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Hello peeps… I am Priya but almost all know me as ‘CHOCOPIE’ and I am 20 year old and yeah today I am not here for any updates but I am here to give one place to all my work as few of readers told me that along with me they to lost track of my work plus some silent reader some time PM me to know when I am updating so finally solution to all that is here. Here I’ll update which is story is updated so bookmark this link so can easily know everything about my stories.

I love you all my readers and silent reader for loving my writing and a big wala hug to you all for supporting me in each and every story but special thanks to my Nandupie (Nansshivika) for hearing all my ideas with patience and encouraging me in writing on that and even for all the collab work I love you my Nandupie…

Okay now finally time to explore my work check below links. Happy reading and fell free to tell me your opinion but haters and demotivating comments are strictly prohibited so don’t give pain to your hand if you are one from that category.

FF/SS (Ongoing Work)
Vivah (Ongoing)
Anika Shekhawat and Shivay Singh Oberoi both are getting married to each other in typical arrange marriage with some sprinkle of my twist and romance, Rudy and Ishana’s friendship bond, Omkara’s different Avtar and Saumya’s entry is yet surprise and cherry of top is Shivay’s character which is exactly opposite to real IB so give it a try and read and comment. (If not have read it yet)

Marriage or Revenge Season 1 (Dark SS) (Ongoing)
Anika Shekhawat is getting married to Daksh khurana but unfortunately on day of her Mehandi Shivay Singh Oberoi fall in love with beauty irrecoverably and he decided to make her his plus he come to know that her fiancé is none other than his business rival Daksh khurana and it give him more reason to have revenge from Daksh and so this will contain how he make her his plus drama of how this couple rather to say Anika accept him??? So check below link to know story so far.

Multiple Shots Stories

SSO ki Dulhan (Completed)
Shivay and Anika get married to each other due to family pressure but Shivay is in love with his so called girlfriend Tia and story is revolving around how Anika make Tia’s exit with the help of OmRu and different shade of Anika is maintain in this story. This one is my personal favorite.

It started with dare. (Epilogue Pending)
Shivay and Anika first encounter with each other for the first time inhotel where they kissed each other due to dare given by Saumya and Ishana and after that they felt connected to each other and…. Read story to discover whole story. Epilogue for this is pending and soon I’ll post it.

Meant to be yours (Collab with Nandupie) (2nd Epilogue is pending)
After Anika expose Tia’s truth with help of OmRu and Shivay who is drawn in guilt left from home and soon Tia’s mom try to kill Anika but someone else is died in that and this apart ShivIka and after 5 years they come together due to…????? Read this story to know things.

Ishqbaaz by NiSaTuPi (Ongoing) (Collab work)
In this we are completing Ishqbaaz as per our imagination give it a try may be you’ll like it.

Known Stranger (Ongoing)
In this Anika is successes in bringing Tia’s truth out from resort and Shivay come to now Anika’s innocence, Daksh’s misunderstanding spell is broken, Shivay and Daksh’s heated argument over Anikas’s character and more drama is yet to cover in this.

Few Things Left Unsaid (Completed)
Shivay is in love with Anika but he didn’t confessed and Anika get married to Dhruv and Shivay and Anika are best friends but something happened and ShivIka get married and to know more read it.

Rumya B’day Bang
Rudra and Saumya best buddies who love each other but never said their feelings to each other but finally Rudra get brain and propose saumya on her B’day.

One Shot

Pre marriage track base
(Shivay and Anika confessed their feeling for each other before marriage and Shivay come to know Tia’s cheating)
(After spa fiasco Shivay felt something and spy on Tia and soon ShivIka caught her red handed and soon they confess feeling for each other in weird manner)
(After bringing Tia’s truth out Anika joined Oberois company as employee but soon frustrated with Shivay extra personified behavior she quitted job but soon Shivay explain her reason for his behavior and they…)
(After bringing Tia’s truth Anika left from OM and ShivIka are broen and lost so OMRuPri played cupid and bring them together)
(After Tia’s fiasco on wedding day Oberois sibling planned weekend trip where Shivay and Anika realize their feeling and Anika proposed Shivay…)
(Marriage track as per my imagination)

Post marriage track base
(Anika is accused by Shivay for spending night, Tia try to make Anika angry and Anika bring Tia’s truth out but all tasks done by OmRu and Anika is absent and soon Shivay try to search and he confessed his feeling)
(Collab work of mine and Nandupie)
(ShivIka get married, coincidently Shivay come to know about Daksh’s plan and later he spy on Tia and after all this Anika decided to leave him but with lots of drama they are together at last)
(Collab work of mine and Nandupie)
(Shivay forced Anika to sign divorce paper after having discussion with Jahnvi and soon he bring Tia and her mother’struth out andbring Anika back to OM)

Okay so this whole is my all this long time’s hard works result apart from this I’ve started few work on SwaSan and AbhiGya which I quitted due to low response but if anyone want to check it can read it from my post section.

This journey is possible due to non-stop support of you all so all I want to say is keep loving me and my work and I’ll keep entertaining you all with my work… Love you all. And yeah I would like to know which one is your favorite from this all.


  1. Nithu


    |Registered Member

    Priya…ua my di…im of 18.yrs old…nd love all ua ffs..and ss collab work..i read all ur writings…love them..

  2. Nansshivika


    |Registered Member

    Epic treat for jabra fans like me 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 I will be reading all of them today u chocopie😘😘

  3. Nainaa


    |Registered Member

    I was like Main tere hai re jabra fan hogaya… actually main thi tumhari jabra fan.. this one is a big doughnut type treat to me…. I am going to all of them all over again…
    Love you loads and loads…

  4. smileyseetlani

    Plzz update the epilogue of it started with a dare plzzz ….
    Waiting for it ..
    Request from a silent reader

  5. Neeti


    |Registered Member

    Apne mjhe marne k liye ye last line boli na! Agar inme se favorite chunne gayi then I will die. Each and every ff of urs is my favorite. So voting for all. Nd thanks for the link, I was not here for almost 6days, so now I can read all the epis, shots nd os which I missed…..
    OMG! U r 7 yrs elder than me, I will call you didi now instead of di, more respect u knw😜, hahaha jst joking. If the haters dare to give pain to their hands, we also have hands to give their bodies pain😂, sry sry jyada bol diya. But I don’t think you have haters, that was the only fool, who couldn’t understand any story. Warna wo pagal tha😂, I mean seriously, koi ek fiction ko itna seriously le skta hai, nd leta hai then feel the emotions yarr… BTW mai ye sari bate kyu kar rhi hu….. kya hai na mai bht pakao nd talkative hu, mai kam nhi bol skti, isiliye cmnt vi nhi krti, logo ko khi heart attack na aye iss darse😂😂😂…..
    Ok bye di, tata, take care, see you, write more, pst soon- Neeti

  6. Neha-17


    |Registered Member

    its good to see…u evolving great as a writer…I love urFF…especially 5S….fantastic job chocopie(I hope u wont mind me calling u that ….but the name is really cute)

  7. Shalini

    Oh my god!!!! You have written so much. I have already readen every ff’s, shots, etc. I really loved it.

  8. Kehkasha


    |Registered Member

    Its really helpful di. Like ye to mere saath coincidence ho raha h that with whomsoever I am chatting as my friend turns out to my di. Sorry for not calling u di before and thankyou for all the links, I mean this is epic.
    U have written soooo much di I’ll surely read those which I have not read as I started following TU just one and a half month back.
    But these are super duper amazing and I am sure for that 😊😊😊😊

  9. Sofiya. S.

    Hi priya di! I always loved your ff’s and they are just great. I hope you would bring more such beautiful and amazing ff’s and ss. Waiting for more amazing ff of your’s.
    A silent reader of your ff
    Sofiya. 😇

  10. Maleeha


    |Registered Member

    I’m not a ishqbaaz fan….but I’m gonna read all of them…as I have been reading many OS on other couples besides devAkshi..And I’ll be waiting for ur ongoing ff/SS…

  11. Shakthi


    |Registered Member

    U always proved u r a good writer…thank you soo much pri it was big treat for us…..all ur update was really really awesome once again I’m gonna read all

  12. Fama


    |Registered Member

    You are just amazing…all your posts are splendid👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻…your ideas are always awesome. I love❤️ reading your posts and my most favorite one is “marriage+Revenge+Dark. I just love the obsessive shivaay in that.
    Looking forward to more of your creative ideas

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