Problems have no end (FS) part 2


I am back with part 2
So let’s start

—– — ————————————————– — – —- ——
Sanskar’s pov
I left everything on my destiny. It was the first time in life when I felt so much helplrss.
It was the first time in life I believed in god n stepped in temple for swara. It seemed like god was not so cruel he again made me to meet swara.
As we are in same class we got to work in same project together that day was a start of our friendship
With time our friendship grew more stronger
We used to sit together in class, hangout with each othrt, talk to each other day n night . Every bit of our life we used to share with each other

One day I got to know from her that her father has kept her away from business life . I thanked her father in mind for not telling her about the rivalry because of him only I got these beautiful days of my life

I still remember it was the last day of our 1st year so I thought to propose her that day. I was so excited
Laksh tried to stop me not once but many times but I being stubborn never tried to understand what he was saying.
Only one thing was going in my mind how can I let my love go just for a bl**dy rivalry no I can’t
But now look at me I m left with nothing but regret
Now only one thing comes in my mind I should have listened to Laksh

I closed my eyes leaning towards the tree the it thing which came in my mind is that wonderful day

I went towards the backyard of college I looked around the decoration everything was perfect according to her taste (the garden was full of white n blue colour balloons there was a small stage in centre with four white color pillars at its corner and blue colour curtains hanging from them)
I got a message from Laksh that Swara has arrived n will reach here soon
I again looked around to confirm that everything is perfect n then went towards the corner of the garden and hid myself behind a tree
After WAIT of 5 min my Angel arrived there
I forgot to blink seeing her she was looking breath taking hot in that white color off shoulder gown until her knees as always she was without any makeup only those silver color long earnings were there
Seeing her flowing face I can easily understand that she liked the decorations
Her eye were searching someone n off course that someone was me so without wasting much time I ran n stood behind her . I called her with as much love as I can – shona
She instantly turned after hearing me out eyes met it was a deep eyelock filled with only love without breaking the eyelock I took her to the centre of the stage
I Sat on my knees holding her left hand I took out a simple yet elegant platinum ring with a small diamond in centre
I looked towards her said – these many days I don’t know how I stoped myself but now I can not wait any more u know when I first heard ur voice I got to know that ur the one I m waiting for . Each n every sec spent with u is memorable to me and u want to create more such memories with u. I want to be with u in ur every shade of life I want to hold u in my embrance for whole life I want to give u all the happiness u deserve u want to spent my rest of life with you will you give me a chance to be part of ur life

There spread a dead silence between us after I completed we stood there for few min. I can’t wait anymore so I asked her to say something

She said pouting u still didn’t said those three magical words

I bited my tongue how can I forget it I said so many things but forget to say the main thing. I cursed myself in mind. I came out of my thoughts when Swara said – Sanky I’m still waiting

Without wasting much time I said I LOVE YOU SWARA I LOVE U
Her lips automatically curved into a big smile
She said with her melodious voice I LOVE U TOO SANSKAR

By this I slided the ring in her finger

I stood up immediately n hugged her . I was dying for this hug since months

Flashback ends

His trance of thoughts was broken by a pat on his head he looked up only to find Laksh standing there

Laksh – Sanky what are u doing here near the cliff at this late night u know I was calling u from hours now come let’s go home Ragini is tensed for u

I sighed getting up Laksh is the only one in these 3 years who have been by my side where rest have left me alone


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