before that when we will get settled in our lives we will marry eachother…..

…. But pragya, 10 years before you were a kid, 14 years Old, that decision was a kiddy decision and that’s it you are gonna marry the biy i have chosed for you,…

No maa, No that wasn’t a kiddy decision, it was our promise, …
But di everyone is waiting for you at mandap,….
Let them wait, I m leaving, Sorry maa, that’s it i promised him and i can’t betray him, I m leaving…..

But pragya…… Said surla!

Dadi it was our promise, Please dadi i have never asked you for anything but today i will not marry, this was your decision you even didn’t asked me, thou me and pragya hadn’t talked from 10 Years, i don’t know how will she be looking, i don’t know where would she be, But i will find her, I will find my love, My childhood love,…..

But Abhi, everyone is waiting for you at mandap, said purab…
Let them wait, Since 10 years pragya is waiting for me i can’t betray her, Bye dadi bye purab…. …
But where will you go? Asked dadi
I don’t know dadi, but i will come back surely when i will find her….
Saying this Abhi left with his bag, and jumped from balcony, thou it wasn’t so high so he jumped and left….

Dadi sat at bed and said now what we will answer them…

Bye maa, bye Bulbul, i will be back once i will find him, i know maa i havn’t seen him since he left for mumbai at age of 14, it’s been 10 years, But promise is promise… Bye maa..

Saying this pragya left….

What we will answer them now Bulbul….
Maa don’t worry, this was a sudden decision, i think that’s why di got so much shocked, Come maa we have to answer them….

Come dadi we have to answer them… Said purab…

Dadi left from her room,…. She came near mandap,….. She looked at purab, purab gestured her not to worry,….

Surla came near mandap, and looked at bulbul, bulbul gestured her to say! …
Surla said Samdhan jii…
Dadi said surla Jee, i want to say you something,
Surla said No i want to say you something,…

Haha guyz your guess is right, abhi was going to marry pragya and pragya was going to marry abhi, but they didn’t knew, as this marrige decision was so sudden they even didn’t saw eachother’s pic, and they didn’t met for 10 years and pragya had no idea how would be abhi looking, and abhi had no idea how would be pragya looking, and they ran from marrige ?????…

Dadi said My grandson, he left…. He is not ready to marry your daughter…
Surla said That’s great….
Dadi raised her eyebrow in shock and said what?
Surla said my daughter too doesn’t want to marry and she left… I m sorry…
Dadi said don’t worry, i think that had no destiny…
Surla nods.

Pragya was walking on road, with hope that she will find her love one day for sure, thou she doesn’t know, how would be he looking, what would be his proffesion, where would he be….

Abhi was walking on road and said ah i don’t know how would be my Chashmish looking, abhi took a picture from his pocket, the picture was of teenage girl like may be of 14 and 15,she was holding a kit kat chocolate in her hand, abhi smiled and said Chashmish still your picture is with me, but i m sure now you will be wearing lenses rather than specs, ….

Pragya took a picture out of her handbag, and it was of a boy holding a guitar and said ahh my Bishh a Rockstarrrr, pragya used to call Abhishek, Bish as she found it interesting, Pragya says Ahh rockstar i m sure you are a rockstar but where are you?……

Oh no…. Hey girl, hey girl, please side yourself, truck is coming, Said abhi….
Pragya turned over the voice and truck was about to hit her, just then abhi pulled her and they both fell down, pragya said Ouch, Ahhh Ouch ,she got up but as she had firmly holded the picture so it was with her, Abhi said are you mad, Truck was gonna hit you, what were you thinking, don’t tell mw Sucide… Pragya said O mister let me tell you one thing, i wasn’t attempting any sucide wucide, but Thanks,…
Abhi said ah sorry i miss understood you… Pragya forwarded her hand and Said hey i m Miss pragya… Pragya Arora… Abhi was amazed for a second he thought she is his chashmish but he neglected and forwarded his hand and said Hey I m Abhishek… Abhishek prem mehra… Pragya for a second thought he is her bish, but she distracted herself and said Thanks… Abhi passed a smile….
They started to walk, just then abhi broke silence and asked it’s so late night you should go back to your home, Pragya looked at him and said I m searching for a person, Abhi asked if some one kidnaped him, pragya laughed and said no! My childhood bestfriend for whom i broke marriage, Abhi laughed and said that’s why you are in bridal wear, pragya said yes but you too are in groom wear! Abhi said mmm i too ran from my marrige in search of a person, Pragya said oh so love shove da maamla aai ( Oh so it’s matter of love)… Abhi nods, pragya said see how you are blushing, Abhi said ahhh just shutup, pragya said dhaabaa, abhi said what? Pragya said arey see that dhabaa, let’s go there i havn’t ate anything since morning, abhi said mee too let’s go! …
Abhigya left for dhabba….

Abhi said Sardar come and take our order, sardar (waiter) came abhi said for me Pasta and Pizza, and cold coffee, Waiter was stunned so was pragya, pragya and waiter looked at eachother with shocked expression, Abhi sayss what? Pragya said this is dhaabaa not a 5 star hotel, wait let me order so waiter mmm Bring us Aaloo da paratha, makai dee roti sarson daa saag! And most important lasii…. Waiter left Abhi said Aaloo pratha and makai roti both? Pragya say my wish! Abhi said yes, but before that we should wash our hands pragya nods, Abhi had picture in his hand, he carelessly placed it over the table, Pragya too pleaced it over the table… And they began to wash hands, Abhi with handkerchief dried his hands and then bcoz of sudden blow of air, the pictures flew away, pragya saw that and ran behind, abhi too, they didn’t knew which picture was belonging to whom they were just trying to catch the pictures, finally they caught it, Pragya took deep breathe, She then looked at picture, ahhh it was her picture, the picture where she had kit kat in her hands, she was amazed, Abhi looked at picture, it was his picture he was holding a Guitar, abhi was amazed, … Pragya and abhi looked at eachother, they shared eye contact, Bolna song was being played in background, just then drop of tear fell from abhi’s and pragya’s eyes, they couldn’t resist themselves and hugged eachother tightly, abhi said Chashmish , Pragya said bishh how are you! Abhi said i wasn’t fine but now totally i m! Pragya broke hug ,and said bishhh i missed you, Abhi said i missed you too Chashmish, waisay tell me whom you were gonna marry, Pragya says jealous ann, Abhi said so what i won’t spare the boy who was going to marry my love! Pragya said i don’t know, i never saw him, but i have his pic in my mobile but never opened his pic! Abhi said ohh… Pragya said what Ohhh? Whom were you gonna marry, abhi laughed and said i don’t Know i never had seen her, her picture is in mobile but i never had opend it! Pragya said but now open it ! Abhi said okay open your groom’s pic too, abhigya went through their mobile, Again they were amazed ????????, Abhi and pragya laughed so harder ,pragya said my always asked me to see groom’s pic may be i would like him, she was right ?????????? ,Abhi laughed and said seriously pragya ???????… Abhi said so what let’s go back and continue our marrige, Pragya says let’s go!….. But i m hungry! Abhi laughed…. They enjoyed their dinner and left….

They reached at kkb marrige hall, dadi was stunned to see them so was surla… Surla said pragya? Abhigya explained to them everything ….everyone laughed and bulbul said weird promise ….

And finally Abhigya got married……

Guyz This is first time i tried for OS, so leave your coments, its 6:00 am here don’t know at what time will they post! I don’t want my study to overburden me so i tried this method now i m feeling relaxed…. Thanks guyz

Credit to: Somiya

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