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Like this several days passed but with each passing day swara’a respect for sanskar only grew. From that day onwards she observed small small things that he always did to help others which was previously unnoticed which she always wanted in her life partner…she was in a great dilemma that whether what she has started feeling for him is only her infatuation or she have really started loving him…
She remembered how everyone at the college for the first time would mistaken them to be a couple but then they would say them that HOW THEY CAN MAKE A GREAT FUTURE TOGETHER. At first she ignored all but now her sleep is just taken away with all these thoughts n the most imp that whether sanskar too have feelings for her as a lover or only consider her as his bff. She would never risk her friendship for love…and so she made her façade to keep her emotions in check around him.

One day swara was walking towards the canteen to meet sanskar during the break when a guy was literally forcing his ex to talk to him while she(the girl) protested. They both were her classmates so she knew how cheap that boy was… swara was a bold girl so she decided to help the girl(kavita) and asked the boy(sahil) to let her go or else she would just complain..
Sahil had a very bad reputation among girls n it was said that if he got one more complain he would be suspended…. Swara started fighting him while kavita ran away to call sanskar and the principal bcoz only they could handle the situation….
Sanskar came running knowing that swara was fighting sahil but the scene made his blood boil….sahil was holding swara’s hair while his friends circled them and others were just watching the scene even though most of them new about the surgery that swara went through when she was just 8yr old on her head….
Some helpless tears fell from swara’s eye bcoz of immense pain n that’s when sanskar charged towards the boys n beat them black and blue….
Sanskar while beating them – how dare u sahil touch MY SWARA, I will not leave u…
My swara was the only word that reached swara’s ears n seeing the anger of sanskar she knew one thing that sanskar also loves her bcoz he was a very calm person n would handle situation very effectively without any fight but now he is not leaving them….
Swara while holding his hand – sanskar leave them.
sanskar was seeing red but when swara said please and her tear dropped on his hand he left them n cupped swara face and asked her

Sanskar – swara are u fine kahi chot toh ni aayi sar mein dard ho raha h… chalo doctor ke chalte h

Swara – ni sanskar main thik hoon…. Bas thoda dard h but main medicine le lungi…doctor ki zarurat ni h.

Seeing all the commotion the principal came with kavita… and after knowing the matter suspended sahil and his friends. Kavita thanked swara n asked about her health… all dispersed while sanskar and swara bunked the remaining classes n went towards there home. Sanskar told the matter to shemish n sat beside her till she fell asleep due to the medicines effect and then went his home.
Whole night swara thought about his care, his words n decided to propose him the next day 13th of february….

Swara went early to college without informing him to arrange the things. Sanskar called swara to come out of her house so that they can go together but she told him that she already reached there and asked him to come to the canteen directly… sanskar was angry a bit that she didn’t informed him but it all flew away when he saw swara sitting on her knees holding a bouquet of blue orchids(his favourite). He stood infront of her frozen listening to swaras words..
Swara – sanskar maheshwari I always wanted a partner who would understand me even before me saying, who would protect me, who would fight for me, who would be my friend first, n most importantly who will be strong enough to tell a girl directly about her problem n not giggle at her back n all this made me love u so much. I love u sanskar. will you go to tomorrows party as my date n not as my bff….
(Actually in every party both would enter together but just as bff n now they would enter as lovers).
Sanskar –
Swara knew about his state of mind – u duffer, say fast my knees are paining.
Sanskar – are u sure swara
Swara – duffer I m working from morning on this and u r asking me whether I m sure or not…answer fast.
Sanskar – yes swara yes I love u too swara I love u so much.
Swara got up n hugged him whereas whole college cheered for them.. all together said “finally u both have realised your love for each other”.
Sanskar – thank you guys.
Later on they both went to spend some quality time with each other….

The end.


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      There is nothing more to write on this…
      Being a girl I wanted to show problems faced by them….i even asked my younger brother about his problems so that I can write more but he gave me all funny answers..n writing on pregnancy is out of my case so sorry… If u have something then plzzz write n post from part 3…i would love to read it.

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