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PriVeer TS : You Made My Life “SHOW SOME ISHQ” By Nisha (Pearl :01)


The glow of the crimson sky reflected upon the perfectly white walls of the kitchen. Early morning rays of the sun highlighted tiny beads of water on flowers hanging from a small flowerpot in the corner. Each drop sat so lightly yet close enough to cause the bloom to bow towards the earth as though offering prayers to the early morning sun. Soon gentle heat of the morning would evaporate them back and the flower will raise her head attracting the buzzing bumblebees. The cold and calm morning held no cars on the rain coated street. Only sounds that sung the glory of the morning were a variety of birds from the nearby trees. There was always something about dawn that makes each new day such a gift as it unwraps the world anew.

She stood whistling a random tune as she chopped tomatoes. Having finished chopping tomatoes into perfectly small pieces, she threw them into the frying pan causing a hissing sound. She was about to sprinkle salt into the mixture when she heard some rush behind her.

“Bhabhi ! Bhabhi !” a tiny frame came running into a neatly designed open kitchen. Coming to stand next to the woman busily cooking, she continued to scream with excitement, “Bhabhi, happy,” but before she could complete she was forcefully hushed to keep quiet.

“Krisha !” the other woman admonished, “tumhe pata hai na, he needs to wish first.”

“But Priyanka bhabhi, I even prepared a song for you guys,” Krisha said slumping her shoulders.

“Toh kya hua, tu zaroor ga lena magar after he wishes,” Priyanka smiled accentuating her dimples.

Priyanka continued to stir the contents when his sister interrupted, “this is not fair bhabhi, aapne kaha ki aap mujhe special treat denge agar mujhe aaj ka din yaad rahega toh.” Her tone held a hint of annoyance and irritation.

“Ole mela baby naraaz mat hona,” Priyanka spoke in baby voice holding Krisha’s chin. “Tumhe double treat doongi magar sirf usse pehle wish karna hoga.”

“Thik hai main Bhai ko jaake keh doongi,” Krisha shrugged her shoulders before turning to leave the kitchen.

“Tum kuch nahi kahogi,” Priyanka warned waving the spatula she was using to cook.

Krisha was about to reply when they heard another deep voice entering the kitchen.

“Kya nahi kahoge?” he asked walking to stand behind Priyanka.

“That’s for me to know and for you to find out,” Priyanka piqued in promptly.

“Uffo jaan at least aaj yeh games mat khelo na,” Ranveer said winding his arms around her waist while placing his chin on her shoulder.

“Kyun? Aaj kuch khaas hai?” she pretended although her insides jumped with joy.

“Haan aaj bahut special hai,” he smiled with a dreamy look. “Aaj Madonna ka birthday hai.”

“Kya?!” Priyanka screamed as she momentarily stopped stirring the contents in the pan.

“Haan aaj Madonna ka birthday hai.” He stated casually shrugging his shoulders causing his sister to guffaw.

“Really Ranveer?” Priyanka asked gritting her teeth.

“Haan kyun? Aaj kuch aur special hai kya?” he asked looking lost.

“Arre nahi nahi Madonna se badhkar kya ho sakta, kyun Krisha?” Banging the lid shut over the pot before rushing to the sink.

By then Krisha was cackling loudly. “Bhai, I’ll prepare your obituary,” she managed to say while patting his shoulder sympathetically. “Agar aapko last wishes kuch hain toh zaroor bata deejiyega, I’ll promise to fulfill them.”

“Arre isse kya hua?” he asked watching Krisha walk out. He perched himself on the counter before grabbing an apple off the fruit basket.

“Usse kya hoga. Main hi pagal hoon,” Priyanka spat as she vigorously mixed dough with some boiled potatoes. It looked like she was strangling someone as she crushed the potatoes to blend with the dough. “Agar aapka kaam ho gaya, please get out of the kitchen, mujhe bahut kaam hai.” Her back faced him as she worked around the kitchen, cursing his insensitiveness.

“Naraaz kyun ho rahi ho jaan, toda pyaar se kaho na,” he said taking a bite from the apple.

“Get out you insensitive jerk!” she breathed fire and threw a lemon she was about to slice. “Aap sach mein dust danav ho!”

He smoothly caught the lemon hurled at him before jumping off the counter. “Aaj dragon queen phirse jaag uthi hai, sambhalkar beta,” he murmured to himself. “Dust hoon magar tumhara dust hoon, nahi?” he said with a nervous smile.

“Nahi!” she hissed, “jaayiye shaayad aapki Madonna wait kar rahi hogi.”

“Thik hai thik hai main jaa raha hoon, naraz mat ho,” he said kissing her forehead and walking out of the kitchen.

Priyanka watched him walk out without a backward glance. “Chale gaye?” she asked incredulously. “Ek baar bhi manane ki koshish bhi nahi ki,” she huffed. “Priyanka, tu na bahut lenient ho gayi, ek ya do din couch mein soyenge na, phir usse akal ayenge.”

“Vaise Priyanka,” she heard him walk back in few seconds later. “Main na idiot hoon, I completely forgot something,” he said slapping his forehead in regret.

“Finally !” Priyanka threw her hands up in the air sighing in relief. “Kahiye,” she said looking expectantly.

“I forgot to have my breakfast!” he said as if that was the most important thing to do.

“Haan haan kyun nahi. Maine isi keliye shaadi ki taaki main aapko roz breakfast, lunch, and dinner khilaaun. Nai?” her tone was sickly sugary while her eyes mocked him as though she was challenging him. He was about to answer when she screamed, “Out! Aaj no food for you! And don’t even try to get it through Krisha because I ain’t cooking for anyone today!”

“Chal beta varna teri laash bhi nahi milne wali,” he muttered before giving a cheeky smile and dashing out.

For the next hour all that could be heard from the kitchen were random Punjabi curses followed by clanking of vessels and thumping of Priyanka’s feet.

Wiping her hands, she threw the towel on the couch and walked around to switch on the radio. Her favorite morning show with RJ Love Angel (Soumya) would start in few minutes. She definitely needed her morning dose of calmness after all that irritation since morning. Ranveer had quietly left for office knowing it wasn’t good to mess with her when she was angry. But she had expected he would come back to at least coax her but he had silently left without a word. The guts of that man! She thought angrily plopping herself on the couch. I ain’t talking to him, she decided, forever !

Angry tears made ran down her cheeks as she fumbled to switch on the radio. Wiping them away she finally managed to switch the radio on and tune in to her favorite FM station.

“Namashkar, sat sri akal, adaab, kahiye kitne khush hain aaj?” She heard the chirpy RJ welcome everyone to her morning show.

Priyanka twisted her lips in annoyance. Happy? She wasn’t even close to the H’ of happy.

“What a bright sunny day! Aaj mausam hai suhaana, long drive jaane ka bahana,” she sang hoarsely and followed it with her giggles. “So grab your favorite person, switch on to my show and get riding people!”

“Hmph!” Priyanka sighed in disapproval. “Long drive pe jaayega meri jutti!”

“Aaj hum kuch different karenge. Aaj hum sunenge Love ka the Beginning’. So concept bahut simple hai, jo bhi call karenge, usse apna love story ka shuruvaad kahan aur kaise hua batana hoga. So all the Romeos and Juiliets out there get to your phone and get dialing!” The RJ finished telling about the day’s program much to Priyanka’s annoyance.

“Hmph!” Priyanka sighed in disapproval. “Yeh RJ din bar din pagal hoti jaa rahi hai,” she blamed the RJ who until few minutes ago was her favorite. She was about to switch off the radio when Krisha held her hand.

“Arre bhabhi chodiye na. Who cares about the callers, she has the best playlist, let’s listen to that na.” Krisha interrupted. Before Priyanka could protest, they heard the RJ speak to the show’s first caller.

“Ah the first caller !” Soumya piqued, “Hello and welcome to Love ka the Beginning with RJ Soumya.”

“Hi Soumya,waise I have to tell you that you are my wife’s favorite RJ,” a very familiar masculine voice greeted much to Priyanka’s surprise.

“Oh thank you so much ji. Your wife’s favorite magar aapka nahi?” Soumya joked.

“Wife ki pasand matlab, meri bhi hui na?” his deep tone echoed through the speaker.

“Flirt kahin ke !” Priyanka said shaking her head at her husband’s charming ways.

“So batayiye what song would you like me to play and why?” the RJ continued.

“Aaj bahut special din hai mere liye. Three years ago on this same date my darling wife finally confessed her love for me,” he gushed.

“Wow how romantic! It’s been three years and you still remember the date?” Soumya asked surprised.

Priyanka stilled listening to Ranveer mentioning their special day. She had been mad since morning that he didn’t remember today. She had expected he wish her first thing in the morning but here he was declaring it for the world. Ranveer had always been a very private guy. He was a man of few words and refrained from publically voicing out his love for his family. Having achieved great success in his construction business, he was always under media scrutiny about his personal and professional life. And thanks to his best friend, Rudra Oberoi, editor in chief of a leading new channel, he had always managed to evade public scrutiny from his private life. But here he had come out to wish her through the radio for everyone to hear. Did her love mean so much to him that he had gone publically to acknowledge it? She would always playfully mention that he was afraid to publically profess his love and here he had come to wish her as the whole city listened to his confession. Tears threatened to fall as she heard him continue without any hesitation.

“Of course! It will always remain the best day of my life,” he smiled fondly recollecting those precious moments.

Ranveer Singh Randhawa would never forget a moment associated with his precious Prinku Jaan. It had been love at first sight for him when he went to meet her in her office. Her dimpled smile and expressive eyes had enraptured him. And at that moment his heart had been taken.

He knew she was irked since morning that he hadn’t yet wished her like he did every year. But this year he wanted to make it even more special. He wanted to share his joy with the world and decided to announce it through her favorite morning show. He was sure she would be cursing him with colorful Punjabi and Hindi curses but the smile on her face when she would listen to this was worth the wait.

“That’s so sweet,” Soumya awed at such a caring and thoughtful gesture. “Aur kya gaana play karna hai?”

“Kehna hi kya” from the movie Bombay. Yeh meri Jaan ka favorite gaana hai,” he replied promptly bringing a smile on Priyanka’s face.

“Vaise aapne apna naam nahi bataya,” Soumya prompted.

“Her dust danav patidev.” He signed off while Soumya laughed.

“So my dear Dust Danav ke Jaan, here is a very sweet song requested by your patidev. Enjoy and once again wish you a happy anniversary!” With that the RJ began to play the music.

To Be Continued…..

Hello Friends !! This is Nisha, I m here with TS(Two Shots) for our beloved PriVeer. I m missing them lot. Hope you like it.Let me know about your views via comments !!

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