The Promise I Gave You-Naagin,Yeh hai Mohabbate and KRPKAB Episode 5

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Raman,Dev,Ritik and Mrs Bhalla are in tension when Shivanya,Ishita and Sonakshi comes there and says

Ishita:What happen what you all are doing here?

Dev tells the whole thing.

Shivanya:OMG!Who can kidnap uncle?

Ritik gets a idea.

Ritik:Dev when papa called you then which sound you were able to hear?

Dev tries to remember and says

Dev:Sound of water like river.

Raman:Means papa is near to river and there is only one.Let’s go

All the go in 2 cars.They go to forest where there is a river.They start finding Mr Bhalla when Ritik and Dev hears someone’s threatning.They see and are shock that Mr Bhalla is tide with tree and two person were threatning him.

Ritik calls everyone.Raman gets angry and is about to go when Ritik stops him.

Ritik:Bhai control as they have guns.

Raman:How they dare to kidnap papa.

Dev:Bhaiya Ritik is right relax.

Sonakshi:We have to attack them from back.

Sonakshi sees a rod and brings it and to one of kidnapper and beats him on head.The other one turns.He targets Sonakshi but Dev pushes her.The 2nd kidnapper gets conscious.And Raman and 2nd kidnapper have fight.In that Shivanya,Ishita and Mrs Malhotra frees Mr Malhotra.Ritik and Dev fights with kidnapper 1.Sonakshi calls police.Ritik pushes the kidnapper on floor and the kidnapper does acting of getting unconscious.Ritik and Dev goes to Mr Malhotra and the 2nd kidnapper gets up and targets Ritik and shoots but Shivanya pushes Ritik and she gets shock.All are shock.Ritik takes the gun which is on floor and shoots it on the 2nd kidnapper’s leg and the both kidnapper gets unconscious.Police comes and takes them.Ritik,Ishita and Sonakshi starts crying for Shivanya and Ritik takes her in his arms and takes her to hospital.Doctor takes Shivanya to operation theater.Ritik have tears in his eyes and is feeling guilty when Mr and Mrs Malhotra tries to console him.Mr and Mrs Joshi comes to hospital and asks for Shivanya and comes to know that Shivanya is shotted.They start crying.After some hours Doctor comes out and

Doctor:She is fine and is conscious.

All get happy and doctor asks Ritik to bring some medicines for Shivanya.

Precap:Rivanya,Ishra and Devnakshi’s romantic moments.
Guys if I have written Mrs Bhalla then forgive me as it’s Mrs Malhotra.

And sorry for late submission.

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