Problems- a Ff by shinchan (Part-1)


Swara is a very sweet, bubbly girl. Studies in college with sanskar, her bff. he is 2 years elder than her but both stay in the same locality so they go college together. swara is staying, playing with sanskar from very small, and shares everything with him. both share their every small or big problem with each other, their dreams everything. But there is one thing that swara didn’t shared with him, the most imp thing that she wants from her life partner. Now its almost 10 years of their friendship. Sanskar feel for swara but is not totally confirmed n swara while she is just at the first age for the growth of love….

Swara had to return a book in the library so she asked sanskar to go as she would be a late because librarian was not there. Sanskar argued but swara sent him. Just few minutes later the librarian came n swara returned the book. She was walking fast inorder to catch sanskar when she saw him going towards a lady.(the lady was around swara’s age n not from there college)
Sanskar tapping her shoulder while the lady is moving – hello
The lady – yes
Sanskar – please don’t take me wrong I just want to help u….while saying this he started removing his jacket which he was wearing.
The lady – hey what are u doing.
Sanskar – taking out his jacket he pass it across the lady’s waist.
The lady – move away what are u doing, have shame go away….almost raising her hand to hit him while he just tied it across her waist from front covering her back. That’s when the lady understood the reason why everyone was watching her and giggling themselves. She was embarrassed.
Sanskar – please don’t be embarrass.
The lady – thank you so much.
Sanskar – its ok.
She was very much uncomfortable after knowing her problem n thinking that how she forgot to keep the sanitary napkin in her bag today. She was fidgeting with her top seeing everyone noticing her when mistakenly her bra strip became visible. Sanskar saw that n understood her problem. She was on the verge of crying. Sanskar was trying to calm her n took out a napkin from his own bag.
Sanskar – here take this n umm please arrange your top.
The lady looked at him in shock, arranged her top quickly n took the napkin from him. During all this swara was just seeing him that how he helped the lady.
Sanskar – excuse me, I know a restaurant down this street so if u want I can take u there.
She was confused whether to go with him or not alone but thinking on contrary he helped her while other were busy giggling. As she was busy thinking he watched swara watching them and called out for her. Swara heard everything as she was a bit away from there.
Sanskar – swara, swara come here.
Swara came there n now the lady was a bit comfortable.
Swara – hello I m swara n I heard everything n know what u r thinking but don’t worry about this duffer, come with me.
Sanskar – if I m a duffer then u r chudail
Swara – hawww u called me a chudail, u monkey.
Sanskar – how dare u called me monkey, u u…
Swara – shut up now lets move.
Like this they moved towards the restaurant where the lady went to clean herself. Swara n sanskar were waiting outside so that they can check upon her for the last time n then go on there way. Sanskar was busy in talking to his friend on call while swara was busy thinking.

Swara thinking – sanskar how could u do this so easily. I have always wanted a person who would be strong enough to directly confront a girl n help her in her problems, not giggle with friends and u just proved it. She also remember how once he helped a pregnant lady in carrying bags but thought it was common but while thinking this something very strong grew in her heart….THE RESPECT for him n might be LOVE too.
After all this the lady came out n wanted to ask a question from sanskar but was hesitant.
The lady – thank you so much for helping me n I would return ur jacket later on, can u give me your address so that I can drop it.
Sanskar – give me your number I will message you…
The lady – here ********** can I ask u a question…
Sanskar – yes
The lady – u carry napkins with u. why?
Sanskar – actually my mother too was in problem once but no one helped her so from then on I carry them so if anybody wants it, I can help them besides there is no problem in carrying them, its not that heavy to carry…
The lady – yes, thank you so much. By the way u both look great together, remain like this. Saying this she went away.
Swara was shocked listening this whereas sanskar was really happy thinking about him and swara together.
Sanskar – come on swara lets go home its really late now.
Swara – ya lets go…
Like this both went away thinking about each other with something strong growing inside swara’s heart.

So here I end my os. I m really sorry for not updating my ff but surely I will update tomorrow…u know a sudden picnic plan with friend takes your whole day n the next day u just want to take rest. Thank you.

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