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Link for First PriVeer OS : PriVeer OS : Saturday Night By Fenu (Ishqbaaz)

Priyanka stared at her reflection in the mirror, with a weird, yet confused expression on her face. Well, she was happy being pregnant, carrying the symbol of their love in her womb, still, at times she felt depressed. Was it because she kept gaining weight ? With this, she caressed her little, actually, big bump, which was swollen enough not to allow her fit in her previous dresses.

“Look what you have turned me into, Baby,” she said with a cute little pout, more than enough for Ranveer who was just about to enter the bedroom, to take her into a soul-searing kiss right then. Still, he managed to control himself and decided to wait a little before getting in to see what would she be up to. Did he mention how cute she was looking though with that baby-like face. Control Ranveer!!!


Sighing, she got into one of the dresses Ranveer brought her the day before. They had just bought new ones one month ago and here they were, with Ranveer having to buy new ones again. She felt as if she was turning into a balloon which kept getting filled day by day with air. Not that she wasn’t happy about being pregnant, still she didn’t fancy the idea of getting fat.

“What if Ranveer no longer finds me attractive and leaves me? Tab mera kya hoga Gannuji. I look everything except pretty these days,” with that she made way for those pearls to drop from her golden-fish like eyes like Ranveer always used to tease her when she heard a voice from the door.

“You look pretty, by the way.”

She turned back to met the bedroom eyes of her husband and asked meekly:

“Really?” lifting an eyebrow she continued, “well tareef se kuch nahi hoga. Am not falling for it and it will get you nowhere. Samjhe???”

“Achaji!!!! I thought ke flattering you can get you anywhere,” with that he gave her a wink while encircling his arms around her waist.

“Hawww!!!! I hate you. Har waqt you keep teasing me. Aur abhi aise ghoor ghoor ke kya dekh rahe ho mujhe???”

“Am just letting myself getting absorbed in your beauty. Pregnancy makes you glow more and look even more beautiful Priyanka.”

Priyanka let out a snort.

“Oh pleeeaaase, pregnancy has made me look like a penguin where I cannot even spot my own feet and has left me with a belly, which is the size of a whale. I really, don’t see where the glow comes or how do these make me beautiful.”

“Tum kehti ho, toh theek hain.”

“Hawww, excuse me, you’re not supposed to say this, being a patnivatra pati, you ought to disagree with me and keep convincing me ke I look anything but unattractive and ugly, unlike what I think.”

“Tareef karoon , toh problem, na karoon toh bhi problem. Women I tell you. I wonder with what God has made them. You are all so difficult to understand. By the way, you are really being difficult to be handled these days, itni toh pata hain na tumhe,” Ranveer let out with a slight grim.

Getting herself out from his grip, Priyanka again turned towards the mirror.

“Wohi toh Ranveer!!! You are getting too difficult to be handled. Easy for you to say this,” muttering another scowl, she added “Well Mister, you are not the one who will have to deal with all the nasty side effects. I knew about morning sickness, but no one ever told me that it comes along with bad indigestion , back pains and laziness. And why the hell they call it morning sickness when it lasts all throughout the day. Weirdo people I tell you. These hormones, mood swings, and now I know ke I have even started looking ridiculous. ”

Resting his chin on her shoulder to equally face the mirror, Ranveer whispered in her ear, causing her to feel a tingling sensation:

“You do not look ridiculous. In fact, you can never look ridiculous, especially now when you are carrying out baby. I don’t see what is so funny or ridiculous in this. You’re seven months pregnant. You have become fat,” and then tried to reformulate his phrase on receiving a deadly glare from his wifey, “ermm I mean you have gained weight, which simply means that we have a healthy growing baby in there. And this *enormous* bump as you like to say, in my opinion, it makes you look more attractive and even s*xier. I wonder how I have been controlling myself all these days,” with that he lightly bit her earlobe.

Seeing Priyanka turn into the color of ripe strawberries, he knew that her mood had finally changed like the previous times where she would be all complaining and suddenly be the loving, caring, shy and sweet Priyanka. Her mood swings could be such a nuisance at times, still he liked it, because issi bahane he got to tease her. Hence, wanting to tease her more, he continued :

“And about the extra weight, well, I know very well how to get you in your previous shape. We will simply go on our Mini-honeymoon for some time, a bit similar to the one before your pregnancy, and all will get back to normal. Samjhe,Miss Bina lights ke tube?”

If she was the color of ripe strawberries with his last comment, then she just turned into beetroot red.

And then he turned her around to make her face him and lifted her chin up to make her meet his gaze, except she wouldn’t lift her eyes, as if she had it on good authority to keep them fixed down.

“And trust me, it will work perfectly well,” the moments the words left his mouth, he felt himself being hugged by his suddenly- sharmili wife.

“Oh Ranveer, I love you, you know that na? You really have it in you to make me feel good all the time. I really love you,”

“I know Priyanka, even I love ME too,” he replied with a smirk while reciprocating the hug.

Freeing herself, Priyanka looked up at him with mock anger, “Rot in hell, I hate you Mr Randhawa.”

“The feeling is mutual, Mrs Randhawa,” and then both burst out laughing.

“By the way, you’re forgetting something Priyanka.”



And he again took her in his arms, and looked down at her while she had a tender smile playing on her lips. Then, smiling back, he pulled her into a kiss, gently, yet passionately, as though he didn’t have the intention to stop, which promised a lifetime of love. Standing on her tiptoe, she placed her hand on his broad shoulders to return the kiss in the same fervent way.

~~~~THE END~~~~

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  1. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome and sweet one dear

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    Keep writing more pyaare pyaare Priveer Os 💗💗

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      Thank you so much.
      Glad that you loved it and found it as cute and pyara.
      Will write for sure.

  3. Awesome bhai , it was so cute , very nice

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    One word cute……. Every conversation between them really cute…. How do you know about this mood swings and all….huh…??? That too…. very specific…?

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      Thank you so much gidato.
      Glad that you loved it.
      its help of google baba and medical friend.

  10. Renimarenju

    So romantic fenu, just now i read ur ishkara ss and i was feeling so emotional from heart and after that when i read this one it slightly made a change in my modd… beautiful chemistry between priveer…loved it 2 the core…..thanks for writing on both ishkara and priveer..will read ur rumya when i gets time….bye….

    1. Fenil

      Thank you so much Dii.
      Glad that you loved it.
      good that you read this OS after Ishkara so that your mood get lil good.No need to thanks will write for them when ever any good idea will came in mind.take your time no hurry.

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  15. Aww…you cheesy. From which hell did you gathered so many knowledge about pregnancy bro!!?? Aap paagal hain…I have no doubt on it.
    Girls and their mood swings is hard to manage in normal stage(I don’t know I am praising girls or mocking them when I am one among them) and here our Mrs. Randhawa is pregnant. Poor Ranveer ko bhugatna padega…Karma-good and bad enwinted did this Mr. Randhawa, face now dare from Prinku.
    Thanks for the link…

    1. Fenil

      First toh i m not cheesy…second info from google help of medical friend…third i m not pagal…hahah baat sahi hain…
      Thank you so much Miss.Reddy.
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