Problems have no end (few shots)


Life is too small. In this life we experience so many good and bad feelings we meet someone so special and we fall in love. Sometimes in life we make some small as well as big mistake that make us suffer in the rest of life

So let’s start
Sanskar’s pov

Today I am sitting here alone, no one is there with me. I can not blame anyone else, I am only responsible for my condition. My life was going so perfect I had a small happy family mom dad my little sister uttara my best friend Laksh and not to forget the love of my life my Swara.
I still remember the day I met her


Sanskar was standing near the college gate waiting for Laksh, suddenly someone bashed in his back he turned to see the person but till then the girl had already turned, her back was facing Sanskar’s front

The girl quickly mummered sorry n went from there
But Sanskar was standing still and looking towards the way where the girl went n thinking such a melodious voice

He came back to senses when Laksh patted his back

Laksh looking in the same direction where Sanskar was seeing, asked him in same naughty tone how was she

Sanskar still lost in girl thought said beautiful

Laksh smirking I think u didn’t see her face

Sanskar dreaming but I heard her melodious voice

Laksh – so u know who was she

Sanskar excitedly asked u know her what is her name

Laksh – stop dreaming my dear she is Swara, Swara Gadodia. he said stretching the the word Gadodia

Sanskar – ha so what if she is a Gadodia
Soon reality hit him he looked at Laksh in shock. – u mean

Laksh – yes dude she is Swara daughter of Shekhar Gadodia with whom you i mean Maheshwari have biggest rivalry

Flashback end

I fell in love with u only by hearing ur voice which made me feel heaven but after hearing that you are a Gadodia I lost hope of getting u. I never thought that my love story will end before starting. I was fully broken but I think Destiny has its own plan

I again met u and this time, I was able to see ur face the face filled with innocence


I was sitting in my class at the last bench indulged in my thoughts that’s when I again heard her voice
Firstly I thought it was all dream but no I was wrong my lady love was standing in front of me with a angelic smile on her face

I got lost in her eyes which were filled with love only love
She was saying something but I didn’t heard her as I was busy in admiring her

Reality hit me when she waved her hands in front of my eyes
I immediately looked away from her not wanting to again get lost in her eyes

I focused my eyes on desk and asked her if she want something

What she asked next made me feel the happiest person in the world

She asked me can she sit near me as all the benches were full

I was full of happiness. I just nodded my head

She sat beside me mumbling a thanks

The whole day she was sitting beside me I never looked at her but I felt her presence

Flashback end

I can not tell how much I wanted to stop that time but I forgot that time has no bound it goes according to its own and it’s we who have to work according to it

Precap – u need to wait for it ?
To be continued…….

People pls forgive me for any grammatical mistake n I m very bad in expressing feelings so don’t bash me for that
Sry for a short part but it is needed for the upcoming parts

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