The Promise I Gave You-Naagin,Yeh hai Mohabbate and KRPKAB Episode 1

Hi friends this my fourth ff.Hope you all will like it.And after reading please tell your opinion.

Ritik Malhotra-He is 25 years old handsome boy.Dream boy of every girl.He is business tycoon.He is CEO of Malhotra industry.He is smallest brother among 3 brothers.

Raman Malhotra-He is 36 years old.He is very
arrogant and rude but good by heart.He is owner
of Malhotra industry.And also Big brother of Dev and Ritik.

Dev Malhotra-He is 31 years old.A little flirty but good by heart.He is Boss of Malhotra industry.Big brother of Ritik and small brother of Raman.

Shivanya Joshi-She is a beautiful yet intelligent girl and is very good in household work.But want to do a job.Her age is 21 years.

Ishita Joshi-She is a dentist and is very clever and thinks practically and emotionally.Her age is 34 years.

Nakshi Mehta-She is Ishita and Shivanya’sit cousin.She stays with them since childhood.Her age is 29 years.

Mrs Malhotra-She is Raman,Ritik and Dev’s mother.

Mr Malhotra-He is Raman,Ritik and Dev’s father.

Mrs Joshi-She is Ishita and Shivanya’sit mother
and Nakshi’s aunt but love all three equally.

Mr Joshi-He is Ishita and Shivanya’sit father and
Nakshi’so uncle but loves her equally.

Boy:Maa where are you in am getting late for
meeting.This meeting is very important.
Lady:Wait wait first eat this dahi shakkar as it is

She is Mrs Malhotra and boy is Raman.

Raman:Okay maa bye.Ritik and Dev are waiting for me in office.He goes from there.

Raman reaches the office.

Ritik:Bhai how much time you took.Meeting is going to start.

Raman:Maa was not letting me go.


Raman:Leave all this now let’s go the meeting is going to start in few minutes.

All the 3 go inside conference room.

Inside the room.

Raman:To increase our business we should work hard but all of you are just doing time pass.Don’t forget that you all content. Everyone here to work not to do time pass.

A employee stands and says

Employee:Sir everyone are working hard but results are still negative.What can we do ?We work hard but no positive results come.

Raman:If you will work hard then only results will be positive.I know you are telling lie.If you will tell lie then I will throw you off the company. (With anger)

Ritik stands and says

Ritik:Bhai calm down and you employee what is your name?


Ritik:Raj sit down and don’t tell lie again.

In anger Raman goes out of the room and Ritik follows him.

Ritik:Bhai why are you getting this much angry?

Raman:With difficulties we have build this industry and this people are destroying our industry.So why should I calm.

Ritik:Bhai but

Raman:No but now go from here

Ritik:But bhai

Raman:I said go.

So guys how is my ff.Please comment.

Credit to: Siddhi


  1. varshini

    its wonderful siddhi , so nakshi is a nutritionist here also . raman , dev, ritik all are here , good idea

  2. meetha

    siddhi don’t feel upset there r much more silent readers , n a good start bt y u wanna call sonakshi as nakshi ? N pls tell me ur std n whr r u frm? Sry 4 askin’ soo many ques


    Heyy!! its a nice one.Keep the good work up 🙂 But please keep her name as sonakshi not nakshi pleaseeee 🙂

  4. Aarti

    Nice..but don’t u think d age of all characters is quite elder n they r not married also at d age of 36 or 29

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..