Problems have no end (FS) part 3


Epi starts with

Sanskar n Laksh were driving back home

Sanskar rested his head on window n fall back in deep thinking

Sanskar’s pov
Everything was going perfect Swara accepted my proposal we were happy together Laksh also got his life partner as Ragini but that day changed everything
I lost everything that day

Flashback starts
Swasan n raglak were standing outside the cafe having fun
As always swalak were fighting over some scene in movie which they have just now watched
Ragsan were enjoying seeing Tom n Jerry fight and cheering there respected partner

They were enjoying to the fullest till they heard a voice actually shout – SANSKAR!!!

Sanlak looked at each other in horror where as swaragini were not understanding anything

Sanlak slowly moved there head towards the direction from where voice came only to find dp standing there burning in anger

Dp – in my office now
Saying this he stormed out from there

Sanskar was frozen at his place
Laksh was shivering in fear
Laksh – today ….. We are gone….. This Hitler …. Will not leave us

Swara asking being confused who was he

Laksh – he ……. He was …. No one but our …. Sanskar baba’s Mahan father

Ragini – so why was he so much angry seeing us

Laksh – not is Swara ….. He was angry seeing Swara

Ragini – will you take initiative to tell us

All the while Swara was just gazing Sanskar who was looking at her with guilt

Swara silently moved towards him n asked holding his hand – Sanky is there anything which I should know

But before he could reply his phone rang he picked it up

Sanskar – yes mom

Ap – beta ur dad

Sanskar – what happened to dad

Ap said crying ur dad got heart attack he is taken to icu

Hearing her Sanky immediately cuts the call n ran from there without looking at Swara for once

Swara felt bad but she kept quite

Laksh also got call stating about Dp condition
Trio also went towards hospital

Flashback ends
His thoughts were broken by Laksh voice
Laksh – Sanky we reached home

Sanskar just nodded n walked from there like a lifeless body

Laksh is broken seeing his best friend in this state but he is helpless he can’t do anything at least not now
He sighed n went inside only to encounter Ragini gazing Sanskar room door

Laksh keeping hand on her shoulder – what happened

Ragini – Laksh I can’t see Sanskar in this condition

Laksh – I ….. Leave it
Saying this he went towards his room
Ragini followed him – Laksh wait
Laksh without giving any heed to her calling later on bed
Ragini came n stood beside him – Laksh
Laksh pointed her to come n sleep without any option left she laid beside him keeping her head on his chest
Laksh – sleep we will talk tomorrow
Ragini smiled a little n slept hugging him tight

Laksh who was not feeling sleepy gently kept Ragini head on pillow n went to balcony
Looking up at moon he thought
Laksh pov
That day changed everything I wish that day has never come

Swaraglak reached hospital only to find Sanskar’s mom sitting outside the ot
Ragini went n sat near her ap knows her because they are neighbors

Swalak moved towards OT
Dp was lying on bed n Sanky was sitting near him holding his hand
Swalak were about to enter when they heard dp making them shock

Dp to Sanky – beta do u love me

Sanskar – what are u asking papa I love u more than myself

Dp – then I will do anything that I will ask you

Sanskar without thinking for once said papa there is nothing to ask what ever you will say I am ready to do

Dp – then leave Swara

Sanskar – what ??? He looked at Dp with teary eyes

Dp – beta try to understand age can never become our bahu

Sanskar said in broken voice – but … Why … Pa..papa just … Be..cause of … Some business … Rivalry

Dp – its not like that beta

Sanskar – then it’s like what

Dp being stone hearted said you have to choose either me or Swara

Sanskar just looked at him blankly

Dp breath started to become heavy he said holding Sanskar’s hand – beta …. please fulfill my last …. wish marry….. Kavita leave Swara …. I know u will fulfill…. My last wish

Sanskar was sitting there with no expression

Dp – will u fulfill my last wish

Sanskar nodded his head – yes papa I will do whatever you say I will marry Kavita I will leave Swara but pls u become fine soon

Dp hearing him smiled a little n went unconscious

Swalak who were standing near the door heard there full convo
Swara can’t control any more She ran from there with continuous flow of tears

Flashback ends

Everything was finished that day

Sorry people for being late but my exams were going on so I hope u understand
Thank you all for commenting n encouraging me

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