The Promise I Gave You-Naagin,Yeh hai Mohabbate and KRPKAB Episode 4

Sonakshi slips but Dev catches her.They have an eyelock.

Dev:Are you okay?

Sonakshi:Yeah and bye.


He goes from there and reaches office and see Ritik working

Dev:Ritik I Gave the pendent to her sister.

Ritik:Okay and I forgot to tell you that bhai has given a very important work let’s do.

Both do the work and it’s get evening.All the three returns to their home.


Mrs Malhotra comes and says

Mrs Malhotra:Raman Ritik Dev your father is not there at home.

Ritik:So call him.He would have gonever outside.

Mrs Malhotra:No I have called him several times but he is not picking the call.

Raman:So wait for sometimes he will come.

Then a call comes on Dev’s phone.


Mr Malhotra:Hello Dev I am in trouble please save me.

Dev:What!But where are you?

Mr Malhotra:I am in

A voice comes

Voice:Shut up


Dev:Papa papa.

Mrs Malhotra:What happen Dev?

Dev:Papa called me and he told he is in trouble an when I asked him where he is a voice told him shut up and thrown the phone.

Ritik:What!Does that mean someone has kidnapped papa.

Raman:Then we have to complain in police fast.

All four go to police station.

Raman:Inspector please write complaint.

Inspector:What complain.

Raman tells whole thing.

Inspector:See it can be a joke also and if your father don’t come after 24 hours then we will take your complain.

Raman:Are you mad if after 24 hours that person will do something to my father then what will you do? (With anger)

Inspector:Sir this is police station not your house.

Raman:What police station my father had not came yet and we got call of the kidnapper then also you are telling you not take any action before 24 hours.

Ritik:Bhai cool down.

Raman:What cool down.

Inspector:Areee take him and his family out of this police station.

Constable takes them out of police station.

Mrs Malhotra:Now what we will do?

Raman:We have to do something this blo*dy police officers will do nothing.

Ritik:Hey idea we can track the phone as papa called Dev bhaiya know.

Dev:Its of no use.The kidnapper broke the phone.

Raman:Now what we will do?

Precap:Kidnapper to shoot Ritik but Shivanya to come in front of him and to get shot.

Credit to: Siddhi


  1. varshini

    oh my god , mr.malhotra kidnapped , very thrilling precap . update next episode soon please

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