The Promise I Gave You-Naagin,Yeh hai Mohabbate and KRPKAB Episode 6


Ritik leaves to bring medicines for Shivanya.

Mrs Joshi:Doctor can I meet my daughter? (With tears)

Dr:Ofcourse you can.

Mrs Joshi goes to Shivanya.Seeing her Shivanya sits on bed.

Mrs Joshi:Shivanya beta how are you feeling?

Shivanya:I am feeling very nice.

Mrs Joshi hugs Shivanya and says

Mrs Joshi:Never leave me as no one can live without you.

Shivanya:I know many and how is Ritik sir?

Ritik comes there and says

Ritik:I am perfectly fine Shivanya.

Shivanya and Mrs Joshi sees Ritik.Shivanya smiles seeing Ritik.

Ritik comes towards Shivanya

Ritik:Shivanya are you okay?

Shivanya:Yeah sir I am okay.

Ritik:Shivanya I have one request.

Shivanya:Yes sir what request?

Ritik:Please don’t call me sir.Call me Ritik.It sounds good.

Shivanya:But sir……

Ritik:No sir sir only Ritik.

Shivanya:Okay Ritik.

She smiles and Mrs Joshi says

Mrs Joshi:You both romance I mean you both talk I will come.

She leaves from room.Ritik takes chair and sits beside her.He takes her hand and gives her a tablet.

Ritik:Take some medicine.

Shivanya:No I will not take.

She gives back the tablet.

Ritik:Shivanya you have to eat this as it is necessary.

Shivanya:No Ritik.

Shivanya doesn’t agrees.Ritik gets a idea.Ritik brings his face near her.Shivanya gets really nervous.


Ritik makes her silent and says

Ritik:If you don’t want what I am going to do then take this tablet.

Shivanya agrees and takes the tablet.Ritik smiles and kisses her forehead.

Here Ishita thankses God for saving Shivanya when Raman comes there.


Ishita turns to him

Ishita:Raman you and here?

Raman:Actually I want to tell you thank you


Raman:Because what you and your sister did it helped us vet much.

Ishita:I was doing this because your father is my uncle and it is our pleasure.

Ishita is leaving when she slips and is about to fall when Raman catches her.But mistakenly Ishita kisses Raman on cheeks.Raman smiles and Ishita is in embrace.

Raman:Are you okay?

Ishita:I am fine

She blushes and goes from there.

Sonakshi is sitting on chair.Devon sees her sitting so he comes to her and sits beside her.



Dev:Actually I want to thank you for saving my father.

Sonakshi:No thanks we saved him because he is my uncle.

Sonakshi smiles.Hair strip comes on her face and Dev sees this.Dev removes the strand.He is going when he stops.He turns and sees that his bracelet and Sonakshi’s bracelet is stuck in each others bracelet.

Dev tries to remove it but fails.Sonakshi tries to remove it.Dev and Sonakshi are close to each other.They both share a eyelock and finally the bracelet gets free and both shy and goes from there.

Precap:Raman and Ritik meet with an accident.A person to say

Person:It was my plan only to kill that Raman and Ritik.

He laughs evily.

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  1. Very nice episode

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      Thanks disha and also read a journey from hate to is on my favourite couple rivanya

  2. Update it daily or it is monthly

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      I will update 2 times in a week.

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