The Promise I Gave You-Naagin,Yeh hai Mohabbate and KRPKAB Episode 2


Raman:I said go.

Ritik goes inside room.

Ritik:Everyone go from here.

All employees go from there.

Dev:What happen still bhai is angry?

Ritik:Yeah he is still angry bhaiya.

Dev:You know na anger is always on his noes.

Ritik:Yeah I know.Let’s go bhaiya and have some breakfast as at morning in hurry of meeting I din’t eat breakfast also.

Dev:Me too come on let’s go.

At Joshi house.

Shivanya is reading a magazine when Sonakshi comes and says

Sonakshi:Come Shivanya let’s have breakfast out as from many days we not eaten outside food.

Shivanya:Yeah of course but Ishita dI would be also coming then it would very nice but she is a very busy person.

Sonakshi:Yeah but now letsunami go and have breakfast.

Both go to their car and go towards a restaurant.Dev and Ritik enters in a restaurant.And order for breakfast.After sometime Shivanya and Sonakshi also arrive at same restaurant.

Ritik:Bhaiya I think we have to do something to make Raman bhai cool down.

Dev:But what can we do?He is like a volcano.He can burst any time.

Shivanya listens this all and goes to their seat and says

Shivanya:Sir if you tell then can I give you a solution for your brother?

Ritik:Yeah of course.

Shivanya tells something in Ritik’s ear and Ritik tells same thing to develop and says

Ritik:This plan is perfect.

Dev:Yeah when bhai will come home then he will get very happy and his all anger will go.

Sonakshi comes and asks

Sonakshi:What did what are you doing here?

Shivanya tells her whole thing.

Sonakshi:Oh so this plan is perfect.So can I also help?

Dev:Yeah of course you can help.

Ritik calls a employee and says something.

Ritik:Now plan will get successful so let’s go and start doing decoration.

All four of them go Ritik’s car.

They come inside a big hall.

Sonakshi:Whoopi it’s very big.

Ritik:It’s just big now it will get beautiful.

They start decorating the house.At evening Raman is about to leave the office when he gets a call.

Raman:Hello Ritik why did you call me

Ritik:Bhai you we buyer a big hall.

Raman:Yeah remember.

Ritik:Come there as early as possible.

Raman:But why?

Ritik:You will come to know.Now come fast.

Raman:Okay I am coming.

Raman goes inside his car and drives towards car.After ten minutes he reaches the hall and knocks the door but no one opens so he pushes the door and sees it open and comes inside.He sees only darkness and thinks

Raman:Where did this idiot Ritik gone.

When suddenly whole hall gets lighten up and Raman sees a sorry banner and sees that his while employees are their catching ears.

Raman:What all you are doing here?

Dev:Bhai they are came to tell you sorry for their mistake.

Raman:Really.Thank you everyone but don’t need to apologise now because I am feeling happy after seeing all this.

Raman:And by the way who are this two girls?

Ritik:They Sonakshi and Shivanya.They only gave us idea.

Raman:Oh thank you very much Sonakshi and Shivanya.

Shivanya:Sir we just wanted to help you please don’t say thank you.

Sonakshi:Yes sir she is telling right.

Dev:Okay so let’s start the party because Raman bhai is happy now.

They all do party.And after the party is finished they go to their house.

At morning Raman wakes up and feels shooting pain on his teeth.He goes to Mrs Malhotra’s room.

Raman:Maa my teeth is painting baday please do something.

Mrs Malhotra:Beta I think you should go to dentist.

Raman:Maa I don’t need to go to dentist.

Mrs Malhotra:You have to go.

Raman:Okay I will go happy.

Mrs Malhotra:Okay take this card and go to this dentist only.

Raman goes to dentist.After half and hour it’s his turn and he goes inside and sees Dr:Ishita Joshi.

Precap:Shivanya coming for interview in Raman’s company.

On this request of everyone I changed nakshi’s name into sonakshi.Please comment.

Credit to: Siddhi

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